Thursday Morning Starting Five: ESPN Story Spiked; They Should Have Never Had Access LeBron

Posted in Blogroll on July 29th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

Heated discussion on twitter yesterday focused on an ESPN decision to pull a column reporting on the happenings of a Las Vegas party LeBron hosted. Other writers might disagree and some others might feel this type of trash in sports has entertainment value, but I care about the legacies of athletes so I can’t rock with it. It disgusts me that a large segment of society actually hates LeBron for leaving Cleveland. I don’t care how he did it, he would have been hated anyway because that’s how this society gets down. There is no true loyalty across the American board (you would leave your job for another offering comfort or paying more money) so for fans of sports to scream LeBron should have stayed in Cleveland is beyond hypocrisy.

Why should he pay Cleveland’s bills? He sure as hell doesn’t pay mine in Philly.

Lakers fans will hate the decision to rock in Miami. Boston fans hated the decision to form South Beach Soultron as well. Of course Orlando fans can’t deal…

This has become personal for people. A bunch of selfish, bratty, arrogant, perverted insecurity.

He was going to be hated anyway down the line because there are folks who can’t and will never relate beyond skin color, physical prowess, go for yours ’cause I’m gonna get mine objectives, youthful exuberance and potential…on and off the floor…and of course the dreaded deep pockets. Period.

Don’t front people. You know what it is.

LeBron, let’s talk. When it comes to your on court game? I gotcha. When it comes to how you treat your teammates? I gotcha. When it comes to writing your athletic legacy? I gotcha. The access you give me personally? I gotcha because I would never take advantage. I want the future to read your once in a generation game through my words, so to alienate you in any way is ridiculous given how I and others of my ilk are treated by your camp.


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