Thank You!

It would be less than admirable if I posted another piece without recognizing the individual that gave me the opportunity to spread my wings as a writer and has once again given me the opportunity to move closer to my dream.

I met Mike Tillery about 5 years ago as a fellow writer at Black Sports Network.  I was just starting to break in as a writer and was looking for a platform that would allow me to write without restriction. BSN gave me that platform but I didn’t want to be a cookie cutter journalist, I had alot to say to my people – my story was special and I was looking for a special platform.

Enter The Starting Five.

Three summers ago Mike talked to me about a blog that he had started and was going to feature young Black writers that had carte blanche when it came to topics of sports, politics, race and culture. I was sold, I came in with an open mind hoping to learn from my peers and becoming a better writer at the same time. I learn right away that we had an above average audience and that there was no half-steppin’ with this crew. All of my work was done with the intention of reaching our readers, I learned through some of the threads that it was a two-way street. Many of our readers are bloggers themselves and are men and women of vast knowledge.

On a more personal note Mike and I have developed a solid bond beyond the pen. I can call him day or night about whatever, we talk about our children, relationships, family or whatever comes down the pike.

Funny thing is, I can count the number times I’ve seen Mike on one hand. That speaks volumes of our trust and committment to one another and the cause the we write and fight for.

In closing, I would like to thank you Mike for this new opportunity as EIC of The Starting Five, as well as my best wishes as you branch out further, don’t worry about reaching back – I’m right behind you.

Ron Glover

One Response to “Thank You!”

  1. Mizzo says:

    You got it fam. This site should continue to be the proving ground for whoever needs to jump start their fearless pen. Our readers are the best the Web has to offer because there’s a ubiquitous challenge after every keystroke. It doesn’t stop here. I’m here for you all until the end of days. The new project is simply a means to broaden as well as encapsulate our original scope. Let’s. Get. It!