NFL Questions And (Maybe Some) Answers For Week 2


Josh Freeman

Yesterday was a pretty eventful day in the NFL, Mark Sanchez grew up in front of our eyes as the Jets put it on Brady and the Pats. Josh Freeman continues his steady progression. Michael Vick made his first start in almost four years and looked good enough to make Andy Reid’s nights a little less comfortable Meanwhile in Chocolate City Donovan McNabb had a banner day but ended up on the short end of a 30-27 shootout with Matt Schaub and the Houston Texans. Despite these goings on, I still have some questions and maybe some answers going into Week 3.

1. How many games does Wade Phillips have to right the ship in Dallas?  Not many. The Cowboys go into Houston next week to play the Texans and if the Boys put up a poor effort, Phillips could be gone going into the upcoming bye week. Following games at home against the Titans and on the road in Minnesota. If the Cowboys are 1-4 in mid-October, Phillips won’t be coaching this team.

2. Will Jeff Fisher ever trust Vince Young? Maybe I should be asking can Vince Young trust Jeff Fisher? For the better part of Young’s career he’s been on this invisible leash. I say invisible because he never knows when the Fisher’s going to pull on it. Young was pulled at the end of the third quarter of yesterday’s 19-11 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Young was replaced by Kerry Collins after throwing two interceptions and losing a fumble (7 Titans turnovers). Young talked about his struggles with the Steelers complex defense earlier in the week and it showed as things unraveled quickly for VY and the Titans. Less encouraging was Fisher’s excuse for pulling Young, “We needed to throw it to catch up and win,” Fisher said. “Kerry has had a lot more experience with this defense. In time, Vince will be able to do those things. It was kind of a one-time thing; it’s an issue we’ve put behind us.”  Collins only became effective after the Steelers went into a prevent defense. How can Young believe anything Fisher says?  He was pulled on opening day two seasons ago and it took and 0-6 start last season in order for Young to get his job back. Before yesterday the Titans were 9-2 since Young returned as the starter.


3. Who gets traded first, if at all – Vincent Jackson, Albert Haynesworth or Brandon Jacobs?  Things seem to quieting down on the Vincent Jackson trade talks, if Jackson isn’t traded by the NFL mandated deadline on Wednesday it would be hard to imagine Jackson playing at all this season. Compensations as well as a new deal seem to be roadblocks for the Rams and Vikings who are frontrunners for Jackson. No one has really stepped up to offer much if anything for Haynesworth, it’s clear that it’s 4-3 defense or bust for Haynesworth, who may just spend the season in Mike Shanahan’s dog house. Brandon Jacobs is frustrated and hurt for losing his starting job to backup Ahmad Bradshaw in the preseason. The Giants would need to be blown away in a deal for Jacobs who have no depth in the backfield.

4. The Bears, Bucs, Chiefs, and Texans are a suprising  2-0. Who makes the playoffs?  Other than the Bucs each team has beaten a playoff team. Of these four the Chiefs stand the best chance of winning their division, the Texans could win the AFC South but barring a major injury the Colts are going to be there at the end for the division but I think the Texans make it to the postseason. The Bucs have a manageable schedule and could make a run to the postseason 9-7 isn’t out of the question at the same time this is one of the younger teams in the NFL so expect some growing pains. The Bears are neck and neck with the Packers and two up on the Vikings looking at their schedule they can finish with either 10 wins or 10 losses, give me a few weeks before I have a clear read on the Bears.

5. Andy Reid does realize that the Eagles have scored 52 points with Michael Vick under center this season? Michael Vick has proven over the last game and a half that he isn’t some trick pony for the Wildcat offense. The Eagles offense has been explosive and the addition of Vick just adds another headache for opposing defenses. The NFC East is wide open and I hope Reid doesn’t blow a shot at winning this division in exchange for justifying the $12 million the Eagles are paying Kevin Kolb. Vick is playing well and winning. Why should fans suffer through Kolb’s growing pains when option #2 is getting it done.  Deep down I think Reid is hellbent on making Kevin Kolb work in Philadelphia, everything else be damned – even the two Pro Bowl quarterbacks he’s put on the back burner for him.

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  1. temple3 says:

    1. On Wade Phillips: I would think Dallas had lost their minds if Phillips is fired before Jason Garrett is fired. Phillips is a defensive coach and his team was #2 in points allowed last year. They held it down against Washington in Week 1. The problems in Dallas are now, and have been for some time, on the offensive side of the ball. For at least five years, the Cowboys have not run the rock enough to win big games. If Dallas is 1-4, Phillips may be traded, but Jerry Jones would be getting rid of the wrong guy — again.

    2. I like your second question. Vince can’t trust Fisher. You can’t beat the Steelers by watching the Steelers. Joe Flacco has had some of the worst games in history vs. Pittsburgh, but he hasn’t been benched. Harbaugh doesn’t have a veteran with Super Bowl experience on his bench either, but, even if he did, I suspect the Ravens would go down with the ship. Fisher needs to think about working somewhere else.

    3. Good question. I’m wondering if any of these guys make anyone a Super Bowl contender. The Chargers asking price on Vincent Jackson is inconsistent with their stance on his demands. They want the world from other teams, but are arguing out of the side of their mouth that he isn’t “really” all that valuable. That’s probably why they’ve never won a Super Bowl and aren’t likely to win one this year.

    4. I wouldn’t be surprised if all 4 of these teams made the playoffs. The Bucs tend to get short shrift in these conversations, but they’re the only team on this list or any other list that had wins over the Saints AND Packers last year.

    5. The Eagles are in Damage Control Mode. The decision on Kolb is all about the Week 4 contest vs. the Redskins. Kolb HAS TO PLAY in that game — otherwise there was very little “attained value” in making that deal. He needs a tune up and he’s gonna get it.

  2. temple3 says:

    Thank you. That’s a nice piece on Tuesday morning. Great work! Keep TSF rollin’!!

  3. Ron Glover says:

    I gonna do my best talked to Mizzo this morning, told him that I had to tip my hat to him for all the work he did to keep this rollin. He had to be workin around the clock.

    I did this piece between 2-3:30 this morning.

  4. Ron Glover says:

    I’m gonna do my best.

  5. Origin says:

    Vick named the starting QB………..LOL!!! I love it those hating fans in philly are about to die.

  6. Miranda says:

    Origin….they so mad at espn! LMAO!!

  7. Origin says:

    I know sista Miranda. So I have got to know your theory on this whole mike Vick thing. I know you are like me you have some fishy feelings about this.

    Just like you and I were on the same page when Vick got out of jail. How he had all these folks helping him out for nothing. Plus how he was working a construction job but no one had film of him actually working.

    I swear some conspiracy writer needs to write a book on the whole Mcnabb and Vick sage in Philly. I swear because all of this stuff is fishy………..from Mcnabb going to washington to Vick starting. If there ever was a con-spiracy this certainly is one here……LOL!!!!

  8. Origin says:

    I still hope Vick leaves philly and goes to SF next season. I don’t want Mcnabb and Vick in the same division. I don’t want those brothas beating up on each other during the season. And eliminating one or the other from the playoffs.

    I want them in different divisions so they will meet in the conf. championship games.

    Ahhhh what a great week the most hated athlete in america is now the starting QB of the philly eagles. America eat your heart out and F your Q-score.


  9. Miranda says:

    Origin….i have many theories. LOL, one being MV has diligently kept his mouth shut about other players involved in dogfighting and for this, the league found him a nice safe home in Philly with a mayor and governor firmly in his corner, the opportunity to flourish and all those in the media with salty scrunched up faces can just kick rocks.

    I have other theories, but my evening has been greatly interrupted by the news of one Bishop Eddie Long of the great New Birth Missionary Baptist Church getting caught up in the sex scandal lawsuit to end all sex scandal lawsuits – this city is about to be OFF DA CHAINS FOR REAL….its bout to get SOOOOOO ugly in the A!

  10. Miranda says:

    Already that lil weasly Jon Clayton and Matt Mosley whining on espn about Vick………..LMAO!!!!

  11. Origin says:

    Sista I have always thought that theory. Vick could have sung and said nothing. I also believe that a few of the owners have or had dog fighting connections themselves. We have a few owners with shady connections as it is…………..but that gets swept under the rug anyway.

    What Eddie Long got caught up in some mess. Sista I got to check this out.

  12. Miranda says:

    origin…Atlanta is about to be on FIYAH….Bishop Eddie “too tight wearing shirt” Long has been accused of some seriously skanky shit. Just go to and check it out all over the front page.

    Long messed up our buzz around here! We were celebrating Mike Vick’s rightful place as a starting QB in the NFL and now we go to hear bout some scandalous sick shit with a preacher man in Hotlanta!

  13. Miranda says:

    I’m beginning to think these so called reporters are stupid as hell. How could anyone look at the terms of Mike Vick’s contract and NOT think he had a very good chance of starting for the Eagles this season? His damn contract has incentives worth almost $3 mil based on him taking 50% or more of the snaps in at least 9 games this season. These reporters knew that last year when he signed! What…they thought that was written in there for fun?

  14. GrandNubian says:

    Wow…..the news of Eddie Long (aka “Black Jesus” to some black folk here in the ATL) caught me off guard. It’s about to go down here in tha durty. (lol)

  15. GrandNubian says:

    ….Or, should I refer to him as “Dick Tracy”……lol. 🙂