The TSF Hoops Open Thread

Dominique Wilkins

This is something me and TSF member Jerold Wells Jr. talked about recently.

We have talked about hoops a lot. But we’ve never just had a thread where you could discuss anything you wanted.

Pissed off your favorite team signed a crappy free agent? Wondering who in the world is gonna play point for the Lakers? Wanna have a debate with someone about who’s the all-time best LA Clipper? Here’s your spot.

In the words of former EIC of TSF Michael Tillery…. Let’s Get It.

4 Responses to “The TSF Hoops Open Thread”

  1. Jerold Wells Jr says:

    Hoopology at it’s best. Okori and I started this up on Twitter last night and he threw some good stuff around.

    My first question for the thread would be this: How are would approach stopping the Miami Heat next year? I’m not saying they’ll be unstoppable but they’ll be the classic pick your poison type situation.

    Let me know what you think TSF!

  2. Ron Glover says:

    I would pack the lane and do my best to force them to beat me from the outside. I would play as physical a defense as the rules allow.

    Offensively, there would be plenty of movement and passing (Princeton Offense) and hope that my personnel is up to the task and not star-gazing.

  3. Okori Wadsworth says:

    I would do the same thing on defense, and take extra special care to prevent fast breaks.

    Offensively, attack Bosh. He’s the only big man on the team who can play the running style the heat want to.

  4. temple3 says:

    I’ll say this — and it’s a stretch, but it’s worth saying. Dexter Pittman used to weigh 388 pounds. He’s down to 290. That could not have been easy. If you EVER hear about him making great strides as a player, you can forget it. You wouldn’t be able to defend this team with an 94-foot blanket. Stranger things have happened, but until it does, the back-it-in approach is best.

    I wonder how people are going to score against this team. Miami should be pretty tough defensively. If they stop you with their defense, they’ll have opportunities to run and Plan A goes out the window.

    Shooting a high percentage has to be part of any plan to beat the Heat.