Monday Morning Starting Five: Mike, You Played In A Different Era So Kill That Noise About LeBron Playing in Miami

Posted in Blogroll on July 19th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

LeBron will make decisions…both good and bad

Disclaimer: Born in the Philly area. Everyone knows this. Relevant because until some crazy catastrophe happens and the record books are wiped clean, Wilt Chamberlain, IMO, is the GOAT. Yes he only won two titles but he should have more MVP’s than four. Check the stats. Going up against the best centers of all time (when the league had fewer teams) night in and night out and still putting up 50 and 25 (amazingly did not win MVP) is all I need to know. Never a follower so all the sentiment against Wilt being the GOAT does not wash my mind…

That being said, the player most consider the best of all time, Michael Jordan, was asked to comment on LeBron’s free agency choice. He doesn’t agree with LeBron going to Miami. Check the video after the links below for his exact words.


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