Monday Night Football Preview

If tonight’s card were a world championship fight card tonight’s late game between the San Diego Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs would be out of the way long before the main event that is the Baltimore Ravens against the New York Jets. The war of words between Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and former Ravens Defensive Coordinator Rex Ryan will be settled tonight.

I would pay an extra 20 bucks on my cable bill to hear these two miked up tonight.


Baltimore Ravens vs. New York Jets – The season’s first great game of the season takes place in the Jets new digs. The Ravens know that they can force the young Mark Sanchez into some mistakes and may even keep their running game honest. The question if Sanchez can get the ball out can he get it downfield to Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes? The Ravens secondary isn’t the same without safety Ed Reed lurking somewhere – anywhere. The Jets have the personnel to combat the Ravens but for some reason teams seem alot slower and little less eager to mix it up with them. I think Rex Ryan believes that he has just as physical a bunch, I’m not sure if they believe the same.

Joe Flacco has weapons greater than those of Sanchez but the Jets secondary trumps the Ravens at this point, Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie will match up well against Anquan Boldin and T.J. Houshmanzadeh. Runningback Ray Rice is going to be a little bit of everything tonight as the Ravens will look for a linebacker mismatch. It would be nice to see Derrick Mason and tight end Todd Heap occupy some space and catch a few passes. The offensive line has to give Flacco time to do all of the above – again keeping turnovers to a minimum is the key.

The Pick: This is going to be one to watch, what makes this a great game is that the Ravens are an above average road team. This comes down to turnovers and which defense makes the first big mistake. Neither team goes for over 250 yards of total offense.

Ravens 16 – Jets 13


San Diego Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Don’t be so quick to write this one off to the Bolts. The Chargers are missing some pieces in Jamal Williams,Vincent Jackson and Shawne Merriman and they’re starting a rookie in running back Ryan Matthews. The Chiefs on the other hand will try to pound the ball with last year’s find Jamaal Charles and veteran Thomas Jones. Chiefs QB Matt Cassell has two reliable targets in Dwayne Bowe and Chris Chambers, rookie Dexter McCluster could be a difference-maker if he plays. Phillip Rivers will try to use the speed of Sproles to open things up underneath, but the Chiefs front four can get up the field and could cause problems. Malcolm Floyd, Legedu Naanee and Patrick Crayton will have to step up to relieve the pressure off of tight end Antonio Gates.

The Pick: Monday Night Football is back in Kansas City and expect the 12th man to be there. I think the Chiefs ground game is going to wear the Chargers out over the course of the game. I don’t think that Phillip Rivers is comfortable with this bunch yet and it will show tonight.

Chiefs 24 – Chargers 17

17 Responses to “Monday Night Football Preview”

  1. Miranda says:

    I’m crying because I know that dude that got hit by Ray Lewis late in the 4th quarter did not do anything to deserve such a vicious attack. Damn Ray……..all i can do is shed a tear for that poor fella.

  2. Ron Glover says:

    @Miranda, If and when Dustin Keller gets up he needs to smack Rex Ryan for pissing Ray-Ray off.

  3. Tyler nagy says:

    good season so far looking forward to seeing the rest

  4. Miranda says:

    Ron, everytime I look at the clip, I tear up. I know this guy will forever be in pain after that

  5. temple3 says:

    For the record, Santonio Holmes is currently suspended. If he played last night, the Ravens very likely lose the game. He’s scored a touchdown against them in 7 consecutive games. I am sure he would have loved to show Ray-Ray the back of his shoes.

    The Ravens are still a mediocre, over-hyped bag of wind. The hit hard (sometimes), but Hines Ward has nearly knocked out their entire defense by himself: Ed Reed, Jarrett Johnson, Terrell Suggs. And Ryan Clark has knocked out half of their offense.

    No Super Bowls since 2000. No really deep playoff runs in ages. Flacco still sucks and they’re going nowhere. As long as John Clayton is calling that bum an elite QB, you can bet the Ravens will be struggling to score touchdowns against elite defenses. 10 points in a game against a 15-year old kid from Southern Cal — and a team that had over 100 yards in penalties? Really?

    I was not impressed by anything other than Ray Lewis’ ability to continue to absolutely smoke his opponents. He is a rock solid man in the middle — and if he catches you, you’re done.

  6. temple3 says:

    The Steelers are going to whoop Baltimore’s ass — again.

  7. des says:

    The two most physical games of the NFL season are when Pittsburgh comes to Baltimore and when Baltimore goes to Pittsburgh. That the Jets had the gall to think they were on that level makes me laugh.

    The Ravens of 2009 would have lost last night because they would have been the team with 14 penalties, which would have led to a last-second game winning FG. That they won with a makeshift O-Line (get yourself together, Jared Gaither), and an average secondary (hurry back Ed Reed and Lardarius Webb), makes me look forward to the rest of the season.

    BTW, Ray, T-Sizzle, and Haloti Ngata owned the line of scrimmage.
    The talking bear>Dustin Keller.

  8. des says:

    Why you gotta go there this early, Temple 🙂

  9. Ron Glover says:

    @Temple, forgot about the suspension, rushing to beat the deadline. Thanks again.

  10. temple3 says:

    Sorry des.

    It was really more just talking smack. These teams always play knock down drag out and it will come down to the last possession. One of my boys here got me going last week talking about the Ravens. It’s been on ever since. Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

    You know how we do. It’s all love and all hate all the time!

  11. des says:

    I’m with it. Your D looks good, as usual, but your WR crew don’t scare me. But I think we can both agree that Cincy caught both our teams on a downward tick last year, not gonna happen again. Order will be restored and the top two will be beating each other up again.

  12. temple3 says:

    Yeah, that crew couldn’t scare Little Red Riding Hood. Nice that you all have Housh-my-dude and Boldin. They’re long in the tooth, though not as long as Ward or Mason.

    Agreed on Cincy. I liked them before Sunday, but they were asleep at the wheel. Carson Palmer had 3 three-and-outs to start the game, then Cedric Benson fumbled, then another punt, then Palmer threw a Pick 6, then they gave up a special teams TD. By the time they actually realized the game had started, it was about 3:30 and time to go home. Even Phil Simms said something like, “Do the Bengals realize the season has started?”

    BTW, I can’t wait to see Harrison and Woodley and Timmons and Hampton and Aaron Smith pound the stuffing out of Joe Flacco. Oh, and I hear that Ed Reed is no longer accepting “Get Well Soon” cards from Hines Ward. Sup with that???!?

  13. kos says:

    Temple3 –

    Thanks for the smack talk aimed at the Ravens. You know I can’t stand those dudes, either. Trying to copy the Steelers. Love their defense, but offensively, they’re still a work in progress.

    Flacco gets way too much love. As you’ve stated before, in the big games, he comes up small. They give every excuse in the world for his woes. Palmer gets way too much love too. Cinci better hope Cedric Benson has the kind of year he had last year to keep defenses honest against Palmer. Pressure Palmer, and he’s gonna fold.

    Dennis Dixon gets his second shot at B’more in early October. I’d like to see how much he’s progressed from that game last year. It seems in the beginning of games he’s too hyped. I also didn’t like Ron Arians play calling in that game against Atlanta. (What else is new?) I thought he limited the playbook too much. Wallace could have been much more of a factor. I’m hoping they’ll try to stretch the field against Tennessee with him.

  14. temple3 says:


    I had the same feelings about the game. That OC has got to go.

  15. temple3 says:

    Gonna be tough sledding against the Titans without Casey Hampton.

    If Polamalu outruns Chris Johnson to a spot and blows him up in the backfield like he did last year, look out. Last year, he was one of 2 guys I saw who didn’t get absolutely smoked by CJ. We’ll see how Troy’s afterburners are holding up after this game. Good test for Timmons to see if his new muscles work against those great TN guards.

  16. des says:


    Bring it on 🙂