NFL Predictions For Week 2 From A Different Angle


Since you guys liked this so much I figured I’d do them again.

Picks after the jump.

1:00 PM Games.

Pittsburgh at Tennessee: Rapeslisberger’s Steelers go down hard.

Miami at Minnesota: Prince for the mother friggin win.

Arizona at Atlanta: The Cardinals franchise is against medical marijuana, for SB 1070, and is owned by an idiot. Go Dirty Birds.

Baltimore at Cincinnati: Cincy gets revenge for the 1970 World Series. Brian Pillman’s bengals with the win.

Kansas City at Cleveland: God hates Cleveland. Arrowheads.

Chicago at Dallas: Mother, don’t let your children grow up to be Cowboys. Bears.

Philly at Detroit: The Motor City Machine Guns take this. Motor City Machine Guns

Buffalo at GB: Go Wisconsin. Packers.

Tampa Bay at Carolina: Ric Flair.

4:00 PM Start.

Seattle at Denver: The ‘Hawks get revenge for their ersatz Sonics.

St. Louis at Oakland: If you watch this game, seek help.

Houston at Washington: The Texans win. The Washington team will be rooted against until they change their name.

New England at the Jets: Boston.

Jacksonville at San Diego: SuperChargers.

8:00 PM.

Giants at Indianapolis: Go Colts.

Monday Night:

New Orleans at SF: Go Saints.

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