Tuesday Morning Starting Five: No Discipline for Michael Vick

When news of a shooting at Michael Vick’s birthday party surfaced and folks began to point the finger, I didn’t flinch. There will be folks in VA who will love Michael Vick no matter what and I assume Mike wanted to show his appreciation with these folks in mind. Could there have been better decisions made by Mike regarding party schematics? Hell yeah and he admits this. We’ll never know what exactly went down but for writers across the land to put the screws to Vick in a situation where it’s supremely evident he was innocent is again the reason why this site is in existence.

From here on in Mike’s transgressions will be mouthed every time he suits up and that’s something he must deal with. As training camp begins, Michael Vick is the Eagles insurance policy and it appears this will be a break out year for Vick if given the opportunity. I’m sure there are those in the front office who know he’s the Eagles best chance to win but because Kevin Kolb has been groomed and re-upped, he’s the man…for now. The indicator will be Kolb’s ball security in crucial moments. The third and ten moments, the fourth quarter down by 6 late in Dallas moments. McNabb didn’t throw interceptions and whether Kolb will be properly scrutinized for picks remains to be seen. Mike Vick will be hated until the day he dies from a large portion of society but trust the NFL knows he has a place in the league if nothing more than for simple economic benefit.

To the links…

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9 Responses to “Tuesday Morning Starting Five: No Discipline for Michael Vick”

  1. Temple3 says:


    You know how I feel about demonizing Black folk through imagery — and it is a recurring and inescapable theme in American society. It requires a great deal of effort to resist the temptation. I am pleased that you selected this composed, confident image of Vick doing his thing. You captured the essence of the “event” and put to bed the legitimacy of the “media whored.”

    It seems to me that the story of the day is a toss up between Pitino’s case and Kiffin’s case. I find it absolutely amazing that Jeff Fisher and the Titans are suing his alma mater (USC) in a football related matter. That’s amazing. Given what just went down with Pete Carroll and the recruiting process and SC’s ass-covering Heisman? What Heisman?? move, this doesn’t look good.

    I hope that Kiffin keeps his job as long as Charlie Weis — if not longer — and has a similar degree of success. What a mess! I wonder if any mass media types have the stones to peer deeply into the institutional/booster/California Republican politico scandal that defines USC football. OK, that was a joke.

  2. Mizzo says:

    I searched and searched before I found that pic. That pic is the true Michael Vick. I’m definitely with you on how imagery shapes minds.

    I think traditional USC folk are losing patience with the present admin and all bets are off.

    The Pitino case will be very interesting. I hope that site prints the daily transcripts.

  3. Miranda says:

    Adam Schefter said McNabb told him to watch out for Mike Vick. We shall see if that’s the reason for all the anxiety amongst these sports reporters trying so desperately to keep Vick off the field.

    by the way….kinda funny how Quanis Philips could go to a place he knew Vick to be, wind up shot, not cooperate with the police and not be a violation of HIS probation…funny how that is. I didnt know that a person on probation had the option of not cooperating with the police for any reason……learn something new everyday.

  4. HarveyDent says:

    But, but, but, Mizz, Donovan McNabb choked under pressure when he played for the Eagles. He only won games because of the brilliance that was Andy Reid’s offensive playcalling and Jim Johnson’s rock-solid defense. The only reason he didn’t throw INT’s was because he was too busy getting sacked to get a pass off. Kevin Kolb is definitely a better fit for the Eagles’ WCO because McNabb was just an athlete trying to play QB right along with Vick and the rest of these Black guys.

    Sarcasm just dripping.

  5. HarveyDent says:

    My link for the day:


    Saddening but a definite call to action.

  6. mapoui says:

    Growing Health Crisis in the Gulf (Mathaba)

    seems to me Obama will have to evacuate the whole Gulf region of the USA.

    it probably should have begun already. a whole lot of people are going to die if an evacuation does not take place.

    what is Obama waiting for? there will be hell to pay if he does not act soon enough and causes a human catastrohpe

    that disaster appears only to be in its early stages yet look how awful it is, while the admin and well as BP mislead the world on what we all collectively face in the Gulf

    a whole lot worse seems on the hoizon for the Gulf states, Mexico, Cuba, Central America and the caribbean.

    probably for the whole world.


  7. TC says:

    What part of “double jeopardy” doesn’t the US sporting public and sports scribblers not understand? Mike Vick is the man and always will be, as far as I’m concerned. Incidentally, not that this makes it right or whatever, but I was looking for stuff the other day and found this: http://avalon.unomaha.edu/afghan/afghanistan/dogfights/ad01.htm

  8. mapoui says:

    I dont understand the double standard!

    Iraqi city Falluja is destroyed with extreme prejudice by the american military. massive loss of life and the pollution of the city and environs by nuclear irridiation from depleted uranium weapons.

    Iraninas are sufferin from all manner of grotesquiries as a result…

    only a few disperate voices raise this issues. few appear to care… yet all the noise and revulsion for fighting dogs…..?

    incredible! are Iranians less than american dogs…or Somalis, Congolese, Jamaicans, Palestinians…..?

  9. mapoui says:

    ( Iraquis…not Iranians!)