Epic Game 7 on Tap: Lakers and Celtics

Posted in Blogroll on June 17th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

Right where we want ’em. Right where we thought they’d be. Sweat. Work. Epic. Legacies. Injuries. Team. Bubbly. Pressers. Laugh. Vic the Brick. Rings. History. Magic. Bird. Anything’s Possible!! Truth. West. Riley. Red. Jackson. Jones. Cowens. Hondo. Perkins. Gasol. Dennis Johnson. 81. Finals MVP. Home. Away. Kareem. Russell. Rondo. M.L. Carr. Rambis. Forum. Garden. Game 7. Johnny Most. Chick Hearn. Jack Nicolson. Sam Jones. Jesus. Beans. Black Pharoah. Time. 60’s. 70’s. 80’s. 90’s. 00’s. Now. Who? Pierce. Big Baby. Lil’ Nate. Bob McAdoo. Cornbread. Haywood. Noise. Sheeeeeeeeeed! Ron Ron. Tradition. Rafters. Jerseys. Love. This. What’s. Next? Rock. Soul. Ainge. Scott. Defense. Showtime. McHale. Moves. Worthy. Unit. Plays. Timeouts. Crowd. Refs. MCL. Chief. Baylor. Chamberlain. Hate. 24. 33. 32. 6. 34. 5. 9. 44. Champions. Rivers. Triangle. Montana. Hollywood. Steal. Call. Tinseltown. Stars. Celebration. Entertainment? Mychal Thompson. Cooper. Ooooops. Generations. NBA. Stern. Who. Wins?