Thursday Morning Starting Five: ESPN Story Spiked; They Should Have Never Had Access LeBron

Posted in Blogroll on July 29th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

Heated discussion on twitter yesterday focused on an ESPN decision to pull a column reporting on the happenings of a Las Vegas party LeBron hosted. Other writers might disagree and some others might feel this type of trash in sports has entertainment value, but I care about the legacies of athletes so I can’t rock with it. It disgusts me that a large segment of society actually hates LeBron for leaving Cleveland. I don’t care how he did it, he would have been hated anyway because that’s how this society gets down. There is no true loyalty across the American board (you would leave your job for another offering comfort or paying more money) so for fans of sports to scream LeBron should have stayed in Cleveland is beyond hypocrisy.

Why should he pay Cleveland’s bills? He sure as hell doesn’t pay mine in Philly.

Lakers fans will hate the decision to rock in Miami. Boston fans hated the decision to form South Beach Soultron as well. Of course Orlando fans can’t deal…

This has become personal for people. A bunch of selfish, bratty, arrogant, perverted insecurity.

He was going to be hated anyway down the line because there are folks who can’t and will never relate beyond skin color, physical prowess, go for yours ’cause I’m gonna get mine objectives, youthful exuberance and potential…on and off the floor…and of course the dreaded deep pockets. Period.

Don’t front people. You know what it is.

LeBron, let’s talk. When it comes to your on court game? I gotcha. When it comes to how you treat your teammates? I gotcha. When it comes to writing your athletic legacy? I gotcha. The access you give me personally? I gotcha because I would never take advantage. I want the future to read your once in a generation game through my words, so to alienate you in any way is ridiculous given how I and others of my ilk are treated by your camp.


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Lorenzen Wright Found Dead in Memphis

Posted in Blogroll on July 28th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

My Eyewitness News

I don’t even know what to say but that this is very unfortunate. Some of us don’t make it in life. Anthony Gilbert knew Lorenzen a little better than I did, but when we covered the Cavs he was always cool. Seemed like he had it all together. Prayers go out to his family. Sad story that I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of.

Wednesday Morning Starting Five: T.O. and Ochocinco Twin Powers…Activate!

Posted in Blogroll on July 28th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

Name one defensive back tandem that can stop these two

Focus on the dumb stuff if you want to but the tandem of Chad Ocho Cinco and Terrell Owens will be a force this upcoming NFL season. Folks will scream entertainment and sharing the spotlight and drama this and drama that but on the football field is where the doughnuts are made.

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Floyd Mayweather and the Politics of Just Enough

Posted in Blogroll on July 28th, 2010 by Okori Wadsworth

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Some of us told you this would happen. Sure, we were humbled when he took apart Shane Mosley and did so with the relative ease of a kid microwaving ants with a magnifying glass. And then, and here I admit to something, he fooled me. He made me believe that this was what he wanted. He wanted Pacquiao. And we wanted him to. And now, sadly, the fight has fallen apart. Depending on who you believe either Floyd deliberately submarined the negotiations and then sent Leonard Ellerbee out to say they never even happened, or they never even happened.

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2010 NFL Pre-Season Power Rankings (Training Camp Edition)

Posted in Blogroll, Buffalo Bills on July 28th, 2010 by Ron Glover

Post-season trades, NFL Draft, Preseason publications, NFL Network re-runs, and even the early fantasy football drafts have gotten me through the last five months, but enough is enough –  it’s time to turn my focus towards Kickoff 2010. For me, it’s a season of new beginnings here in Philly. I’m over the sting of the McNabb trade until he one-ups his former mates in one of their two meetings this season.

In honor of NFL Training Camps opening this week, I’m going to preview all 32 teams in the order of which I feel they rank at this moment (32 to 1). Prior to Kickoff 2010, there will be a final Pre-Season Power Ranking.

Okay, time to break this huddle.

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The Assassin is Gone: Jack Tatum Dies of a Heart Attack at 61

Posted in Blogroll on July 27th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

Tatum was a beast. He was most known for the hit on Darryl Stingley (I saw it live with my Pop) that caused Stingley’s paralysis and also for the initial hit on Frenchy Fuqua that caused the subsequent Immaculate Reception by Franco Harris in 1972.

He was one of the reasons why the Raiders had such of an intimidation factor long after he retired.

Probably one of the most fear defenders of all time. “I like to believe that my best hits border on felonious assault.” was one of Tatum’s famous quotes. He tried to rip your head off and it’s a testament to the type of men who played back then because a lot of cats today would not get up after one of the Assassin’s super speed knocks.

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Tuesday Morning Starting Five: No Discipline for Michael Vick

Posted in Blogroll on July 27th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

When news of a shooting at Michael Vick’s birthday party surfaced and folks began to point the finger, I didn’t flinch. There will be folks in VA who will love Michael Vick no matter what and I assume Mike wanted to show his appreciation with these folks in mind. Could there have been better decisions made by Mike regarding party schematics? Hell yeah and he admits this. We’ll never know what exactly went down but for writers across the land to put the screws to Vick in a situation where it’s supremely evident he was innocent is again the reason why this site is in existence.

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Monday Morning Starting Five: Why Did it Take So Long to Mass Report Lorenzen Wright’s Disappearance?

Posted in Blogroll on July 26th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

Lorenzen next to LeBron in much more Cavalier times

A short story: The Legend of Captain Midnight will be posted later.

I woke up this morning and the web was beginning to pick up the story outside of Memphis but I was very disappointed with the coverage over the weekend. Yes, CNN reported it but the major sports outlets seemed to take a nonchalant approach to Lorenzen Wright’s disappearance.

He’s been missing since Thursday right?

You know what the first thing out of my fingertips is gonna be. Don’t even front.

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Friday Morning Starting Five: Charlie Mack’s Party 4 Peace

Posted in Blogroll on July 23rd, 2010 by Michael Tillery

World Wide Wes, Charlie Mack and I at a Sixers game from ’08 (Photo: Webster Riddick)

If you are in or around Philly this weekend, please come out and support this great event for an even greater cause.

From the event’s about page: Started in 1990 solely as a celebrity basketball game, The Charlie Mack Party 4 Peace Celebrity Weekend has evolved into a charitable benefit to raise awareness and money for organizations that seek to eradicate violence. “As a native Philadelphian, I wanted to provide young people with a vehicle to interact with today’s entertainment industry actors/actresses and professional sports players, however, it was after the loss of my two brothers that I saw an even greater need to create a fund raising benefit to assist anti-violence organizations,” states Mack. Charlie Mack is considered by many in the entertainment and music industry as a seasoned insider with ties to many of today’s leading actors/actresses and musical greats.

In 2006, Academy nominee and mega-star Will Smith joined his long time friend and confidante during the weekend and was clearly stunned by the crime plaguing the city of Philadelphia. Smith stated, “It is hard for me to get a grip on what is happening in the streets of Philadelphia, the same streets that I grew up in and walk through, however, I do understand there is a different mind set today then when I was raised so I feel compelled to do something and join my friend, Charlie Mack in curtailing the violence.”

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Thursday Morning Starting Five: Chris Paul Wants No More Bourbon Street Hurricanes

Posted in Blogroll on July 22nd, 2010 by Michael Tillery

Now, when LeBron, Flash and Bosh decided to link up and form the NBA version of Soultron, Chris Paul had to be stewing. The three time All Star was near the top of the league before team and individual injuries set in surrounded by Byron Scott’s ouster. Now, CP3 wants out and he’s making it publicly known. The Lakers, Knicks and Magic are on the list. Could you #$*#&@@ imagine Chris Paul in the triangle?!?! Oh my goodness. Kobe Bryant would be ridiculous and actually would be able to rest on the floor. He’d have a back court superstar who could take over and run the squad when Kobe wanted a blow. Did Amar’e and Paul speak about this? Could this happen? Should this happen (Paul traded)? Chris Paul in Orlando with Dwight Howard would probably set the NBA assist record navigating in and out of the lane tossing no look, over the shoulder, through the leg lobs from the locker room.

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Wednesday Morning Starting Five: 5 Years to Yell and Black

Posted in Blogroll on July 21st, 2010 by Michael Tillery

What am I thinking of? John Wall and his impressive CEO mind.

Five years yesterday and I don’t regret any of it…

Black Athlete gave me my shot. Black Sports Network continued the dream. SLAM Magazine gave me a seam. The Starting Five became my team. Sports, politics, culturerace.

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Monday Morning Starting Five: Mike, You Played In A Different Era So Kill That Noise About LeBron Playing in Miami

Posted in Blogroll on July 19th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

LeBron will make decisions…both good and bad

Disclaimer: Born in the Philly area. Everyone knows this. Relevant because until some crazy catastrophe happens and the record books are wiped clean, Wilt Chamberlain, IMO, is the GOAT. Yes he only won two titles but he should have more MVP’s than four. Check the stats. Going up against the best centers of all time (when the league had fewer teams) night in and night out and still putting up 50 and 25 (amazingly did not win MVP) is all I need to know. Never a follower so all the sentiment against Wilt being the GOAT does not wash my mind…

That being said, the player most consider the best of all time, Michael Jordan, was asked to comment on LeBron’s free agency choice. He doesn’t agree with LeBron going to Miami. Check the video after the links below for his exact words.


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Muhammad Ali: 50 Years Of “The Greatest” Round 3

Posted in Blogroll on July 16th, 2010 by Ron Glover

On April 28, 1967 Muhammad Ali was stripped of his heavyweight championship for refusing induction into the U.S.  Army.  Ali applied for the Selective Service as a conscientious objector on the grounds of religion while he was a minister with the Nation of Islam. His decision naturally caused an uprising among those who felt Ali was playing the role of an “ungrateful negro”.  America was just coming to grips that he had forsaken his Christian roots for a Black “radical” group. But to for him to eschew his natural obligation as an “American citizen” to defend HIS country which had “given him so much” was the ultimate betrayal.

Even while slavery was still law in the state of Mississippi.

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Friday Morning Starting Five: Do You Care if Tiger Woods Wins the British Open?

Posted in Blogroll on July 16th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

A Tiger Woods piece was my initial writing published and much has changed since July 20th, 2005. We’ve had our issues with Eldrick and now that he’s truly going through something (impending divorce, separation from his kids, media scrutiny) we’ll see what he’s made of. He’s fallen back to the pack this golf season as he attempts to overcome the specter of infidelity (I feel it’s between he and his wife but I digress) as it affects his love of golf but more importantly, his life and everyone he truly cares for. Much has been said about Tiger and during the British Open press conference (He’s won 3 times at St. Andrews), he was definitely pressed. They pull no punches across the pond but in some ways I think it was good for Tiger to get out of the country to reclaim his major game in the land where golf got its name. Question is, do you care enough about Tiger woods in his current state to root for him now…if ever? Are you done with what some consider the circus of his life? He’s four majors back of Jack and it almost seems as if he’s Ken Griffey Jr. in the midst of his injury years staring at the top of the home run list wondering if he was ever going to become #1.

It didn’t happen but the Kid managed to have a great career nonetheless.

Will Tiger? Do you care?

To the links…

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Jesse Jackson vs. Dan Gilbert: Bomani Jones Speaks My Language

Posted in Blogroll on July 15th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

I was very disappointed The Decision garnered immensely more national attention than the Johannes Mehserle verdict and find it utterly disgusting the conversation devolved on all fronts when a much larger racial issue was developing in Oakland.

How is this relevant you ask?

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