USA 1:0 Algeria: Landon Donovan Scores Dramatically to Push the USA into Round of 16

Donovan’s goal helps USA win group for first time in 80 years

Tshwane/Pretoria – Loftus Versfeld Stadium

Group C

Watching this match, and given our history in fútbol, one could only pray USA would score a late goal and advance to the next round. A earlier goal by Clint Dempsey was disallowed because of a bad off sides call and after so many chances that just couldn’t hit the back of the net, it appeared a draw was imminent.

Then in the 91st minute, Landon Donovan (Man of the Match) kicked home a rebound after Jozy Altidore forced the issue along the right side. The goal was set up by Tim Howard’s great goal throw to Donovan who started the break that seemed to catch Algeria off guard. This was a dramatic victory because if USA didn’t win, they would not have advanced and crazy scrutiny would have ensued.

This win will go down as one of the more historic of its kind.

England pushed through as well off the fruit of Jermain Defoe’s lone goal.

USA (USA) Statistics Algeria (ALG)
22 Shots 19
10 Shots on goal 4
1 Goals Scored 0
11 Fouls Committed 21
20 Fouls Suffered 8
4 Corner kicks 6
24 Free kicks Shots (scored) 6
0 / 0 Penalty Kicks (Goals/Shots) 0 / 0
1 Offsides 4
0 Own goals 0
2 Yellow cards 2
0 Second yellow card and red card 1
0 Red Cards 0
32 Actual playing time 31
52% Possession (%) 48%
  • Yellow  Card 17 Jozy ALTIDORE (62′)
  • Yellow  Card 7 DaMarcus BEASLEY (90′)
  • (12′) Hassan YEBDA 19 Yellow  Card
  • (76′) Anther YAHIA 4 Yellow  Card
  • (83′) Medhi LACEN 8 Yellow  Card
  • (90’+3) Anther YAHIA 4 Second yellow card and red card

35 Responses to “USA 1:0 Algeria: Landon Donovan Scores Dramatically to Push the USA into Round of 16”

  1. HarveyDent says:

    I’ve been thinking Donovan was nothing but a lot of mouth the past year or so but he did the damned thing when it counted by scoring that goal. I know next to nil about soccer but that was a beautiful play especially the way he stuck with it. I ain’t chanting USA but that was an exciting win.

  2. KB says:

    Thank God we have Donovan on this team. He has proven he is a the leader of this team time and time again and today will only add to his already pretty impressive soccer resume.

  3. mapoui says:

    kucky player thats what he is.

    algeria could not clear the ball. it was loose, live and hit Donovan with all man down and the way clear.

    had he shanked that he should and prolly would have been strung up.

    give him credit for burying a lucky ball. its not like he created anything however. he was merley following up in hopes and his hopes were born out

  4. mapoui says:

    I missed most of the game anyway.

    I took temples advice and was watching womens volleyball. could not tear myself away!

    ha ha ha ha haha!

  5. Jerold Wells Jr says:

    Look man,

    Donavon recieved the outlet pass from Howard and passed off to Altidore who hit Dempsey. Donovan banged in the miss. Saying he got a lucky goal, when he recieved the outlet and scored by following a shot, shows that your mind was in la la land and not on the game.

    In sports where there are goals scored (basketball, hockey, soccer) it is imperative to follow the shot. Giving the effort to do so in the 91st minute isn’t lucky. It shows grit and determination.

    You don’t like futbol (soccer) don’t watch. Don’t really need your impetuous sophmoric comments though.

    And if you were gonna watch something you shoulda watched the marathon tennis match. You dont care about US Futbol history so at least you coulda caught Tennis history.

  6. mapoui says:

    tut tut! why so tetchy! impetuous, sophmoric and all dat! sweet!

    I dont care about US futball history? do you know US soccer history?

    how did you get all there from what I said?

    you need little assistance to travel dont you. you get a long way all on your own impetus!

    as I said before I am not keen on this WC. I am biased, angry about a lot of off-field related issues and tend to take it out on the on-field product.

    all of which is not to say Donovan wasnt lucky…but give him credit for burying the chance, not shanking it.

    relax jerry! take a pill…or a smoke and chil! I wave no flag…care for none!

    your presence in the pages of SF suggests you exist on a nice level. do you?

  7. Miranda says:

    Am I wrong because I’m pulling for Ghana?

  8. mapoui says:

    nice looking guys there Miranda? ha ha haha!

    no you not wrong as far as I can see. Ghana is a nice lil’ side, a bit inexperienced and somewhat poorly coached as far as I can see.

    but they are talented and play the best among the African sides.

    but the refere is occiciating an american game here. it’s clear whose side he is on.

    lookout! here comes jerold) he he he he!

  9. mapoui says:

    sorry for for the poor typing! I meant OFFICIATING an american game!

  10. mapoui says:

    the officials are bent on producing an american win here.

    there is an american player plain off-side and the linesman flag remains down.

    there is the linesman, in perfect view of the action but he keeps his flag down.

  11. mapoui says:

    a yellow card for a ghanian! an american kicks a a ghanian in the chest and he gets away with it.

    which game is the ref watching?

    did clinton make him an offer he could not refuse? ha ha ha ha

  12. mapoui says:

    full time! extratime…then penalty kicks if no result in the extra time.

    no doubt the USA will win this. its set up this way!

    but its a set up to an ambarrassing loss up the road for the USA….unless wins all the way to the final and beyond can be manufactured as well.

    thats enough for me! I got thingds to do. will catch the result later. I dont care who wins. for Mirands sake I hope its Ghana

  13. Origin says:

    Miranda……….you ain’t wrong sista.

    I was happy as heck when Ghana won…..and to top it off the stadium was playing Bob Marley after Ghana won…….LOL!!!!

  14. Tariq says:

    I did not see anything wrong with the ref.

  15. mapoui says:

    of course not tariq. you never see any such thing.

    that Penalty was iffy. I would not have given it. the USA would have had to work for a legit goal.

    I was loking for the infractions and saw a greta disparity called in the USA favour.

    the kick or stamp in the chest in the american zone that the ref who was right there saw and did not call.

    that was unconscionqable.

    the game was set up for an american win and ghans won all the same.

    that american side is not a very good side. they are rough, unruly, superior and untalented.

    they drew with england but look at what germany is doing to england this morning.

    thats how good that draw with england was!

  16. mapoui says:

    the english fans in the stands are stunned, folorn, defeated.

    there must be a batallion of cops outside to protect against hooliganism!

  17. mapoui says:

    the best soccer I have seen in the tourney so far…germany today.

    england utterly chance although I blame the england goalie for making the third german goal too easy.

    and on top the germans were’nt violent, agressive, kicking and pushing people over in blatant fouls.

    and the germans also were’nt flopping and begging for fouls at every turn!

    the germans played soccer, efficiently, superior! they are going to be hard to beat.

    if Germany and Brasil meet it would be an ironic reversal…the germans more artisitic, creative, really soccer oriented…while the Brasilians have morphed into playing european soccer at its worst

  18. mapoui says:

    what goes around comes around. In 1966 england were award a goal that was npo goal. a goal that was crucial to england success in that cup.

    I dont remember the exact details but it was a no goal that was ruled in englands favour.

    today england scored a second goal but it was not awarded. what goes around…….

    it was a clear goal but I dont think it would have made a difference finally for germany were so superior

  19. Temple3 says:

    Germany and Argentina look a cut above the rest. I think they’re playing one another next week — too bad.

  20. mapoui says:

    it may be that argentina did not want to score more goals against mexico and got themselves in a rut…. but they seem to have lost it badly in the second half.

    in the closing section of the game argentina looked bad.

    to let down as badly agains germany will be fatal.

  21. mapoui says:

    Brasil played a decent game today, in beating chile. they looked really good.

    they got to keep that up and imporve if they are to win the AC!

  22. Temple3 says:


    I didn’t see much of the second half of the Argentina game. Thanks for the update. Brazil is always in the conversation. I’ll certainly be rooting for them as the tournament continues. Four South American countries are still alive. If Paraguay beats Japan, that’s going to be interesting as the Final 8 unfolds: Ghana, Germany, Netherlands, and Portugal/Spain.

  23. mapoui says:

    for all interested in a broader perspective on this World Cup!

  24. Temple3 says:

    Thanks for that. I couldn’t help thinking about that as I look at these enormous stadiums and the manicured grass on which the games are played. The contrast is stunning.

  25. Tariq says:


    I actually think the refereeing in general has been awful at this World Cup. To wit: Lampard’s goal should have stood against Germany, while Tevez’s first goal was clearly offside. I also think that Lukovic, Kaka, Klose, Gourcuff and the South African goalkeeper received undeserved red cards.

    But I don’t know what you think was wrong with the US – Ghana ref. I was rooting for Ghana, and I hope Ghana beat Uruguay. I was so happy when Gyan scored that goal in extra time. But I didn’t think they were harshly treated by the ref. The penalty was legit. And as for Gyan getting a foot in his chest, that was incidental contact. What, you want a penalty for that? Seriously?

    As far as your criticism of Argentina, I think they have the best attack. I didn’t think they played badly in the second half. That third goal was the best of the tournament so far. Argentina’s problem is defense. Martin Dimichelis has been atrocious. Hopefully, Walter Samuel should be back for the quarter-final. I think Maradona should play Mascherano, Veron and Jonas behind Messi in midfield.

    I’m so glad England got schooled like that. I’ve been telling everyone for a year that England are not a powerhouse, that they have a modest history aside from 1966, and that they will be exposed at this World Cup.

  26. mapoui says:

    that penalty Tariq..the Ghanian went after the ball..he got most of the ball. I saw no foul intent on his part.

    thats why the penalty is iffy. the contack can be put to the movement of the americna player into contact with the deefencema.

    I mean it is still the refs right to award a penalty but I would not have given it in those circumstances..

    about the foot in the chest! what I saw was a deliberate act by the american player. he kicked the Ghanian in the chest deliberately thats what.

    that act deserved a penalty and a red card!

    thats what I saw man. you are playing it down!

    I did not like that american side it all. they go lucky in that draw with england. they have been lucky all round. it is not a talented side… does not deserve the hype…incdeed any hype at all.

  27. mapoui says:

    I thouhgt Fabiaanos’ goal for Brasil…against who was it Cameroon? the the best goal so far.

    yu saw the angle he had…not much from the goal line what about a 15..almost side-on. the defence were to his left and the goalie in postion.

    he had only one way to go. up and in. and that is what he did powerfully…a shot that had no defense.

    that was like Kobe with grant Hill all over him scoring anyway!

    but I love how you deconstruct england. 2 cups ago england had a nice side..they had players paul parker and des walker. England has delclined steadily since.

    but I tell you what..I am still not looking as I used to, as assiduous as i should be. too many things to do. I dont even know the names of most of the players so when you speak abut individuals I am in the dark, even if I have seen them play already.

    I will correct that from about thursday…Canada day….when I will start having the time to look at games fully and closely

  28. mapoui says:

    yu see temple, the WC has been used as a gigantic corruption machine to wring revenue out of RSA.

    there is in the end very little for RSA in this boondoggle. all the hype about Mandella and his desire to win the cup for staging in African is just that… hype.

    Mandella, given the straits he will leave RSA in, is no bettrer than Boris Yeltsin giving over mother Russia to people like larry summers and his crowd of profiteering disaster capitalists to run!

    the game to get going was that RSA had enough existing stadia and did not have to build any new ones for the WC. which is very true!

    once the site question was settled, that decision morphed into building huge stadia at great cost. and we know how those were the peoples expense, added to the nations debt- national debt….and full of pluder in construction by the building consotia.

    and in the end RSA has no need for the new stadia for there is nothng to do with them. the nation was already adequately served by existing stadia.

    and that is just part of what has been done to RSA in the staging of this WC.

    FIFA, the IOC and all international sports organisations plunder as they go in staging there extravaganzas, fleecing whole nations and adding tremendously to their national debt….while running away with all the profits…and I mean all of it.

    it is nothing but scorched earth financial policies. and national governments agree to all it, helping fleece their own people in huge ways…

    Nelson mandella is right in there with them…and buffoon Jacob Zuma too!

    terrible! where is the damm revolution! ha ha haha!

  29. mapoui says:

    Brasil/Netherlands half time 1-0

    should be..Brasil 2 – netherlands 1

    Brasil should have been penalised in the first minute for that infraction in the Brasil goal area..the pushing down of the Dutch player..penalty kick!

    that offside for the first Brasil goal was mighty iffy. looked like a good goal to me.

    and the second goal was beautiful. Brasil has been playing beautiful soccer when they have found the room, however slight

  30. mapoui says:

    tghe game ha degenerated into what…a mess. Braisl should lose this..deservedly so.

    this is not the Brasil I used to know!

  31. Mizzo says:

    Brasil is imploding. Melo with a red card.

  32. mapoui says:

    yes! Brasil goes home. what an exhibition of bad tempered soccer.

    for flashes of time Brasil displayed touches of old.

    Dunga should be lost in hell for this awful brasil team he has built!

  33. mapoui says:

    ghana has a habit of starting slow, allowing their opponets to run them off the ball during the first part of the game.

    from about midway in the half however it has been all Ghana, beating uraguay to the ball constanly.

    1-0 fully deserved!

  34. mapoui says:

    beautiful Uruguay equaliser..well deseerved.

    I love this! a stupid, needless, unnecessary rough foul leading to a goal.

    every side should pay this way for their stupid play. it would end the rough aggressive play immediately

  35. mapoui says:

    I always had a sense that in the end there would be something Ghana would do to give the victory away.

    on the end Ghana plays with a european flair…or rather unwarranted, unnecessary aggression that misfocuses effort and corrupts soccer.

    the violence in soccer is most corrisive, rotting the game from inside out. the Brasilians bought into it whole this time around and lost ignominiously with 10 men….one having been sent off for a most disgusting piece of aggression.

    I remain convinced that African teams will not win unless they evolve African ways of playing, on the fundamentals of the game.

    it is instructive that the African nation that is more real nation than the rest, Ghana, playing a brand that is as close to somethng national than the rest, went the furthest in the competition.

    the rest of the African nations are faux nations, eggregiously so in the case of Nigeria which is literally run on a routine basis from Tel Aviv..not from the Nigerain capital.

    and as such Nigeria was beaten out of the competiton most ignominiously, an African so-called nation, full of riches, not least its 100 million + population.

    focus on total soccer is the name of the game… speed, fitness, skills and organisational techniques that results in breaking down defences and scoring goals…and to hell with the nasty, european derived aggression and violence…wasting time attacking the opposition physically, instead of focus on defeating them with superior play.

    there has been some decent soccer at times in-between the mayhem, but if the referes did their job accoding to the letter, most players would be red-carded and sent off in every game.

    and there should be awards for flopping and the best acting jobs.

    stunning to watch grown men, all exceedingly well paid, making absolute asses on the field of play.

    I am not keen on soccer anymore. I came reluctantly to this WC and I leave with no encouragement to return. American football, basketball-NBA…offers much more than soccer at this time.

    even CFL football which appears to be back, offers more, if we are to go by the opening games of this new CFL season.

    the CFL plays an urgent 3-down football which when properly played can be exciting indeed.

    soccer has just about lost me. until I hear or read os something new in the soccer, like the emergence of a winning brand of African inspired soccer, in the absence of the real Brasil…I most definetly wont be back