The 2010 USA Basketball Team: Questions Abound

Spain: The Favorites Right Now

First of all let’s be clear. The roster isn’t done yet. Training camp is still ongoing. But as it is now, guys, this ain’t good. More of an explanation after the cut.

First of all, none of the players who were on the team that won the Olympic gold last year are here for a variety of reasons. So you have a younger team, a team that hasn’t played together in the same way that the Olympic team did, who will now be expected to pick up right where their veteran forebearers left off. And that’s not all.

Currently, courtesy of USA Basketball, this is the team: Chauncey Billups (Denver Nuggets); Tyson Chandler (Dallas Mavericks); Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors); Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder); Rudy Gay (Memphis Grizzlies); Eric Gordon (Los Angeles Clippers); Danny Granger (Indiana Pacers); Andre Iguodala (Philadelphia 76ers); Kevin Love (Minnesota Timberwolves); Lamar Odom (Los Angeles Lakers); Rajon Rondo (Boston Celtics); Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls); and Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder).

Before I go any further please realize that the team still needs one more cut. But as it is now, this is not a team that I think can win the World Championships.

To be sure it’s a really good team. But it doesn’t have the same strengths that the last team did. Firstly: there aren’t as many guys who can play together as the old team did.

Just as an example, would you play Rondo & Rose together? On defense of course you would. On offense, i don;t think it works. They’re both guys who need the ball in their hands to work well, and both of their jumpers (Rondo’s especially) are well…. needy.

Secondly, their big men are young and inexperienced. Tyson Chandler and Kevin Love are solid defense-first big men. But I don’t think they can guard european-style big men who have mastered shooting from distance.

Right now, I’m not sure this is a team that can win the Worlds. Be watching. this could be fun.

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  1. KevDog says:

    Coach K says Lamar Odom is starting C. This team is in trouble

  2. mapoui says:

    I think if it will be fun too. actually I am surpised by the seming strength of this america selection.

    it is a young selection and youth with high abilities and the right coaching can jell quickly.

    it will be fun because weaker that what it could have been this american team gives the euros and latins a better chance to defeat america.

    it takes little to motivate the world against america in anything. in this basketball wrorlds the rest of, should be super-charged by the smell of victory from seeming american weakness.

    look out!

  3. mapoui says:

    some chatter from espn! looks like the staring guard formation will be Rondo and Billups

  4. Origin says:

    Yeah mapoui Rondo and billups will be the first unit. Rose and curry will be the second unit. That way the team is able to always have a shooter on the floor.

    Yes this team is in trouble Mizzo. They are young and haven’t played together. IMO that is when the USA teams usually lose when they have a young team or no shooters. This year they have shooters but the players are all young.

    Another thing the NBA/US are too caught up in image and expanding the game when selecting teams. There is no reason in the world to let players like Horford and Kaman play for DR or Germany, or Ben Gordon playing for Britain. Do you think in a million years that the those teams would just let dudes leave their national team to play for America.

    Also there is no way with the short 3 point line and hand checking allowed in Fiba……..that Kyle Krover or Ron Artest have never been invited to the team.

    Remember how Durant and Rose were added to the US team during their rookie season because of summer league play? Yet Cousins is avg. a double double and showing off brad daughty/Duncan post moves and hasn’t been put on the team. And how in the world didn’t OJ Mayo not make it to the last 15 roster spots. Dude game fits Fiba like a glove. I guess his issues at USC over shadow that huh??

    Its just too much dang politics in this mess.

    In saying all of this……..I believe if Bynum and Oden weren’t hurt and were healthy we could actually win the WC. But as Americans we really could care less about the WC….just the olympics. Well until these black NBA players don’t win gold then the hate begins. I just hope for their sake they win. Because I don’t feel like hearing all the hate thrown these guys way (from the racist European and American fans) if they lose.

    It was just insane all the racist crap I heard on the radio and read on the internet when the 2004 team lost in the olympics and when the 2006 team lost in the WC.

    We whip butt in the olympics and all I hear is we should have won. Or they were allowed to cheat and travel. Or they were more athletic or on roids thats why they won. But when we lose overseas its the NBA is just a bunch of athletes that can jump, but they can’t think like their Euro counterparts. They are selfish and are a bunch of dumb athletes.

  5. Origin says:

    Also Mizzo I would like to know your feelings of the eagles and washington after their preseason debuts.

    Vick looked good………but their is no way the golden boy gets put on the bench for him. Also Mcnabb looks solid………ummm can the philly media keep his name out their papers???

    Lord they talk about him every week. I thought those fools wanted him gone?? If so, keep his name out your mouth…..Capiche!!!

  6. Okori Wadsworth says:

    I wrote this man. Not mizz. 🙂

    Oden’s always hurt, Mapoui. Always. And who would you cut to put Mayo on the team?

  7. Big Man says:

    The team lacks proven scorers. Outside of Durant and Granger, who is like Durant-lite, their potential for buckets in internation play is a little low.
    I like the guards against most teams, but against the best teams, their lack of jumper will be a problem. Then again, several of the Euro teams aren’t going to be at full strength, so the USA has a shot.

  8. Okori Wadsworth says:

    Stephen Curry has a J. But other than that, it’s…. pretty bad.

    And Lamar Odom can’t be relied on. That’s why he works so well on the Lakers. He’s a 6th man who gives you what he gives you. When you have to make him a key it doesn’t work.

  9. Origin says:

    Sorry Okori………..Mayo could have had Gordons spot.

    And like Bigman said the team has no super scorers. However Curry, Billups and Gordon will hit the Fiba three very easily. Its a short jumper for them. Also we have no big man that can finish in traffic. And only Gay and Iggi are physically dominate wings….who put fear in folks heart and both are streaky as heck. But Rudy Gays team seems as though its perfect for Fiba.

    The thing with the redeem team Lebron and Howard physically beat up on the euros in the paint and on defense. This team doesn’t have a player like that.

    The LOpez brothers could have provided this physical presence. But hopefully they will get a shot next time. Or will that fool Colangelo let them play for team Cuba since their dad is from there………LOL!!!

    Stuff is crazy………maybe Wade, Bosh, Lebron and Kobe can trace their african ancestry to west Africa and play for Angola in the olympics……LOL!!!

  10. Temple3 says:

    Origin — You’re a riot.

  11. Okori Wadsworth says:

    Brook had mono, actually so I think he just wasn’t physically ready. Robin i think might get a chance for the olympic tryouts.

  12. Origin says:

    Yeah Okori Brook had mono and Robin had a bad back and knee.

    Too bad all of USAs big are hurt. Hey did you know that Roy Hibbert wanted to play on the team. Guess what Colange

  13. Origin says:

    Sorry my post got cut off.

    It should say Yeah Okori Brook had mono and Robin had a bad back and knee.

    Too bad all of USAs big are hurt. Hey did you know that Roy Hibbert wanted to play on the team. Guess what Colangelo didn’t give him an invite. So the young brotha ends up playing for Jamaica because his dad is from there.

    This dude was born and raised in the states and he is playing for Jamaica. Boy we sure could have used his 7-1 frame huh???

    I swear its just too much dang politics. Then when we lose its look we can’t compete with the world. Yet we are playing against folks who were born and raised in the states. Who for whatever reason are now playing for another country. If anything that just shows americas dominance.

    Now watch I bet cash money that Brandon Jennings ends up playing for italy in teh Olympics or WC. You know he bucked the slave system so you know he may never ever get a shot on the USA team.

    Whatup Temple………..I have to be a riot brotha cause this mess is shady. Speaking of shady…… in the world is Dixon not the starter over Leftwich. Black Drew Bledsoe needs to sit his cement feet having butt down and let Dixon play. Thats straight up politics. Guess they are scared Dixon gets in there and has the steelers 4-0 or 3-1 to start the season. You know got to make sure that Ruthlessburger can come in and save the team when Black Bledsoe has them 1-3.

  14. Okori Wadsworth says:

    O: I actually don’t think Roy would have worked. He’s big sure. But he also moves with the speed of a cruise liner. A guy like that would get exploited by a Euro-style big man. Hell, even the centers can drain 20-footers.

    It’s not that he’s a bad player. He’s more of a bad fit.

  15. Okori Wadsworth says:

    I Swear to god the next person who asks Mizzo a question in an article I wrote. I’m gonna send Scott Stevens after you.

  16. Miranda says:

    LOL…sorry Okori!! LOL

  17. KevDog says:

    Okori and Miz. It is very diffcult for us to tell who wrote which article. Anything we can do to make things more clear?

  18. Okori Wadsworth says:

    read the published by thing at the top of the page. 🙂

  19. Jerold Wells Jr says:

    Team USA should win Gold. We are still the most talented team in the World, even when sending the “B” team as it were.

    Offensively we’ll need to be efficient. I’m reading rumors that we’ll rely on pressure defense and scoring in transition. If this were college or HS ball that might work. Against other professionals, albeit foreign ones, we have to control the shot clock and get the shots WE WANT then use or athleticism to clean up on the offensive boards. Tyson Chandler should lead the tournament in rebounds and blocked shots. Odom, Durant, and Love have to committ to controlling the backboards as well. Thats where I feel the US, even if we dont have a true center on the roster, can dominate.

    In place of a true back to the basket scorer, the US will have to find a way to manufacture points in the paint. We can do that by dribble drive (something Rondo, Rose and Westbrook excel at) or by running sets that cause players to move without the ball. Flashing and cutting, making moves off screens etc. I’ll be looking for that in the exhibitions.

    Lastly, the shooters. Billups, Curry and Durant are the designated bombers. I don’t know how much the 3 ball will be featured as a facet of Team USA’s offense but I do know that they will have to make some to keep defenses honest and prevent them from crowding the lane. I’ll be watching to see if the team is making thier open looks in exhibitions also.

  20. Okori Wadsworth says:

    Spain would like a word with you, Jerold. That’s why I put their trading card at the top. They’re the most cohesive unit in the FIBA draw right now. Plus, they are the defending World and European Champions. Even without Pau they are rough to deal with.

  21. Origin says:

    Another thing Okori Team USA and all Team USAs are held to an impossible standard. If they don’t win every game by 20 or 30 points all of a sudden the conversation changes to they can’t compete with the Euros…….or the Euros have caught up.

    No team is held to this standard. Then they want to compare these teams to the original Dream Team. At the same time this team, the 2008 team, 2006 team and 2002 teams didn’t even have the best players in the game on the team. At any one time players like Duncan, Ray Allen, Shaq, KG and Kobe were missing from these teams.

    The Original Dream team had the best players at their position playing except zeke and Hakeem.

    Spain still hasn’t won gold in the Olympics and only won gold one time in European championships and World championships and are considered the best team of the last decade in international play. With basically the same roster year after year.

    Yet team USA is playing by rules they never play with……just 2 months out the summer, a rotating roster that changes every year. Often times having teams that are very young compared to the original Dream Team. Against players they have never seen before or have very little tape and scouting reports on.

    And yet they almost always get a medal everytime they play in these contests.

    By the way Team USA U17 and U18 teams won the world championship this year. The word is that the U17 team will be one of the best draft classes ever.

  22. mapoui says:

    I expected this to be a keenly contested worlds, out of which I am not at all sure america will come out winners.

    but otherwise the summer has been given a shot with the return of the penile Favre – p4, to the folds of the vikes, sans a scandal that should have been.

    interesting how penis business has been shut down of rp4. Tiger must be green with envy!

    and here is excitement in baseball as the reds rise under Dusty and the rangers do likewise under Ron W.

    Dogfight in the NL central Iits exciting pulling for the Reds and Dusty. Texas has a strong lead and its mid august.

    and wow! motor-mouth and the white sox have slipped, seemingly all the way to hell. minny aint making it easy.

    looking to see what Ossie will try to motivate his crew

  23. Miranda says:

    OK, in my and Kevdog’s defense, the publisher of the post is only on the homepage! (and I just noticed that…lol)

  24. Origin says:

    Check this out Okori. This is a fight between Greece and Serbia today.

    Amazing yet the American teams are said to be the ones without respect for the game of basketball. You know with their chest pumping and high fiving. Or with AI tats and cornrolls in the 2004 olympics. Yet these dudes at like freaking nuts and no one says crap.

    Do you know this fight even went on in the locker room and the police still have some of the players arrested right now.

    And after all of this I have looked at countless sports forums and yet no one has called them thugs yet. Hmmmm ain’t that a trip.

    And look Kristic threw a freaking chair…….I wonder what the OKC thunder management will say about that. Or will they ignore it like the Lakers and Trail blazers did after that little slanted eye gesture that Gasol and cry baby Rudy made about asian folks.

    Yeap Jason kidd was right it really is a double standard.

  25. Okori Wadsworth says:

    i don’t like watching fights on youtube.

    but yeah, the euro basketball scene is nuts with that.

  26. mapoui says:!v=_N-8LJEamiA&feature=related

    off the subject but this is friday…a cool friday, easy breeze blowing, the sun is here, bright, nice, the insane broken. the weekend crooks a seductive come-on index…. a lazy dog days weekend promised.

    nothing fits like crusin…heaven mus’ be like this!

  27. mapoui says:

    the insane heat is broken…may it last till the fist day of fall!

  28. mapoui says:

    I cant stand the fighting! gave up on hockey for that reason.

    dont wish to see no fighting save in the ring…the sweet science!

  29. mapoui says:

    as I thought from the start Kevin Durant would be the USA’s secret superstar for the worlds.

    Durant is an excellent young player who has not arrived at his full potential yet. they all are going to have to deal with him to defeat the USA this time around

    Durant will make the difference in a close USA win this time around I predict.

    and lamar Odom played a good game today. I expect he too will rise to the occassion.

    let me take this opportunity to apologise for posting off-topic on this post. if it offended I sincerely apologise.

    I must apologise also for my inacuracies in many of my recent posts..especially on LeBron James and his television program. I was way out of it!

    I have not been focused at all recently!

  30. NBA Tickets says:

    It was just insane all the racist crap I heard on the radio and read on the internet when the 2004 team lost in the olympics and when the 2006 team lost in the WC.