Ron Glover’s Week 2 NFL Predictions

The New York Jets welcome the New England Patriots into the new and improved Meadowlands. It may be cornerback Darrelle Revis’ week to eat his words. This summer Revis referred to Pats wide receiver Randy Moss as a “slouch”. Well, Moss was kind enough to remind Revis that the “slouch” will be in town this weekend. This on the field encounter is only one battle within the war for supremacy in the AFC East.

Sunday September 19, 2010

Buffalo Bills (0-1) at Green Bay Packers (1-0) 1pm – The season-ending injury to running back Ryan Grant is a huge blow to a very balanced offense. Brandon Jackson will be the number one back for the forseeable future. Ironically, it was Grant who leapfrogged Jackson and an injured DeShawn Wynn to grab the lead back spot in 2007. The Bills plan to start rookie C.J. Spiller failed miserably last week as he rushed for an embarrassing 7 yards on 6 carries. Expect the Bills to go with veterans Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch against a formidable Packers defense. Other than Michael Vick’s 103 rushing yards last week, the defense held the Eagles to 47 yards on 10 carries. The Bills talented young secondary will be challenged by Aaron Rodgers and prime targets Donald Driver and Greg Jennings. Look for tight end Jermichael Finley to score twice on Sunday.

Pick: Packers 35 – Bills 10

Miami Dolphins (1-0) at Minnesota Vikings (0-1) 1pm – The  VIkings go into today’s contest on 10 days rest against a Dolphins team that is opening its season on the road. The Vikings would be wise to run the offense through Adrian Peterson until further notice. On of the faux pas in their loss to the Saints was that they took the ball out of Peterson’s hands and relied on Brett Favre and their passing game to pull them through. The Phins should mix it up as they normally do with the Williams/Brown combo. Brandon Marshall will be a headache for the Vikings secondary. When Favre drops back he will be pressured by a speedy defense led by Karlos Dansby.

Pick: Vikings 21 – Dolphins 17

Kansas City Chiefs (1-0) at Cleveland Browns  (0-1 ) 1pm – This may be the day Matt Cassel breaks out and gives Chiefs fans the performance that they waited for all last season. An uninspired performance by the Browns today could be the beginning of the end for Eric Mangini tenure in Cleveland. One saving grace could be that the Chiefs allowed Phillip Rivers to get the ball downfield last week – problem for the Browns is that Jake Delhomme is the quarterback and can’t shake the turnover bug. The Chiefs have a superior running game, but I feel eleven carries for Jamaal Charles is way too little, he’s proven that he can handle a full load, give him 25-30 totes today.

Pick: Chiefs 38 – Browns 13

Chicago Bears (1-0) at Dallas Cowboys (0-1)  1pm – Both teams come into today’s contest off of last second decisions that determined the outcome of their respective games. Wade Phillips decision not to sit on the ball with seconds left in the first half ultimately doomed the Cowboys and once again has owner Jerry Jones questioning his coach. The Bears should’ve lost to a game Lions team that was robbed by the officials but the call stands. Julius Peppers is going to be his disruptive self and should cause Tony Romo to rush a pass or two, that plays into the Bears hands as Romo only seems to be looking for receiver Miles Austin. Jay Cutler and running back Matt Forte carried the Bears offense last week but don’t expect the same numbers against this Cowboys defense. The Cowboys are not a confident team right now, and the Bears need to capitalize on that.

Pick: Bears 21 – Cowboys 20

Arizona Cardinals (1-0) at Atlanta Falcons (0-1) 1pm – The Cardinals could open the season 2-0 if they can handle the Dirty Birds who need to rediscover their running game this week. The Falcons have one of the NFL’s best in Michael Turner, but could only manage 56 yards last week in their loss to the Steelers. Beanie Wells should get the start this week after sitting out last week, this could be the opportune time for Wells as the Falcons gave up 143 yards on the ground last week. Quarterbacks Derek Anderson and Matt Ryan will be with out key receivers in Early Doucet and Michael Jenkins. Safety Adrian Wilson who plays well against the Falcons, is coming in fresh off a two interception performance last week. 

Pick: Falcons 27 – Cardinals 23

Tampa Bay Bucs (1-0) at Carolina Panthers (0-1) – The best pregame status I have on Panthers quarterback Matt Moore is probable (Sunday 8am). Whether it’s Moore or rookie Casey Clausen the best chance for the Panthers against a young Bucs team looking to build momentum is to get backs DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart going. There is nothing much at receiver other than a nicked up Steve Smith and the absence of DE Julius Peppers is too obvious to ignore. Josh Freeman threw for two touchdowns last week and should be able to pick his spots against the Panthers, who gave close to 400 total yards to the Giants last week. Ronde Barber is an ageless wonder.

Bucs 24 – Panthers 12

Philadelphia Eagles (0-1) at Detroit Lions (0-1) 1pm – Michael Vick starts in his first NFL game in four years and looks to maximize his opportunity against a young Lions team that suffered a heartbreaking loss last weekend to the Bears. The Lions gave up close to 500 yards of offense to the Bears which could indicate a big game from a potentially explosive Eagles offense. The Eagles run defense faces a huge test in Lions running back Jahvid Best who can run inside or outside – the loss of MLB Stewart Bradley (concussion) could loom large in that category. Asante Samuel will be licking his chops as he hopes to jump a route or to against backup Shaun Hill.

Pick: Eagles 30 – Lions 10

Baltimore Ravens (1-0) at Cincinnati Bengals (0-1) 1pm – Chad Ochocinco will attempt to point the Bengals in the right direction this week as the Bengals look to avoid going 0-2 against the hated Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are coming off a physically and emotionally draining game last week against the New York Jets. I’m not sure if the Ravens can pull off  emotional back to back road wins on a short week.

Pick: Bengals 24 – Ravens 13

Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0) at Tennessee Titans (1-0) 1pm – Steelers quarterback Dennis Dixon may end up running for his life today, as the Steelers are short on the offensive line and the Tiatns defense is young and active. The Steelers will need a big dose of Rashard Mendenhall to keep the Titans off the field and the ball out of Chris Johnson’s hands. I believe Hines Ward will have a big day, But Chris Johnson is going to make the most of his touches.

Titans 28 – Steelers 27

Seattle Seahawks (1-0) at Denver Broncos (0-1) 4:05 pm –  In an old AFC West matchup both teams come in with injuries at key spots. Kyle Orton is doing his best to hold off his potential replacement in Tim Tebow. It looks like Brandon Lloyd has stepped right into Brandon Marshall’s shoes. For Seattle Matt Hasselbeck looks to build on last week’s performance, however he may be in trouble if the Seahawks running game does not show up this week.

Pick: Broncos 17 – Seahawks 14

St. Louis Rams (0-1) at Oakland Raiders (0-1) 4:05pm –  Maybe playing the game in the LA Coliseum would’ve been a good idea.

Raiders 24 – Rams 16 

Houston Texans (1-0) at Washington Redskins (1-0) 4:15 pm – The Houston Texans offense face a stiff test in the Washington Redskins, depite their last second victory held the Dallas Cowboys offense in check for most of the game. Houston’s defense gave up nearly 500 yards to the Indianapolis Colts in their shocking victory. The Skins are still figuring out their offense, while the Texans will look to all-world wideout Andre Johnson to shine this week.

Texans 20 – Redskins 13

New York Jets (0-1) at New England Patriots (1-0) 4:15pm – Bill Belichick will pull out all the stops to make Mark Sanchez’s NFL experience an uphill climb. Nobody likes anybody in this game – and that makes for great theater. But this one gets ugly in a hurry.

Patriots 35 – Jets 13

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-0) at San Diego Chargers (0-1) 4:15pm – The Chargers are happy to be back home but will that bring Phillip Rivers to a comfort zone with some of the newer faces in his huddle. Jacksonville is going to go heavy with Maurice Jones-Drew and test the secondary on occasion by going deep.

Chargers 24 – Jags 23

New York Giants (1-0) at Indianapolis Colts (0-1) 8:20pm – The Colts are angry and embarrassed, and they will play like it. Problem is – little brother Eli and the Giants aren’t going to lay down for them.

Giants 24 – Colts 21

Monday  September 20, 2010

New Orleans Saints (1-0) at San Francisco 49’ers (0-1) – I wonder if the paint in the 49’ers lockerroom has been replaced, I’m sure Mike Singletary took it all off of the walls following last week’s loss to the Seahawks. They will come at the Saints with all they have, question is will it be enough?

Saints 30 – Niners 24

Last week’s record 2-0


44 Responses to “Ron Glover’s Week 2 NFL Predictions”

  1. Miranda says:

    This NFL Red Zone is just the bestest!

  2. Origin says:

    Umm Miranda or anyone out there can you tell me why VY was benched. I understand that he is having a horrible game. But dang it took Fisher 6 games to bench Collins. But he benches VY after 3 bad qtrs???

    Man that is BS………….dang black QBs have a short lease when it comes to the good ole boy NFL.

  3. Origin says:

    HAHA just as I speak Collins throws a INT.

    Man VY and Fisher are not going to be able to coexist. This might be one of those guys last year in Nashville.

  4. Origin says:

    And did Alex Smith get benched last week……heck last year???

  5. Origin says:

    Farve throws 3 INTs………..ain’t no doubt in my mind. V Jackson will be traded to the Vikings by Wednesday… can book it.

  6. eric daniels says:

    Bucs played well Josh Freeman is the truth but we will find out next week against the Steelers if they are real. Raheem has a plan but they still need a every down RB and I am pleasantly surprised by Mc Coy and Price. And what about Mike Vick 16-30 265 man what’s going to happen in Philly when Kolb comes back next week, and Charlie Batch better get ready to strap it up next week in Tampa.

  7. Ron Glover says:

    I flipped when I turned an saw Collins in the game and VY standing upright. Jeff Fisher needs to stop jerking this guy’s chain…seriously!

  8. Origin says:

    I know Ron its a complete joke……but this crap always happens to black QBs.

    Its just a freaking joke all around. And one of the biggest reasons I really don’t care for the NFL now.

    @ Eric……Josh Freeman is the total truth. But that dang Steelers Defense is no joke.

  9. Ron Glover says:

    I know it does, I don’t believe there has ever been a time where a Black QB has ever gotten a fair shake be it in the form of a supporting cast or the full confidence and support of the coaching staff.

  10. eric daniels says:

    @ Ron you are right about the Black QB not getting a fair shake in both areas watching the NFL Network and Bret (i don’t need no training camp) Favre is doing his press conference and the ‘white media’ is not getting on him about missing off-season workouts (hey Bret maybe you’re missing your WR’s in games because you came into camp in mid August) meanwhile they jump on Haynesworth for nor wanting to play a 3-4 defense but he came into camp on time and Redskin management playing games instead of releasing or trading him.

    Yeah Orgin, you are right about the Steelers D are back and next week’s game will see how far the Bucs are in their development as a team.

  11. Origin says:

    True Eric on Farve that dude is getting a super duper white pass. You just have to shake your head. But Farve doesn’t have to worry he will get every opportunity to get into rhythm with his WRs. If not they will just trade a 2nd round pick for V. Jackson on Wednesday.

    I mean thats how if is in the NFL………..if the white QB can’t get it done give him so many weapons that he will have no choice but to play well. And if you don’t know ask Carson Palmer. Palmer is on his 500th chance and 500th offensive weapon.

  12. Origin says:

    Oh and I can’t wait for the excuses to start Kolb next week.

    You got to love the NFL…..LOL!!!!

    I have to laugh so I won’t cry!!!!

  13. eric daniels says:

    They already are Orgin, Tom Waddle on NFL Network saying a QB can’t lose his job due to injury. Andy Reid is practically handing Kolb the job. What happens next week when Kolb plays and the offense can’t move the ball

  14. Miranda says:

    Origin, I was just texting my friends to explain to me why VY was benched when you had plenty of golden boys throwing MULTIPLE interceptions today.

    Oh……..and Kolb will start next week, and be knocked out in the 2nd quarter…..I’m sure the Eagles have paid up his Blue Cross Blue Shield policy for the rest of the season because he will be needing extensive rehab after next week.
    Mike Vick has led that offense to 52 points in 6 quarters….#7 thinks he’s back at VA Tech.

  15. Miranda says:

    Awww sooky sooky nah!

    McNabb has thrown for 239yds in one half….go Donnie! go Donnie!

  16. Origin says:

    @Eric – Tom Waddle must be smoking crack or has brain damage from all those concussions he got from playing WR for the bears. Why didn’t those same rules apply when VY got hurt 2 years ago?

    @ Miranda – yeah sista its a joke that these golden boys get break after break. So is Childress punk butt going to bench Farve after this 0-2 start. You know how they benched TJ two years ago to start the season??

    And yes its insane that Vick has lead the eagles to 52 points in 6 qrts. But check this out the spinning has already begun. Its Reid that has taught Vick to throw. Even though he never had talent like this in ATL. Even though his last year in ATL he had career highs in passing yards and touch downs. Throwing multiple TDs in games versus Pitt and Cincy. My how these fools forget.

    Anyway screw the stats and all the pretty fantasy football numbers. Vick and Mcnabb are winners they always have been. They can take crap teams that even the golden boys can’t do crap with and make them winners. Vick and Mcnabb barely got Burn in the Preseason and look like champs today.

    While kats like Palmer and Flacco have looked like crap the last 2 weeks.

  17. Jerold Wells Jr says:

    In all fairness Brett was hitting those very same recievers in stride last year without training camp. No Sidney Rice exposes Berrian as an overpaid bust and shows us that Harvin isnt Steve Smith…..yet.

    The INTs are gonna be there. When he was reporting to training camp he was throwing INTs. Our skill players look awful out there. Who’s making plays? Whos breaking tackles? Whos consistently getting open? Thats what you pay WRs for right? So why is Shiancoe the only guy that does it on a regular basis.

    We dont have a capable backup and I’m assuming thats why we dont pound AP 25-30 times a game. In case anyone is wondering.

    3 ints/ and a fumble (that gave them a TD) dont win games. Brett giveth and he damn sure taketh away.

    DESPITE THAT we had an opportunity to go up in the 4th and were stopped at the 1 yd line.

    4 must take responsibility but there plenty of blame to go around for how poor the passing game looks right now.

  18. Ron Glover says:

    Reason #1 why Kolb is the starter next week: The Eagles are on the road (Jacksonville) and the last thing Reid or Kolb wants to hear after consecutive three and outs is “We want Vick!” chants.

  19. Miranda says:

    Did somebody take Farve’s clothes and he had to put on the waterboy’s T-shirt for the press conference?

    The Cowboys dont look so superbowl-bound to me….is it just me?

    Vick was sacked 5 times today……I hope Kolb has his affairs in order.

  20. Origin says:

    Brotha Ron you are so right Kolb will start next week.

    Man Landry is hitting everyone on the field even his teamates…..LOL!!!

    And Miranda I will have to say a lil prayer for Kolb cause he might not make it against washington. He will be fine against the Jags, they can’t rush the passer for all the tea in china.

  21. Origin says:

    Did Campbell get benched too??? Dang what is this national bench a black QB day???

  22. Ron Glover says:

    That defensive line is going to catch hell from Maurice Jones-Drew.

  23. des says:

    Could xomeone pass me some hot sauce please? If I’m gonna eat crow, it should at least have some flavor.

  24. Miranda says:

    Come’on Skins!

  25. Miranda says:

    OK….lemme just say this….all this “we rebuilding” crap is some bullshit that at some point, some GM got away with saying it and ever since, teams that perpetually SUCK get to use it as an excuse. This is the National Football League…this is a multi-BILLION dollar industry…you dont play to “see what we got”…you PLAY TO WIN. So all these people that are regurgitating the talking point about the Eagles “rebuilding”, really need to get off the pipe. They are now taking the usual “we rebuilding” meme that the Chiefs, Lions and Rams get to use – and giving it to the Eagles all so they can justify Kevin Kolb starting. It would be funny if it weren’t so damn sad. All these people in the media parroting this “rebuilding” crap need to be slapped all about the head and neck for that foolishness.

  26. eric daniels says:

    Maybe it ain’t Jamarcus Russell totally fucking up, Al Davis needs to fix that OL. You could put Tom Brady behind that line and he would look as bad as Jason Campbell looked today. Give Campbell the same talent on New England and he puts up all- pro stats as Brady.

  27. Miranda says:

    Hmmm…..I guess I will make it my business to watch First Take tomorrow, just so I can see Skip’s beet red face when they discuss the Cowboys, Vikings and Eagles.


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  29. temple3 says:

    A few thoughts:

    — Kolb is starting next week because he has to play at least once before the Referendum Game vs. Washington in Week 4. If that’s Kolb’s first game, he’ll get killed and Reid will look like an ASS. Kolb may get killed anyway, but at least he’ll have a week to prepare…otherwise, Reid faces the likely prospect of Vick scoring 30 again and then watching Vick face McNabb in Washington with Kolb on the bench. In that scenario, Eagles management look like asses.

    — ESPN is dead. I haven’t watched ESPN for anything other than an actual game is ages. With the NFL Network available on TV and cell phone, ESPN is just a memory. It’s refreshing. I’d much rather hear Marshall Faulk, Irvin, Sapp and Deion break down the league than those other folks. ESPN’s attempts to undermine the game by “spinning” negativity into every scenario is tired.

    — The Vikings are going to get what they deserve. They always do. They not running AP to preserve his health…they’re not running AP for the same reason that Dallas isn’t running the ball. Darrell Bevel and Jason Garrett are AUDITIONING for head coaching jobs!!!! They are seeking to show, decisively, just how brilliant and deserving they are of a head coaching job by PASSING the ball. Bevel and Garrett want you to know they’re the smartest guys in the room.

    — Jeff Fisher is no longer deserving of the head coaching job in Tennessee. He has clearly taken leave of his senses. Kerry Collins actually came off the bench to beat the Steelers a few years ago — so I get where he was going, but the long-term impact THIS TIME is going to be decisive. Yesterday had to be the last straw. Personally, I would always WANT to be professional, but…..

    A part of me would be sufficiently pissed off to say, “Why don’t you and Kerry figure this shit out! I’m gonna go watch that video of him getting his ass whipped in New England 59-0 and your bitch ass press conference after the game. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks. Call me when the Colts get to town and you’ve taken off the Peyton Manning jersey.”

    — The Ravens and Patriots are overrated. Baltimore can’t stand a good stiff punch to the mouth and they were lucky that the Jets hadn’t told Brian Schottenheimer to stop calling plays like his dad. The Patriots are gonna find out real soon that all those young cats on D are about to catch one. The next time they see the Jets, they’ll have Santonio Holmes, too.

    — Raheem Morris deserves a lot of credit. He fired his offensive coordinator before the start of last season. He’s 2-0 and has his squad ready to rock and roll. I think they get rolled like a drunk next week, but they look good — and they last time they played the Packers and Saints, the Bucs won!

  30. temple3 says:

    Nice Plcks — 11-4 so far this week. Let’s go to Vegas!!!

  31. GrandNubian says:

    I wonder if Revis still considers Moss a ‘slouch’ after getting beat for a one-handed TD catch? 🙂

  32. Temple3 says:


    I’m sure he does.

    The Patriots ran to the line, snapped the ball in a hurry and beat the Jets. No shame in that, but Moss isn’t going to beat Revis on a regular.

  33. eric daniels says:


    Reid and management made a major mistake “giving” Kolb the QB job without competing with Vick to see if he’s worthy of being the No.1 guy on a fragile team. They should have never traded DMac in the first place but Eagle fan with their racism can’t see the forrest from the trees and think Kolb is the next Tom Brady. Well when Kolb had to face a defense that was ready and prepared the Packers exposed him as a guy with limited mobility and with the OL damaged like it is Kolb had better put on his running shoes.

    I can’t believe the Jets beat the Pats Orgin, even more that Sanchez looked like a QB in doing so.

  34. Origin says:

    Brotha Temple I agree on everything you said.

    On Fisher he is a punk ass bitch………I don’t know if he still is pissed because old bud adams went over his head and drafted VY instead of Leinart or what. The dude has some serious issues…..VY has saved this fools career twice. The least he could do is leave the kid in. Wasn’t like he was playing the Browns. The Steelers have the best defense in the league.

    Temple and Eric the reason Kolb is the starter is totally economics. He is cheaper then Mcnabb and Vick and they have invested a 1st round pick for him and paid him 12 mill. I say 1st round pick because the fools traded a 1st round pick to dallas so that they could select kolb in the 2nd round.

    Temple yes they need that jags game to tune up for Washington. But I believe that Reid is starting Kolb for 2 reasons. 1) the reason you pointed out 2) To stop Vick from putting on another show and cauing even more QB controversy. But this tune up will not matter the Washington pass rush will be too much for the Eagles….kolb will get killed behind that line. Yes teams like the cowboys and texans lit then up. But those teams are 2 dimensional. They can run and pass. The Eagles cannot……yes they are doing it now. But that is because number #7 is creating running lanes for the RBs. This won’t happen when Kolb comes in at QB. And the washington is figuring out how to use the 3-4. They seem to getting more and more pressure on the QB each game.

  35. Origin says:

    @ Eric I am not surprised that the Jets beat the Pats. Even though I only watch the eagles (when Vick is playing), Washington, Tennesse, Raiders (yuck) and Tampa Bay (basically all the teams with Black QBs). I still know enough about the NFL that I knew the Jets would stomp the Pats. After getting beat up on Monday vs the Ravens I knew they would come out swinging against the Pats.

    Sanchez is trash but I knew the coaching staff would do a better job with putting him in a position to succeed. However the young Pats defense is trash compared to the Ravens.

    I think the Cowboys will do the same on Sunday vs the Texans……they have no other choice. Wade has no other choice….LOL!!! Unless Jason Garret is going to try and sabotage the whole thing as Temple has said….LOL!!!

    Last expect Andy to call a more balanced game to protect Kolb next week. You should see a lot of screens and running plays. They can’t afford for kolb to get knocked out and Vick come in again. Thats a PR nightmare…………lurie does not want that. So Andy will get the message loud and clear from upper management.

    While on the subject of Vick. Where do you guys think he will end up next year. I pray its anywhere but Oakland, Buffalo or Cleveland.

  36. Origin says:

    Oh and can I state again that Mcnabb is one of the greatest QBs to play the game. This dude threw for 400 yards with a 39 year old WR, lil santana moss, an ex-AFL WR and a dude playing WR who hasn’t been in the league in 2 years. And the dude has no running threat.

  37. Miranda says:

    LOL…why y’all trippin….y’all know Kolb will be injured Sunday…maybe for real…maybe for not…but he won’t finish the game. He will not suit up for the Redskins game the following week. I’ve seen this movie before. I, and everybody else with sense in Atlanta, knew that Matt Ryan would be “injured” the game before the Eagles last year. We knew it…and low and behold, he gots the “turf toe” the game before, and was not dressed when the Eagles came in and stomped Atlanta while hoisting Vick up on their shoulders. No way would management subject Matt to that – and likewise, Kolb won’t be playing against the Skins in two weeks. He’ll get blurred vision right before the half this Sunday.

  38. Miranda says:

    Origin…I saw the rushing stats for Clinton Portis and maybe I’m just bad at math but….was he running in place? At one point he had 9 rushes for 10 yards. Seriously was he running in place?

  39. Origin says:

    @ Miranda – LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are killing me…………..nope but it did look like he was on a treadmill.

    On Mcnabb and Kolb…………IMO Vick was much mored loved in ATL then Mcnabb was ever loved in Philly. And the fact that the owner knew the fans would start to cheer on Vick like there was no tomorrow. And they actually did cheer him even though those bustas in the stadium tried to play music whenever we said Vick’s name. Then Mcnabb plays for a rival…………..sista its gonna be like the Vikings vs the Packers last year.

  40. eric daniels says:

    Origin I say San Francisco, Arizona and Minnesota are the teams because Vick will be a free agent next year and can decide his own fate so I can see why he is supporting Kolb, all three teams have the skill players to be productive all they need is a QB to be Super Bowl bound. He knows he can command top dollar because he is back in shape and those teams know it. So I take it Dungy and his advisors are telling Vick to play it cool don’t criticize management AND support Kolb.

    I say Minnesota because of AP and that defense but don’t rule out the 49ers because of their youth and potential for a dynasty.

  41. Miranda says:

    I serious Origin! The only way to explain it is Portis was standing in place and running! ROFLMAO (the visual is funny as hell)

    You so right about Vick and Atlanta…Arthur Blank new what time it was….but if Kolb goes out there and gets knocked around by the Skins, its gonna sound like the darn Georgia Dome again.

  42. Origin says:

    Sista Miranda you got more fate then me when it comes to the racist Philly fans. I swear these jokers would let Kolb go 2-12 before they would ever want Mcnabb or Vick in at QB.

    I just have no faith in those haters…………those bastards still hate on Mcnabb and he plays in another city.

    And Arthur Blank knew he couldn’t mess with Vick……….man them black folks in ATL would torn that Georgia Dome down….LOL!!!!

    Also Miranda you are killing me with Portis running…………you got me thinking the brotha was doing the running man or the MC Hammer Type writer dance when he got the hand off….LOL!!!!!

    Eric I hope he does get to go to one of those teams. But I swear the league would block Vick going to the Vikings. Its no way they would want Vick to have a team that talented. You might as well size him up with a superbowl ring. And you know the league does not want the most hated athlete……..check that black man in america winning a superbowl ring at QB. However I can see him getting on in SF. But the way the coaching staff and owners have given Alex Smith chance after chance. This bum has never been benched either……I could see this sucker still starting in SF next year.

    Dang Kyle Boller and Alex Smith are 2 golden boys who got like 500 chances to prove themselves. Oh look just as I speak Alex Smith throws a pick. Now lets see if Singletary benches that busta if the lead gets too big.

  43. Origin says:

    One more thing can folks in the media stop acting like Vick has never passed the ball in the pocket before. Did folks forget the games he had his last season as a starter in ATL. The dude was setting career high in passes. He made it a point to stay in the pocket and complete passes. The Falcons implemented an offense that had more shot gun formations and roll out passes.

    All the stuff he was doing yesterday he was doing the last year in ATL. The difference is that his WRs aren’t a bunch of bustas like the ones he had in ATL. His head coach actually knows how to call plays (even though he is pass happy) unlike that idiot Knapp.