Thursday Morning Starting Five: Chris Paul Wants No More Bourbon Street Hurricanes

Posted in Blogroll on July 22nd, 2010 by Michael Tillery

Now, when LeBron, Flash and Bosh decided to link up and form the NBA version of Soultron, Chris Paul had to be stewing. The three time All Star was near the top of the league before team and individual injuries set in surrounded by Byron Scott’s ouster. Now, CP3 wants out and he’s making it publicly known. The Lakers, Knicks and Magic are on the list. Could you #$*#&@@ imagine Chris Paul in the triangle?!?! Oh my goodness. Kobe Bryant would be ridiculous and actually would be able to rest on the floor. He’d have a back court superstar who could take over and run the squad when Kobe wanted a blow. Did Amar’e and Paul speak about this? Could this happen? Should this happen (Paul traded)? Chris Paul in Orlando with Dwight Howard would probably set the NBA assist record navigating in and out of the lane tossing no look, over the shoulder, through the leg lobs from the locker room.

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