2010 NFL Pre-Season Power Rankings (29-27)

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We’re moving right along with our preseason power rankings. Today we’ll cover teams 29 through 27 – let’s get started. Read more »

Who Is The NFL’s Logo?

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This week the NFL Network will unveil it’s greatest 100 players. A panel of former players, athletes and entertainers will chime in on who is the greatest to ever put on a pair of pads.

Which brings me to the question – If you could chose one player to stand as the logo of the National Football League who would it be and why. As for me, I’m undecided.

The TSF Hoops Open Thread

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Dominique Wilkins

This is something me and TSF member Jerold Wells Jr. talked about recently.

We have talked about hoops a lot. But we’ve never just had a thread where you could discuss anything you wanted.

Pissed off your favorite team signed a crappy free agent? Wondering who in the world is gonna play point for the Lakers? Wanna have a debate with someone about who’s the all-time best LA Clipper? Here’s your spot.

In the words of former EIC of TSF Michael Tillery…. Let’s Get It.

NFL 18-Game Schedule – Is It Really Worth It?

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The NFL owners meeting in Atlanta could conclude with an 18-game schedule beginning in the 2012 season (pending approval from the NFLPA). For fans, a once far fetched idea has become a very real possibility. For owners it means more revenue as well as more expenses – including expanded rosters . Finally, the players are faced with earlier training camps under more extreme conditions, greater risk for injuries, but there will be increased revenue sharing with the owners.

Who are the winners and losers here? Read more »

2010 NFL Pre-Season Power Rankings (32-30)

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A few weeks back I attempted to start my NFL Preseason Power Rankings, but between kidney stones, a computer virus and Q’s introduction to Pee-Wee League Football I’ve been swamped. It also gave me time to revise the listing and tweak some things along the way.  For the next week we will go from worst to first in the NFL, there may be some headscratchers and that’s where you guys come in to lobby for your home team or just to make a good argument.

So without any further delay here are my 2010 NFL Preseason Power Rankings. Read more »

Thank You!

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It would be less than admirable if I posted another piece without recognizing the individual that gave me the opportunity to spread my wings as a writer and has once again given me the opportunity to move closer to my dream. Read more »

The 2010 USA Basketball Team: Questions Abound

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Spain: The Favorites Right Now

First of all let’s be clear. The roster isn’t done yet. Training camp is still ongoing. But as it is now, guys, this ain’t good. More of an explanation after the cut.

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Friday Morning Starting Five: So An Athlete Gets Killed and Still No Pub?

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Fearful we will never know what happened to Lorenzen like so many others before him

Yes, there are an abundance of articles relating to Lorenzen Wright’s death. Yes, there are reports on news stations near and far. Yes, Lorenzen Wright was not a player everyone knew…but he did play in the NBA. Correct?

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Thursday Afternoon Starting Five: Shaq the Big Shamrock?

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Of course Alex Rodriquez is the headline star from yesterday in sports and I’ll have a piece up tomorrow on reaching 600 home runs, but let’s talk Shaq for a minute. Talking to Scoop a couple of nights ago, the legacy of Shaquille O’Neal was a speaking point: 4 rings, 15 All Star game appearances (3 MVP’s), 2 scoring titles, 1 NBA MVP, won Rookie of the Year in 1992 and has appeared on an All NBA team first to third 14 times. That’s a ridiculous resume which puts Shaq in the category of one of the most accomplished athletes ever. This can’t be questioned and in those Los Angeles Lakers years, he was truly the most dominant player I’ve ever seen.

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Wednesday Morning Starting Five: Sports Writers…Change the Narrative

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Which one of these cats are you? The money they make is the money you seek.

There were times not too far in the distance where the sound of the morning news paper smacking the front door put a charge in the young legs I once had. The anticipation of reading the sports section most of the time resulted in instant pain…impatience prohibited me from properly taking off the rubber band so I got a crack, broken snap on the hand or worse the face…

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Notes from NBA TV’s Coverage of the NBA Tip-Off ’10 Schedule Announcement- Tuesday, August 3, 2010: Heat vs. Lakers Christmas Day Matchup

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Not that far off when you think about it. Stakes will be higher than this…

The 2010-2011 NBA season will be one of the most anticipated for as far as I can remember. When this Christmas rolls around, barring injury of course, four teams should be rockin’ it out for the best record in the league, Miami, Los Angeles, Oklahoma and Orlando. Of course Denver and Boston will be sniffing the doorstep. South Beach Soultron vs all the glamor and glitz of Tinseltown with all the sights, sounds, smells and of course, tastes of the holiday will be a great night cap to the day…just don’t fall asleep…

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Tuesday Morning Starting Five: Brett Favre “Reportedly” Retires; LeBron Thanks Akron

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Another option of the new technology is the search feature. Highlight a word or phrase and click the search box that appears.

So…Brett Lorenzo Favre has “decided” to hang ’em up after 16 seasons which include 285 straight starts. That’s a ridiculous number when you think about it. Two hundred eighty five. My favorite moment of Favre’s career was the game he played on Monday Night Football a day after he learned his Pop passed.

4 was 2nd round pick (33rd overall) in the 1991 draft by the Atlanta Falcons. His meat years were played in a Green Bay Packer uniform and then had subsequent 1 year stints with the New York Jets and the Minnesota Vikings. Now, he’s retired…

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Monday Morning Starting Five: Does Ozzie Guillen Have a Point That Asian Players Are Treated Better Than Their Latino Counterparts?

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Oswaldo Jose Guillen is one of the most outspoken figures in professional athletics. I want to interview him more than any other person in sports. His latest comments stating Asian ball players are afforded more than Latinos has struck a chord: “I say, why do we have Japanese interpreters and we don’t have a Spanish one. I always say that. Why do they have that privilege and we don’t? Don’t take this wrong, but they take advantage of us. We bring a Japanese player and they are very good and they bring all these privileges to them. We bring a Dominican kid . . . go to the minor leagues, good luck. Good luck. And it’s always going to be like that. It’s never going to change. But that’s the way it is.” Guillen spoke the aforementioned Sunday before Chicago played the Oakland Athletics. When an individual points the finger at racism one must understand the incident in question is most likely at the end of a long list of similar incidents where nothing was said. No one is pointing at every single dispute and screaming That’s Racist! That’s ridiculous. I’d rock with Ozzie Guillen here, when we’re all old and senile or 1,700 years in the past because he speaks his mind from the fox hole. If he says there needs to be more Spanish speaking interpreters and given his baseball experience, how are his words inaccurate? He’s a manager with a winning track record.  He sees everything and his heart will never be questioned. Those who speak without fear of corporate repercussion are alright with me and it appears Ozzie makes a lot of folk uncomfortable. Look at history…racial discrimination is highlighted when folks speak out. Ozzie is simply highlighting where he thinks baseball is lacking. If a language barrier exists and no one does anything, who wins?

Another point, the question must be asked if baseball considers Asian players a more lucrative commodity than their Latino counterparts. This is a very important question and I’ll let you all discuss its depth and authenticity.

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The Super Hero of Hip Hop Progress Past and Future: Chuck D

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Posting this on Chuck’s Birthday. Respost from 2006 on michaeltillery.com…

Chuck D, the iconic head man of Public Enemy, has been called the God Father of Hip Hop. His powerful voice is one honed…in part...emulating legendary sportscaster Marv Albert. His continued hard work as well as his concern for Hip Hop’s well being will forever resonate in the unapologetic consciousness of the currently much misunderstood genre. Public Enemy has done its collective part and it’s up to every individual associated with the game to give Hip Hop’s current on life support voice back to the community where it rightfully belongs.

Recently (March 13th, 2006), I had the pleasure of being his guest at one of PE’s Tour 57 stops at Baltimore’s Ram’s Head Live. Hard to believe that it’s been twenty years and PE still gives a powerful spirit uplifting as well as head nodding performance. The crowd in attendance fortunately was made up of every race imaginable–which was not the case twenty years ago.

It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back is the greatest Hip Hop album of all time; anyone who listened intently to the soul beat of the album’s lyrics has a stronger heart and an even braver conscience. Chuck D is simply one of the deepest brothas alive and the rap game is much richer with the history of empowerment he and Public Enemy has helped it achieve. His knowledge of sports transcends his thirst for helping to give Hip Hop a proper perspective in an age where unfortunately, negativity sells.

Everything is not Hip Hop.

This is Part One of Three (links follow)

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