NFL Week 1 Predictions From An Odd Angle.

Let’s get this out: I don’t really watch the NFL. Like I know who people are and I know what the basic stories are. But I don’t really have the kind of knowledge I need. So I’m going to do what I do best -pick based on other reasons. Maybe I’ll pick against your team because your entire fanbase are a collection of obnoxious goons. Who can say?

1:00 PM EST.

Carolina vs NY Giants: Ric Flair gets me this one. Panthers BIG. Also, Mike Francesa in NYC will blow a gasket if the Giants get worked.

Ric Flair.

Atlanta at Pittsburgh: Falcons. I will pick against Ben Rapeslisberger all year on principle.

Cleveland at Tampa Bay: This game is awful. Just awful. I’ll pick the Bucs in hopes that they go back to the creamsicle uni’s.

Denver at Jacksonville: Denver. Although, rooting against Tebow could become a possibility.

Indianapolis at Houston: Indy. It’s not the playoffs yet so Peyton won’t choke here.

Miami at Buffalo: Jim Kelly ain’t walking through that door, Bills fans. Sorry. Dolphins.

Detroit at Chicago: This ain’t hockey. So the Bears win.

Oakland at Tennessee: Tennessee. Maybe Chris Johnson will go so fast today he will break the speed barrier.

Cincy at NE: Bengals. Brian Pillman got me this one.


4:15 EST:

San Francisco at Seattle: San Francisco. I am from there after all.

Green Bay at Philadelphia: Packers. Dark-green beats emerald-green.

8:20 EST:
Dallas at Washington: Cowboys. I root against Washington until they change their name.

Monday Night predictions on Monday.

10 Responses to “NFL Week 1 Predictions From An Odd Angle.”

  1. Origin says:

    Hey Okori I have no problem with your picks……… shame man its no more different then what the folks do in the mainstream media. They just make picks on who the played for or who they like or what coach they are cool with.

    Oh and man oh man Carson Palmer stinks………..I mean he really stinks.

  2. Origin says:

    And so does that busta Cutler……….LOL!!!

    These busta QBs know they get a pass.

  3. Miranda says:

    Kevin Kolb has no idea what his name is right now.

    The Bears were given a game against the Lions…Cutler is who we thought he was.

    And good grief! Adrian Foster!! What the hell was that?!?! The Colts are gonna be having nightmares about him all week.

  4. Origin says:

    What up sista Miranda………..I was thinking about you when Vick was bringing the Eagles back.

    I know I am wrong but I only started to watch the Eagles game once I heard Kolb got knocked out the game………LOL!!!

    Man my own prediction was wrong……….I thought Kolb would get knocked out by week 6. But instead this fool got knocked out in the 2nd quarter with 6 minutes left in the first game of the season……..LOL!!!

    I tell you what though its a freaking shame that someone like Vick is a backup in the league. But a bum like Alex Smith is still a freaking starting QB in the league. Are you freaking joking me…..shoot Nate Davis should be the starter in SF.

    I bet money Vick will lead the Eagles over the Lions next week running for 100 yards and passing for 200 yards. Only to be benched for that busta Kolb in week 3.

    Yo Okori Team USA did it man. I didn’t think they would, but I got to give credit to the players and coaching staff. I am just happy that the crappy FIBA refs didn’t try to cheat team USA win the played Turkey.

    Oh and Durant is just insane…………especially in FIBA. Shoot them Euro teams should have tried to get Artest to join their National Team in order to stop Durant. Let me stop with that cause one of those Euro countries might actually try that mess.

  5. eric daniels says:

    Have that feeling that Philly wasted 37 million dollars signing Kolb and may have a QB controversy. At least the Bucs won and Dmac played great for the Skins

  6. Origin says:

    True Daniels……….but all the decisions that the eagles make is about money. Kolb will still start because they gave that dude a new contract.

    The eagles will be 4 and 10 with kolb starting.

    Oh and Josh Freeman is the truth.

  7. HarveyDent says:

    Origin, you got nothing to apologize for for paying more attention to that game after Kolb went out because I did the same thing and may have found my love for the Eagles again with the way MV7 played today. To quote Dennis Green, “[Kolb] was who we thought he was!!” I thought he was a freakin’ busta and he proved it before he went down today. I’ve been telling everybody that QB’s like Kolb, Ryan, Flacco, Orton, Garrard, Henne, even Schaub are just game managers not game changers and once the plan breaks down they have nowhere to go. McNabb was a game changer for the Eagles just like Vick, Big Ben, and even Drew Brees in his way are because defenses always have to account for what these men can do if the play doesn’t go according to plan. The Eagles coaching staff could have had five years to groom Kolb and the result still would have been the same as it was in the first half.

    Kolb is going to win a few games in the NFL but he’s never going to reach the same level for the Eagles that McNabb did and he’ll never be half the agent of chaos for defenses that Vick is and you can bank on that right there.

  8. Temple3 says:


    I feel you on Nate Davis. I watched him play during the pre-season. I think it was against the Raiders back-ups (I guess that’s the equivalent of the JV at Ball State), but he was ripping it up.


    I wouldn’t put Garrard in the same category as those other QBs because he CAN run. He doesn’t often, but he can. And, he weighs almost 250 pounds. He doesn’t have a cannon arm, but he did make a 4th and 2 off a QB draw (holding notwithstanding) to beat the Steelers in a 2007 playoff game. Most of those other guys (aside from Flacco) probably get sacked or throw an incompletion. Garrard won 2 games in Pittsburgh late in the season and in the post-season. I don’t any other QB in the league can make that claim. At bottom, I largely agree with you because the Jags don’t ask him to win the game — they tend to ask him not to lose it. I think that’s changing. Yesterday’s 3 TD performance could the harbinger of change. When he was at East Carolina, he was the man — and he had good receivers. He’s never had an arsenal in Jacksonville. The ownership hasn’t been willing to pay that price. But he and MSW (Mike Sims-Walker) have a little something going. Matty Coke didn’t work out, nor did Torry Holt, but I suspect Garrard is going to have some very nice numbers at the end of the season.

    Love that term “agent of chaos.” Nicely put.

  9. Miranda says:

    Saw this on a yahoo article:

    Said Packers middle linebacker Nick Barnett(notes): “They put in Michael Vick – that was the adjustment. They ran the same routes and the same offense, but we had to account for him. There were times I was chasing him and tried to take the right angle, but all of a sudden the angle changed.”

    nuff said.

  10. GrandNubian says:

    Damn….that was one helluva quote from Nick Barnett. 🙂

    Hell, even Clay Matthews had to come out of the game to get some oxygen from chasing Vick all over the field.