The Super Hero of Hip Hop Progress Past and Future: Chuck D

Posted in Blogroll on August 1st, 2010 by Michael Tillery

Posting this on Chuck’s Birthday. Respost from 2006 on…

Chuck D, the iconic head man of Public Enemy, has been called the God Father of Hip Hop. His powerful voice is one honed…in part...emulating legendary sportscaster Marv Albert. His continued hard work as well as his concern for Hip Hop’s well being will forever resonate in the unapologetic consciousness of the currently much misunderstood genre. Public Enemy has done its collective part and it’s up to every individual associated with the game to give Hip Hop’s current on life support voice back to the community where it rightfully belongs.

Recently (March 13th, 2006), I had the pleasure of being his guest at one of PE’s Tour 57 stops at Baltimore’s Ram’s Head Live. Hard to believe that it’s been twenty years and PE still gives a powerful spirit uplifting as well as head nodding performance. The crowd in attendance fortunately was made up of every race imaginable–which was not the case twenty years ago.

It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back is the greatest Hip Hop album of all time; anyone who listened intently to the soul beat of the album’s lyrics has a stronger heart and an even braver conscience. Chuck D is simply one of the deepest brothas alive and the rap game is much richer with the history of empowerment he and Public Enemy has helped it achieve. His knowledge of sports transcends his thirst for helping to give Hip Hop a proper perspective in an age where unfortunately, negativity sells.

Everything is not Hip Hop.

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