Friday Morning Starting Five: Do You Care if Tiger Woods Wins the British Open?

A Tiger Woods piece was my initial writing published and much has changed since July 20th, 2005. We’ve had our issues with Eldrick and now that he’s truly going through something (impending divorce, separation from his kids, media scrutiny) we’ll see what he’s made of. He’s fallen back to the pack this golf season as he attempts to overcome the specter of infidelity (I feel it’s between he and his wife but I digress) as it affects his love of golf but more importantly, his life and everyone he truly cares for. Much has been said about Tiger and during the British Open press conference (He’s won 3 times at St. Andrews), he was definitely pressed. They pull no punches across the pond but in some ways I think it was good for Tiger to get out of the country to reclaim his major game in the land where golf got its name. Question is, do you care enough about Tiger woods in his current state to root for him now…if ever? Are you done with what some consider the circus of his life? He’s four majors back of Jack and it almost seems as if he’s Ken Griffey Jr. in the midst of his injury years staring at the top of the home run list wondering if he was ever going to become #1.

It didn’t happen but the Kid managed to have a great career nonetheless.

Will Tiger? Do you care?

To the links…

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16 Responses to “Friday Morning Starting Five: Do You Care if Tiger Woods Wins the British Open?”

  1. Temple3 says:

    I’m thinking about Jack Johnson. Now, in the final analysis — many decades after his death, what remains? His greatness as an athlete and as a symbol for racial progress. That’s really what is left.

    It will be the same with Tiger. American prudishness will eventually give way to the FACT that he is neither the first nor last man to mack 10,000 hoes in 10,000 nights. At the end of the day, Tiger Woods will be remembered for his greatness on the links — and from the standpoint of being a symbol (regardless of how he chooses to self-identify), it matters that he get back to form.

    He can’t be a “hero” unless he wins again. He’s not an ethical role model for most, but me being the sinner that I am, I prefer to keep it real sans judgment. I hope he whoops some ass this week.

  2. Mizzo says:

    Dig the observation Temple3. Jack Johnson fits.

    The Return of the Mack part 9,439,238,319.

  3. Jazzbrew says:

    I’ve got a HUGE poster of Tiger in my basement (right next to one of Michael Jordan) and some folks give me major grief for it. I respect their opinion but I’m not taking it down and I definitely care enough about him to want to see him win again. TW pulled me in by being an African American and with his abilities on the golf course, not his morals or beliefs.

    My view of him remains the same – he’s one of the greatest golfers to ever play this game. That fact (yes, fact) is indisputable.

  4. Temple3 says:


    John Crowder’s mother died of cancer when he was 2. Unfortunately, so much of what you write is painfully personal. It’s what makes this site HOME for so many people. Thanks for sharing and caring.

  5. Mizzo says:

    Thanks fam. Took me a long time before I could listen to that track. Loved it before have more respect for it now.

  6. Mizzo says:

    Added a link to an Atlantic piece you all might find interesting.

  7. Dale Murphy says:

    I have always, still do, and will always he a Tiger fan. He has done more for his sport than anyone. I’m not sure why some people hold athletes in a higher moral character. Athletes are sources of entertainment. We are drawn to and follow what they do in their respective sport. They’re personal life is not what initially drew us to them. If one looks at an athlete as a role model they need to be careful. We are attracted to these people because of a God given talent that they have. We know little if anything about their personal life. Then we suddenly are surprised when we see that they have similar problems that many of us do. If you need a role model, look towards your own inner circle…..mothers, fathers, grandparents. If you want a role model, look at most people from the “Greatest Generation” era. Great depression…World War II…..there’s a role model. Hit em straight Tiger

  8. mapoui says:

    The problem I have with Tiger Woods is that he seems always to be running away from being BlacK

    Woods reminds me of the offspring bewteen Indians and Africans in the westindies where I grew up.

    We call then ‘Dougla’ and with 100% consistentcy these never take the side of the African parent, and the African part in society, but always side with Indians…expressing towards their African side the virulence of the Indian perspective of the ethnic/racist rivarly between both groups..a virulance that is unmatched on the Black side.

    true to the hard facts of his Black reality, Woods would have had his best chance of avoiding advice of his white handlers to chose to marry and live a life consistent with role models Woods could not possibly live up to, and so lead a double life that made him subject and hostage to his enemies, carded for total destruction despite his brilliance and success, but precisely becaue of it.

    I dont see that Woods has changed.

    if ever a Black man needed to see himself as such…the way the whole world sees him save perhaps some Orientals…Woods does.

    its going to take a herculean emotional effort on his part to overcome a world against him, including many whom he previously surely thought were his friends, only to emerge kicking him while he is down.

    Woods revolutionised a sport, put millions of dollars in peoples pockects who did not previously have a prayer of seeing any such thing..and he probably thought they would all be greatful and rally to him at times like this.

    there is little in Woods previous behaviour that suggests he has anything like the sophistication necessary to overcome this.

    I wish him well but I doubt it.

    if anything this is a lesson that will take some time to gell and could serve him well in a decade or so. I dont see that he has anywhere near the ability and emotional strenght and clarity to process this and incoporate necessary lessons in time to save his career

  9. KevDog says:


    I tend to have T3’s take on Tiger as he moves forward. He’s a fool because he tries to hide from who he really is, but he IS what he IS.

    JUst downloaded Wynton’s version of that song. Haunting.

    John Crowder so much reminds me of this…..

  10. Mizzo says:

    I’ve watched the Wire in bits and pieces over the years. Seen to much of it with my own eyes at different stages in my life so I never found the drama compelling. That scene reminds me why I haven’t watched it. Shit is too real. Wallace reminds me of my cousin who suffered for years because of a bad car accident. He most likely should have died (aorta). He’s almost completely healthy and now has a little man his youth identical.

  11. KevDog says:

    Wallace, like Crowder had made it out. He came back because he missed Baltimore and it cost him his life.

    I can understand your feelings about “The Wire” Miz. For my money, it’s so far the greatest TV series of all time, it’s not even up for debate.

    I just re-watched another little known and less remembered TV series “I’ll fly away.” Moved into second place in my list. Anyone else remember it?

  12. mapoui says:

    “I tend to have T3?s take on Tiger as he moves forward. He’s a fool because he tries to hide from who he really is, but he IS what he IS”

    I dont hate the guy! far from it I wish him pulling for him to regain his golf class.

    just tossing my opinion into the hat!

  13. Temple3 says:


    You are the Jazz Connoisseur.

  14. mapoui says:

    sorry S5! missing the details these days! not sharp at all. great space S5! will continue reading always, even if I cant say!