The Steve McNair Tragedy: A Conversation with Howard University SID, Ed Hill

Posted in Blogroll on July 5th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

While watching PTI last year I heard Michael Wilbon mention a familiar name, Ed Hill, when asked of his first Steve McNair experience. I’d met Ed Hill, the Sports Information Director at Howard University and also Chevonne Mansfield when Anthony Gilbert, Jeff Young and I drove down to DC to cover Lakers/Wizards.

Coincidentally, that same night, I conducted one of my most excruciating interviews with Lamar Odom. Lamar and I spoke of the death of his son, which leads us to the death of another son.

I contacted Chevonne and she immediately set something up with Mr. Hill. Thanks Chevonne.

This is a conversation I had with Mr. Hill on the day McNair’s death was officially ruled a murder/suicide. Mr. Hill saw the magic in McNair’s arm up close and personal when Howard University competed against Alcorn State in the early 90’s.

I waited a year to drop this on the day after the anniversary of Air’s passing so we won’t soon forget how magnificent the battle tested star was during his career. He willed his team to wins late when it appeared early on his teams would surely suffer defeat.

The man was heart blazed of steel.

I’d written this column because it appeared media opinion of McNair wasn’t right and exact so I sought to preserve his athletic legacy for his sons.

Yeah he was murdered but what about what he did on the field?


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