Ron Glover’s Week 3 NFL Power Rankings

I held off until after the second week of games to compile the power rankings. I considered waiting longer and rolling them out like the BCS Standings. As always I welcome your feedback.

Let’s get started.

1. New Orleans Saints (2-0) – The silver lining in the injury to Reggie Bush (approx. 6 weeks) is that the Saints play four home games with the only threat being the Steelers on October 31.

2. Green Bay Packers (2-0) – Could the Packers make a move for the Giants Brandon Jacobs by the trading deadline? Stay tuned.

3.  Pittsburgh Steelers (2-0) – Mike Tomlin is in my opinion the best coach in the game right now. Whatever he said last week to put that defense into a frenzy needs to be bottled.

4. Miami Dolphins (2-0) – The Dolphins offense hasn’t really started to roll yet. Expect their battle with the Jets to be typical of their rivalry.

5. Houston Texans (2-0) – The “Best team in Texas” showed what they were made off last week against the Redskins. Andre Johnson has seen every coverage known to man and still racks up catches and yards. Matt Schaub is on the fast track to a 5,000 yard season.

6. Indianpolis Colts (1-1) – The Colts took their frustrations out on the Giants as they should have. Joseph Addai is the grinder in an otherwise finesse offense. The Broncos are next.

7. Baltimore Ravens (1-1) – Joe Flacco played ugly in a butt-ugly game. The Ravens normally win games like this – expect the defense to pitch a near shutout Sunday against the Browns.

8. New York Jets (1-1) – Sunday’s performance was what we’ve been waiting to see from Mark Sanchez. Monday night in Miami will be a great test for this defense. Falling two games behind the Dolphins could be a problem.

9. Chicago Bears (2-0) – Jay Cutler looks like he may be ready to break out, put that together with a defense that is gaining confidence by the week, and you have a Bears team that is going to be scary in the long run.

10. New England Patriots (1-1) – Want an elixir for last weeks embarrassing loss to the Jets? The Buffalo Bills at home.

11. Cincinnati Bengals (1-1) – The Bengals beat the Ravens at their own game, they may win a few more like this. Expect the offense to put up some big numbers against the Panthers Sunday.

12. San Diego Chargers (1-1) – The Bolts whipped on the Jags to keep pace in the division. If Ryan Matthews is out against the Seahawks this week, things could get hairy.

13. Atlanta Falcons (1-1) – The Falcons bounced back in a big way on Sunday, they get their first shot at the champs on Sunday.

14. Kansas City Chiefs (2-0) – The Chiefs welcome a frustrated San Francisco team desperate for a win. A Chiefs win on Sunday will definitely open up some eyes.

15. Philadelphia Eagles (1-1) – I almost forgot the Eagles had a game this week.  This game against the Jags is a classic trap game with Donovan McNabb and the Redskins on the horizon.

16. Washington Redskins (1-1) – The Redskins face a nice warmup before D-Mac’s return to Philadelphia.

17.Tennessee Titans (1-1)  – I don’t understand Jeff Fisher’s logic in benching Vince Young who can’t help but be looking over his shoulder the remainder of the season.

18. Tampa Bay Bucs (2-0) –  No one is talking about Josh Freeman or even the Bucs for that matter. If they give the Steelers a scare on Sunday it will do wonders for their confidence.

19. New York Giants (1-1) – The Brandon Jacobs situation isn’t going away until he’s traded – problem is, there’s no backup to Ahmad Bradshaw.

20. Dallas Cowboys (0-2) – The moving boxes are sitting inside Jerry Jones’ office. A loss on Sunday and they could be outside Wade Phillips’ door.

21. Minnesota Vikings (0-2) – I hope the Vikings don’t think that the Lions are going to come in and lay down for them on Sunday. No guarantees here.  Adrian Peterson needs the offense to go through him.

22. Denver Broncos (1-1) – Kyle Orton is playing like a man who wants to keep his job – it’s the running game that has the offense hamstrung.

23. Arizona Cardinals (1-1) – The Cardinals are going to get it together, they caught the Falcons at a bad time.

24. San Francisco 49’ers (0-2) – Mike Singletary gained confidence in Alex Smith and the rest of the team on Monday. Question here is can they get a win against a hot team on a short week?

25. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1) – The Jags are giving up huge chunks of yardage, that could continue with the Eagles coming in this week.

26. Seattle Seahawks (1-1) – Last week’s Seahawks team is the one you can expect to see for most of this season.

27. Oakland Raiders (1-1) – So much for the Jim Plunkett comparisons  – the only starting QB to get a quicker hook was Kevin Kolb

28. Detroit Lions (0-2) – Was impressed with the Lions last week Jahvid Best started strong but faded in the second half, that needs to be balanced out.

29. St. Louis Rams (0-2) – Steven Jackson must really love the St. Louis area.

30. Carolina Panthers (0-2) – The Jimmy Clausen era is underway in Carolina, the Bengals defense will welcome him with open arms. 

31. Cleveland Browns (0-2) – Seneca Wallace will more than likely start again on Sunday.

32. Buffalo Bills (0-2) – Can they leave for Toronto now!

12 Responses to “Ron Glover’s Week 3 NFL Power Rankings”

  1. sankofa says:

    “Buffalo Bills (0-2) – Can they leave for Toronto now!”

    lol! Damn man, we can’t even get the local team righted before bringing more mess up here.

    I like your calls, let’s see if it pays off for me!

  2. GrandNubian says:

    I think Detroit is better than #28 (Am I really saying this? :-))

    The rest of your list look solid. I just hope that the Steelers continue to fly under the radar. 🙂

  3. Ron Glover says:

    @Sankofa, we’ll prep them for another year then they’re all yours.

    @GN, I really like these Lions, Minny is in for a fight.

  4. Miranda says:

    *pointing and laughing at Vikes fans*……you woke the beast, now deal with him.

    *pointing and laughing at Cowboys fans*…..I especially love how well noted it is that “on paper” the Cowboys are by far the most talented team possibly in the league…I love that…”on paper”. Hell, on paper I’m Queen of the freaking Nile..why? Because I wrote down that I was…but in this here thing we call REALITY..well, not so much.

  5. eric daniels says:

    The Bucs at 18 c’mon they underestimate that young defense Mc Coy and Price have upgraded Tampa Bay’s run defense and have improved the pass rush and Josh Freeman is developing into a franchise QB right before our eyes. The Steelers are in for a tough game Sunday.

  6. Temple3 says:

    I’m looking at the teams that you have ranked 19, 20, 21 and 24 and thinking — WOW!! They deserve to be there, if not lower, but I would not have thought these teams could get undressed this quickly. It makes me wonder about ESPN’s “Elite QB Theory.” Do they exist? Do you need one? If they do exist and you have to have one, are Eli Manning, Tony Romo, and Brett Favre elite qb’s? If not, what are they? (Don’t answer that last one!!)

  7. HarveyDent says:

    No problem with the rankings but I’m excited about what the Lions, the Bucs, and the 49ers can do this year. I like Suh and Best combined with the foundation Schwartz is laying down there. Josh Freeman has been a nice surprise since his rookie year to me and quiet as kept I always thought Alex Smith can be something in the right system.

    Maybe wrong but I think these three teams will win some games they aren’t supposed to this season and will be formidable in the next few seasons if things break their way.

  8. Origin says:

    Good points Temple. It seems to me that the elite QB stuff is just a made up joke.

    Looking at Farve, Romo and Eli……….you need an Elite running game (Eli and Romo) and Elite WRs (Farve). More then you need an Elite QB.

    That dang Flacco has Elite Running game and WRs….to go along with that Elite defense and they are carrying Flacco sorry butt.


  9. Origin says:

    Harvey I will go to my grave saying that Nate Davis should have started over Alex Smith and David Carr. And these fools had a chance to get Vick.

    Man what are these GMs thinking.

  10. HarveyDent says:

    GM’s think about more than just winning games they think about how to win games that will appeal to casual fans. I read an article by NFL writer Mike Lombardi last year where he said Bill Walsh once told him that only about nine or ten teams to play to win the title every year. I thought that was bunk until I sat back and watched what many of these teams do. I saw Mark Sanchez and Joe Flacco get the talent needed to help them win games while McNabb had to go to the press to get any kind of weapons in Philly. I see AJ Smith cut off his nose and Vincent Jackson’s money to prove a point. And I saw, the 49ers in liberal San Fran state unequivocally they weren’t in the Vick sweepstakes because they didn’t want to take the PR hit of starting a convicted dog fighter for their team. In the words of Vince Lombardi, “What the hell is going on here?”

  11. HarveyDent says:

    I go and big up those three teams and they promptly go out and get skunked.

    Remind me to keep my mouth shut when it comes to prognostication.

  12. Origin says:

    Harvey will the 49ers please let Nate Davis play……………pretty please.