Monday Morning Starting Five: Why Did it Take So Long to Mass Report Lorenzen Wright’s Disappearance?

Lorenzen next to LeBron in much more Cavalier times

A short story: The Legend of Captain Midnight will be posted later.

I woke up this morning and the web was beginning to pick up the story outside of Memphis but I was very disappointed with the coverage over the weekend. Yes, CNN reported it but the major sports outlets seemed to take a nonchalant approach to Lorenzen Wright’s disappearance.

He’s been missing since Thursday right?

You know what the first thing out of my fingertips is gonna be. Don’t even front.

If Lorenzen committed some sort of crime, he would have been all over the news. All over. As soon as an alleged crime went down. Not after the facts were presented but before. This is why we do things here because despite what America chooses to nervously push under the cotdamn rug, we will speak on it.

There’s no excuse. I don’t want to hear the weekend or a lack of facts or the reports that Lorenzen wasn’t doing so well at the time of his disappearance.

In  a missing persons case, the more people know the better and I think editors across the land sat on this a little too long before getting it out on the World Wide Web like it is this morning.

Everything else is reported. If a player cuts his toenails wrong and flicks the jagged edge hypothetically on a flower bed in someone’s yard, it’s reported and before you know it, grand ladies across the land are gritting their teeth at athletes in public carrying signs of his “crime”.

Stop that man/lady/child! Stop that!


No one is asking for preferential treatment, just the facts.

To the links…

Andre Dawson finally gets in the MLB Hall of Fame (Boston Globe)

ARod OK after getting plunked on his last at bat in home stand. Still one away from 600 homers (MLB)

Five questions to ponder of the New England Patriots heading into camp (Boston Herald)

Dallas Cowboys’ Miles Austin unaffected by success (Star Telegram)

Trial centered on Pitino starts today (CBS Sports)

Defense lawyer: Jurors presumed Wesley Snipes to be guilty (Orlando Sentinel)

Nice story on Guru of Gangstarr: An heir of expectancy (The Bay State Examiner)

Van Jones pens a guest Op-Ed: Shirley Sherrod and Me (NY Times)

L Booooooogie is back!!

14 Responses to “Monday Morning Starting Five: Why Did it Take So Long to Mass Report Lorenzen Wright’s Disappearance?”

  1. TC says:

    Well said Mizz

  2. Temple3 says:


    Thanks for the info on Lorenzen Wright.

    On Andre Dawson — If he played in New York or Los Angeles or Boston during his prime, he would have become a household name years ago. He was a phenomenal all-around baseball player. He was a classic 5-tool player. The one player in today’s game that reminds me of him is Vladimir Guerrero…another guy who is under the national radar (for casual fans), but is a lights out all-around player.

    On Andrew Brietbart — I think this guy and his funders and circle of associates is the STORY, not Shirley Sherrod. The next step for journaljists (not a typo) is to dig deep on Breitbart, determine where his $$$ comes from, and do like the ADL does — loudly and consistently demand formal repudiations from every single person in his circle. Ms. Sherrod deserves the spotlight (if she wants it) or to be anonymous (if she wants it)…but the story here, is the criminal and the tentacles of white supremacy that allow him to continue to operate without swift, severe sanctions.

    On the Patriots — they’re not even asking championship questions in New England. Tully Banta-Cain and Derrick Burgess?? Really. It’s because they’re done. In ’06, they lost to the eventual Super Bowl champion twice. In ’07, they got embarrassed by the Giants. In ’08, they were blown out by 23 points at home by the SB champion. In ’09, they were smoked on national TV and benched Brady and Moss while losing by 21 to the eventual SB champion. This team is F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D.

    On GURU — Still saying, Daaaaaamn!!! He left a tremendous legacy to his beloved art form.

  3. nerditry says:

    How does Dawson make it now?

    The Halls of Fame are bunk as their entry process is bunk. If you are a Hall of Famer, then you should be inducted as soon as your post-retirement waiting period expires. Someone who is up for a vote year after year and then finally makes it shows no credibility in the voters or their processes.

    I’d love to see an alteration to include more voting/voting weight from contemporaries of that player in addition to the writers.

  4. Patrick says:

    Andrew Brietbart wants confrontation, just like the “birthers”. The right-wing with FOX NEWS blessing and full support wanted to make Shirley Sherrod the 2010 version of Willie Horton and even though it was exposed and Sherrod was vindicated, Brietbart is allowed to slither away and come back a few weeks or months with something else.

  5. Mizzo says:

    Or Lani Guinier. Loved her book, The Tyranny of the Majority. Her political mind was way before its time.

  6. HarveyDent says:

    Shirley Sherrod’s story is so interesting to me because many of my family and friends in South GA know her people and husband. I despise Breitbart and his ilk but I have more contempt for the Obama administration because of their craven run for cover when FOX ran this story. Dems need spine transplants because as soon as Republicans and now Tea Partiers stomp their feet they run for cover.

    Here’s Mrs. Sherrod’s speech in its entirety:

    Moving stuff and Obama and Vilsack need their asses beat right along with Breitbart

  7. KevDog says:


    I’m a supporting of President Obama, but you’re as right as rain on that shit. He punked the fuck out and it was simply pathetic.

    Everyone else. Good stuff all around. This place is an oasis.

  8. HarveyDent says:

    I agree, KD, but Mrs. Sherrod’s story is amazing to me that she dealt with the naked racism behind her father’s death and moved passed it by not letting it make her bitter. I know she’s stronger than me because I know I don’t have that much love in my heart to still be able to reach out and help people who look like the ones who killed my father. More than an apology, Obama needs to sic Holder on Breitbart and those who fund his little smear factory as well as send a task force down to SW GA to find and prosecute those responsible for the death of her father if still living. Justice delayed is justice denied and they are too many stories like hers in this country and I don’t give a damn if the perpetrators are deaf, blind, and crippled, throw their asses in jail with De La Beckwith and the rest of them.

  9. mapoui says:

    “…..Obama administration because of their craven run for cover when FOX ran this story. Dems need spine transplants because as soon as Republicans and now Tea Partiers stomp their feet they run for cover.”

    the Obama admin is a disgrace and Fox stubbed its toe badly on this one.

    the question about FOXs sophistication begs! how could they!?

    Sherrod is a fine person, intelligent, human, capacity to learn significant lessons about life from her experience

    how come FOX did not see that from the message they manipulated and desist, knowing they would look real bad if they were found out… and it was so easy to find out and expose the fraud?

    anyhow, their unintended consequence is great for race relations and the highlighting of a basic insight as to how things go socially..while race is of great decisive consequence social class is fundamental

    the sooner ordinary folk transcend racial divisions the sooner capitalism is solved, winning for soceity a chance to go on indefinetly

  10. mapoui says:

    “I’m a supporting of President Obama, but you’re as right as rain on that shit. He punked the fuck out and it was simply pathetic.”

    that Obama punked out cannot be gainsaid… but I cant understand why any ordinary regular blac people….among whom I include blac’ professinals…would support Obama?

    I am not american and do not live in america and so not privvy to the hands-on info and insights aware americans would have on whats acually going on

    yet by sociology, the study of society, I can find no blac social interests Obama represents…actually find him in oppostiton to all our interests not only in america but in the world.

    as an ordinary blac man therefore I cannot support Oama, did not support him from the start when I knew of him as a Chicago comer. in fact it did not matter and does not matter who is president of the USA…they are bound to be as Obama is, and as all were before him with a few exceptions along the line, like JFK, who got himself killed opposing the money changers in the temple

    and Obama is so much an insider that he did not even make a effort to create an alternative source of power by taking into his white house staff progressive blac men in particular, white progressives and liberals etc, to form a counter block to the money-changers , between whom he might have won room to manouvre to do soemthing real and positive for america, including acting on the massive problems blac people face in america and in the world.

    under Obama nothing positive is happening for us. indeed under Obama the problems of humanity as a whole, the global picture of human troubles has taken on deeper and darker and decidely ominous spectre, so much so that the thread by which the human species has been hanging since kennedy/khruschev in the 1962, has significantly frayed.

    in Africa Obama continues to beat up on Somalia, destroyng every effort those people make to reform and reconstitute their country. Obama has caused Ethiopia, Uganda, Burrundi to invade Somalia under the rubric of the AU, and now a catastrophic war is widening to engulf that whole region.

    but you guys know the story as much as I do or likely more so. what conerns me even more however is the landbanking in Africa by the corporations, driving African people off the lands they have occupied for thousands of years.

    All happening on Obams watch! we have not even regained the land we must in South African yet we lose most of it all over the continent.


    we cant afford to support leaders and their administrations, captured by others who do not have our interest as any concern of theirs. we have to know whats going on, what has to be done in our interests and how and get the collective movement going to achieve it.

    a leader is to toe the collective line. if he does not to hell with him/her, and make way for others who do as directed by the collective. but the collective must be organic, organised without structure yet a unit that coalses immediately when necessary in all and any way essential for the tasks to be achived

    any benefit Obama has brought to blac people is only incidental, happenstance and unintended.

    the damage Obama is doing to blac’ people is monumental, maybe even terminal… which it must be in this last monopolistic stage of capitalism..when everything is on the table.

    Obama is the enemy! to support him, to follow him is suicidal for blac people globally. the collective interest is all….by which I mean the class interest of ordinary blac’ people..hopefuly in alliance with the awakend ordinary classes of white ordinary people, collectively puttng capitalism to the sword, while establishng the social democracy that may save humanity and take us forward.

    no to Obama and his money-changers! yes to social democracy, by the people, organised by them in spontaneous revolutionary activity, without the benefit or instigation of any forward socialist political party or organisation.

    those are to be destroyed along with the rotten capitalist forms of which they are a part. they are the counter-revolution and would be going forward with the revolution, to corrupt it and reverse it it time and with terror.

  11. HarveyDent says:

    Very passionate, Elder Mapoui, and very true in your dissection that many Blac’s here in America feel for our post-racial president. As stupid as it may sound, I’m a nominal supporter of his because I simply adore the First Lady and the rest of the family and the simple fact that he’s not GW Bush but not by much with the way he’s going lately. Many of us give him some support because he is Blac but I know just as many of us had few illusions about what he was going to be when in office at least I didn’t because he told me all I needed to do when he lauded Ronald Reagan for reversing some of the liberal excesses of the 60’s during his administration. A “black” man praising Reagan tells me everything I need to know.

    So while I had some hope when he was elected that Michelle would have some influence over his policies especially when it related to his people not because he has African blood but because Blacks in America have been the victims of systemic abuse because of our color and their should be specific remedies to redress that abuse than just cutting and running whenever the issue of racism comes up in this country. All he does is play into the quote unquote opposition’s hands when he does that while thumbing his nose at his base which make no mistake about it is Blac people in America.

    I know you get around the ‘net and probably know this site but for those who don’t know it check out

    Required reading.

  12. mapoui says:

    thanks for the link HarveyDent! Blacj Agenda Report is an excellent contribution

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