Muhammad Ali: 50 Years Of “The Greatest” Round 3

Posted in Blogroll on July 16th, 2010 by Ron Glover

On April 28, 1967 Muhammad Ali was stripped of his heavyweight championship for refusing induction into the U.S.  Army.  Ali applied for the Selective Service as a conscientious objector on the grounds of religion while he was a minister with the Nation of Islam. His decision naturally caused an uprising among those who felt Ali was playing the role of an “ungrateful negro”.  America was just coming to grips that he had forsaken his Christian roots for a Black “radical” group. But to for him to eschew his natural obligation as an “American citizen” to defend HIS country which had “given him so much” was the ultimate betrayal.

Even while slavery was still law in the state of Mississippi.

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Friday Morning Starting Five: Do You Care if Tiger Woods Wins the British Open?

Posted in Blogroll on July 16th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

A Tiger Woods piece was my initial writing published and much has changed since July 20th, 2005. We’ve had our issues with Eldrick and now that he’s truly going through something (impending divorce, separation from his kids, media scrutiny) we’ll see what he’s made of. He’s fallen back to the pack this golf season as he attempts to overcome the specter of infidelity (I feel it’s between he and his wife but I digress) as it affects his love of golf but more importantly, his life and everyone he truly cares for. Much has been said about Tiger and during the British Open press conference (He’s won 3 times at St. Andrews), he was definitely pressed. They pull no punches across the pond but in some ways I think it was good for Tiger to get out of the country to reclaim his major game in the land where golf got its name. Question is, do you care enough about Tiger woods in his current state to root for him now…if ever? Are you done with what some consider the circus of his life? He’s four majors back of Jack and it almost seems as if he’s Ken Griffey Jr. in the midst of his injury years staring at the top of the home run list wondering if he was ever going to become #1.

It didn’t happen but the Kid managed to have a great career nonetheless.

Will Tiger? Do you care?

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