Who Is The NFL’s Logo?

This week the NFL Network will unveil it’s greatest 100 players. A panel of former players, athletes and entertainers will chime in on who is the greatest to ever put on a pair of pads.

Which brings me to the question – If you could chose one player to stand as the logo of the National Football League who would it be and why. As for me, I’m undecided.

10 Responses to “Who Is The NFL’s Logo?”

  1. kos says:

    T3 –

    co-sign. That’s the first person I had in my head for the NFL logo. Maybe him with his arm extended implying him knocking some would be tackler down. If not him, it would HAVE to be Jerry Rice.

    However, the NFL being the way that it is, would probably try to use a QB…..

  2. GrandNubian says:

    Jim Brown for me, too.

    You know the poster boy for the NFL is Brett Favre. 🙂

  3. Ron Glover says:

    Same here fellas, all I can think about is telling Art Modell to kiss his ass at 29
    Still at the top of his game. No one will ever know what his career numbers would’ve been. Now that’s controlling your own destiny.

  4. kos says:

    Ron –

    And most importantly, unlike alot of other folks, no debilitating long term injuries. I think they only played 12 games when Jim Brown first played, making his numbers even more remarkable.

  5. Zuri says:

    I happen to think the picture reflects my take. But I would also accept Joe Montana. I am a 49ers fan.

  6. HarveyDent says:

    Jim Brown in a perfect world of course but since the world especially the NFL is not perfect it will be some golden-boy QB like Starr, Bradshaw, Montana, Manning, or Brady.

  7. HarveyDent says:

    Hell, I’d make N. Suh the logo of the NFL because I truly believe that young man is going to a triple-threat combo of Reggie White, Mean Joe Greene, and Deacon Jones just from a strength, talent, and attitude standpoint.

  8. kos says:

    Sorry to threadjack, but because so many people here share the opinion that Jim Brown should be the logo, check out this article from William Rhoden about how the Browns stripped him of his position and stopped funding Amer-I-Can.


  9. HarveyDent says:

    Interesting article, kos, but not surprising that the Lerners and the Browns in the form of Mike Holmgren would do this. Nature of the beast though and the corporatization of this world where honor and respect is spit on. $40 million dollar slaves indeed.