Ron Glover’s Week 3 Recap

Adrian Peterson broke out today as the Vikings won for the first time this season over the upstart Lions 24-10. In Houston, the Texans could not move to 3-0 as the Dallas Cowboys go into the bye week on a high note after their 27-13 victory. And once again Michael Vick continues his transformation in Philadelphia as the Eagles handled the Jaguars 28-3. In a week that will focus on Donovan McNabb’s return to Philadelphia.

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Titans 29 – Giants 10 – The Giants showed a lack of discipline on both sides of the ball. As for Vince Young – he relied heavily on his ground game (C. Johnson 32 carries, 125 yards) to pull him through. 

Bengals 20 – Panthers 7 – Cedric Benson was the go-to-guy today scoring twice (run, reception) Carson Palmer needs to get it going.

Steelers 38 – Buccaneers 13 – No shame here for the Bucs who are going to have days like this.

Patriots 38 – Bills 30 – The Bills didn’t go up to Foxboro to lie down, they fought the Pats and discovered that they can move the ball in Chan Gailey’s system.

Ravens 24 – Browns 17 – Ok so much for the shutout. More shocking is the Ravens giving up 173 yards on the ground? Anquan Boldin scores three touchdowns and Joe Flacco didn’t turn the ball over.

Chiefs 31 – Niners 10 – Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones combined for 195 rushing yards (told ya). Imagine if this team hadn’t traded Tony Gonzalez? Mike Singletatary has to be ready to explode.

Cowboys 27 – Texans 13 – The Cowboys defense got their first three takeaways of the season and DeMarcus Ware got to Matt Schaub three times. Roy Williams scored twice for the Cowboys as they head into the bye week on a winning note. Tony Romo was 23-30 for 284 yards and two TDs.

Vikings 24 – Lions 10 – Adrian Peterson gained half of his days total on an 80-yard scamper. The defense shut down Jahvid Best and the Lions offense. Favre, who continues to struggle threw two more interceptions.

Falcons 27 – Saints 24 OT – The Falcons went punch for punch with the champs Michael Turner and Tony Gonzalez helped pace the Dirtys who are looking to wrestle the division from Brees and the Saints.

Rams 30 – Redskins 16 – Is it possible that the Redskins had Philly on their minds?

Eagles 28 – Jags 3 – The Michael Vick Experience: The Sequel continues.

Colts 27 – Broncos 13 – No matter who goes down at wideout for the Colts Peyton Manning always finds someone willing to step up – today it was Austin Collie. Kyle Orton threw for 476 yards but only one touchdown.

Cardinals 24 – Raiders 23 –  When Sebastian Janikowski starts missing potential game-winning chip shots, you know it’s bad.

Seahawks 27 – Chargers 20 – These guys (Chargers) are in trouble.

34 Responses to “Ron Glover’s Week 3 Recap”

  1. Origin says:

    RG – I don’t think washington over looked the Rams. They are just down right awful when its comes to the interior of their offensive line and their defensive line.

    They can’t run the ball because their center and guards get blown up every play. And they can’t stop the run because they have a weak NT that gets thrown to the side in their 3-4 defense. The defense is actually worse then it was last year. If they kept the defense the way it was from last year in a 4-3 they would probably be 3-0. Plus guys like Haynesworth and Carter are useless in the 3-4.

    Also the 3 teams that they faced this year are physical running teams. Where as the eagles really can’t run the ball but out of the spread formation with Vick in shotgun. There offensive line isn’t physical and their running backs aren’t bruisers. So Washington may have a chance to finally stop the run. Haslett butt could go back to the 4-3 that could actually work.

    Plus Washington running game might actually get going since the eagles are undersized on the defensive line. This might be one game that washington’s center doesn’t get blown up at the line of scrimmage. Maybe the line actually gets some push up front when running the ball.

  2. Origin says:

    Oh and if they washington doesn’t make the playoffs this year don’t be surprised that Mcnabb goes to SF or Minnesota.

    Oh and Alex Smith and Carson Palmer are trash.

  3. Miranda says:

    Did Carson Palmer just neva recover from that bad knee injury or has he always sucked like this? Was Chad just making him look good? Damn he was awful.

    I’ve always thought Eli was a 5 on a scale from 1 to 10 and that opinion has never changed, until today….and it dropped to a 3.

  4. Origin says:

    Another thing about washinton is that their Center and guards can’t pass block and only clinton portis is the only RB that can pass block on the team.

    Every team that washington has played this years just blitzes up the middle………during run and pass plays. On the INT that Mcnabb threw today it was because the Rams sent 2 LB on a blitz and the center missed the blitz pickup. Giving the LB a free shot at Mcnabb………this type of stuff has been going on all season.

  5. Origin says:

    Miranda I have always thought that Carson was crap. Dude has always been an overrated golden boy.

    And Eli does some of the dumbest plays that become INTs that I have ever seen. I mean the stuff is dumber then Brett Farve’s INTs.

    Sometimes I watch Eli play and say to myself……… that boy on crack????…..cause damn that was dumb.

  6. Miranda says:

    last week it was “just Detroit” when it came to Vick and the Eagles. Will it be “just Detroit” for Favre and the Vikes? I cant wait to hear the spin.

  7. Ron Glover says:

    Can’t be the way Fav-re stunk it up today.

  8. Ron Glover says:

    But there will be a spin no doubt.

  9. Temple3 says:

    Ron G.

    Great stuff…and on time, too. Monday Morning Joy!!

  10. Temple3 says:

    The 2010 Chargers remind me of the 2009 Steelers. They can throw the ball all over the place, but they’re desperately looking for some consistency on the ground. Mendenhall was inconsistent and plagued with fumbles early. Same with Ryan Matthews through 2 weeks. The special teams were awful. The Steelers lost to Cleveland and Kansas City because of special teams. Chargers gave up 2 tds to Leon Washington yesterday. Rivers isn’t going to be able to pass them out of this — especially without Vincent Jackson on the field. When the game hung in the balance yesterday, Rivers kept looking for Patrick Crayton. He didn’t give Floyd, Naanee, or Gates a chance to make a play against that coverage — and Crayton did what he always does — come up short. SD is in a weak division and they can get hot like they’ve done for the past few years, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see them in a dogfight for the division with KC at 10-6 or 9-7.

  11. kos says:

    Origin –

    Nice analysis of the Washington O and D lines. I only watched their first game. Just from that game, I could tell that they didn’t have the personnel to play the 3-4. It would have been better off for Shanahan to swallow his pride and play the 4-3, until he could get the players needed to play the 3-4 effectively.

    Miranda –

    Carson Palmer has been over-rated for a while. His weakness has always been pressure. He falls apart. That knee injury that he suffered a couple of years ago made him even more nervous when pressure gets near him. It’s almost as if he’s regressed. Of course, it also could have something to do with the fact that he used to have Chad Johnson, TJ Houshmandzadeh, and Chris Henry to make him look better.

    Eli Manning’s always been over-rated. An example of how someone’s family name gets them a foot in the door, and they can continue to be mediocre and folks will accept it. I’ve always told folks that David Tyree should get a percentage of that big extension that he signed. 15.3 million/yr for Eli Manning??!! Tyree made the legend of Eli Manning with that helmet catch in the Super Bowl.

  12. temple3 says:


    I agree. Casey Rabach is just not a good center. I may be missing something, but I’ve always thought of him as the weak link in the chain. I don’t like him one bit — as a run blocker or pass blocker. The right guard is new and I believe Dockery used to be a right guard. Also, the starting left tackle missed the game. Look how bad Matt Schaub looked without his left tackle. It’s hard to rock and roll without your LT.

    I think the Redskins are actually going to either go one of two ways. Up or down. No middle ground here. There are so many changes there: personnel — systems — leadership. It’s all new. I didn’t expect them to be sharp early. I think the one change that may come back to haunt them is switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4. The defense was not the problem in DC. It was the offense — specifically the line, the health of the RBs and the ability of the WRs.

    Haslett isn’t such a great DC that he should be above modifying his “system” to suit personnel. The entire team has a steep learning curve. If they lose to Philly, Shanahan won’t panic, but that doesn’t mean the media won’t induce nervousness everywhere he looks. Guys just have to stick with the program and keep it simple.

  13. Jerold Wells Jr says:

    QBs are only as good as who they’re throwing to. There are a select few that electrify without having guys to make plays after they catch the rock. In my time they are (in no particular order)

    Peyton Manning, Brady, McNabb, and MICHAEL VICK.

    re: Palmer. I gave him the shine before his time. He looks the part. Says the right things. USC pedigree. Has put up numbers before. Just cant put it together. Win – Loss isnt there. The year the Steelers do boy wrecked his knee I thought they had something special. But that’s it. In a decade, one year of above average ball. 1 good season every ten year average is so…… LAME.

    re: Eli. I’ve learned to boil my metrics down to a few precious stats. Do they win. Do they win consistenly. Do they win in the playoffs. The man has a SB ring. Thats something that his supporters will say. Did Plaxico, Boss, Barber and Tyree deliver it? Did a Defensive Line that was in pure BEAST MODE sign and seal it? Perhaps. Bottom line is he didn’t baby sit that game. He made throws. He led that team to the promised land. I’ll be the first to say Im not an Eli dude. Pales in comparison to Ben and my guy from that draft class is Rivers. Yet, the name has only gotten him so far. His game got him that SB ring.

  14. temple3 says:


    When has Peyton Manning played a single down of NFL football without an elite receiver? (Just axin’!)

    BTW – I’d add Daunte Culpepper to that group. His injuries took a lot out of him and seem to have effectively ended his career, but when he was healthy, he could do it all…and during his best year, Randy Moss missed half the season.

    There is nothing like watching Eli every week to make you feel ambiguous about his talent. He makes spectacular plays with his arms and legs, then he does things that defy explanation. It can be frustrating and exhilarating. You never know which Eli is going to show up. This is his second year with a very strong receiving corps that is younger than he is. The hard part of him proving himself before ’07 was that Burress, Shockey and even Barber were rightfully credited with the success of the team. Now, with Nicks, Smith and Manningham, it’s all on Eli. So far, not so good (And the defense is atrocious.)

  15. GrandNubian says:

    Steelers looked good onyesterday. I was happy to see them score 31 pts yesterday on offense, eventhough Bruce Arians made some ‘dumb’ calls on third down at least twice.

    With the re-surgence of Charlie Batch, either two things will happen once Ben Roethlisburger comes back:

    1. Byron Leftwich will be released
    2. Dennis Dixon will be placed on IR for the duration of the season.

    But make no mistake, Charlie Batch is now the #2 guy.

  16. Ron Glover says:

    You’re welcome Temple. This week the Philadelphia is going to play this Vick/McNabb, hero/villian angle. Totally unfair to both men. Working on a piece that will include this and some words for one Jerry Mondesire.

    BTW my heart is bleeding for Jason Campbell, I would love to see him get a fair shake somewhere, anywhere.

    NFL Questions tomorrow.

  17. temple3 says:


    I still like Campbell. To be fair, I think Gradkowski definitely does a better job of getting rid of the ball quickly, but there is more to playing QB than that. With the Raiders poor line play, Campbell has to get rid of the ball quicker, but without Campbell, the Raiders are simply not going to be able to stretch the field.

    Gradkowski couldn’t stretch the field against Arizona yesterday. Sure, the Raiders “should” have won — but you are what you are. Gradkowski allows the Raiders to look like the 49ers under Jeff Garcia. They can run West Coast until they get in the Red Zone — and they can get cute in the middle of the field, but they can’t take a shot from their own 40 or from mid field. They cannot use go routes from 60 yards away to make a defense pay for stuffing the box against McFadden or Bush.

    That’s a fatal weakness and they’re not going to win many games with Gradkowski. The Raiders are sacrificing Campbell’s long term benefits for Gradkowski’s short-term pluses: familiarity with the offense, etc.

    If I’m defending this offense, I’m keeping a safety back and encouraging my corners and linebackers to play passing lanes and jump routes. I’m going to force Gradkowski to beat me over the top. The Cardinals got their hands on 10 of his passes yesterday (only 1 pick)…that’s not a good sign. I think it’s going to get worse.

  18. Ron Glover says:

    Great observations.

  19. temple3 says:

    This is one heck of week to be in Philadelphia. Think McNabb and Vick will go out to dinner in one of those famous Philly steak houses?

  20. temple3 says:


    The Steelers were lucky to get those two early touchdowns to Mike Wallace. Both could well have been intercepted. I’ll take it.

  21. Ron Glover says:

    Yeah 10x worse than T.O. coming back.

  22. Ron Glover says:

    I have a feelin I’m gonna be real ticked on Monday morning with the fans actions.

  23. temple3 says:

    According to Mizzo, the fans AT THE GAME were always cool with McNabb and appreciative of his skillz. It’s that angry mob on the outside that’s been the problem. (I think I have this right.)

    So, perhaps the people AT THE GAME will be cool and really acknowledge all that ‘5’ put down for Philly…while the outsiders continue to act like he couldn’t hold Jaworski’s jock.

    Either way, McNabb is like the gift that keeps on giving. He’s arguably the only QB that could have had long-term success in Philadelphia. For all of Tom Brady’s success, the Pats always won SB’s based on defense and usually featured a power running attack (Antowain Smith or Corey Dillon). They haven’t won since.

    Manning has rabbit ears and would’ve died there years ago. Tony Dungy said roughly this about why he would have been ill-suited for New York, yet thrives in Indy.

    This should be the most physical game that either of these two teams play for awhile. I think the Little Sisters of the Poor could beat both of them by 30 once this game is over.

  24. temple3 says:

    Bills cut Trent Edwards. Stanford, Schmanford.

  25. Miranda says:

    Nobody named ‘Trent’ should be playing QB in the NFL anyway. Dilfer should give his damn ring BACK.

  26. temple3 says:

    That’s cold, Miranda. What about Trent Green? He wasn’t half bad.

    What about Trent Cole?

  27. Miranda says:

    Trent Cole isn’t a QB! “Trent” is not an appropriate QB name…just like Alex or Sage…..names that Mattel uses for toys can be names of NFL QBs…that’s the rule.

    I saw the article on CNBC about Vick’s jersey…so Dick’s Sporting Goods had a change of heart huh? Did some soul-searching (or rather their last quarterly report did some soul-searching).

  28. Miranda says:

    I mean names that Mattel uses for toys can NOT be names of NFL QBs…not in 2010.

  29. Miranda says:

    Does Clay Matthews scare anyone besides me?

  30. GrandNubian says:


    Isn’t it funny how winning cures everything? Less than 3 years ago people here in ATL (white people) were burning his jersey. Now, his jersey is back by popular demand. I wonder who else will follow suit behind Dick’s Sporting goods? Nike, anyone? 🙂

  31. GrandNubian says:

    Oh yeah…..Clay Matthews is a beast. He reminds me of Kevin Greene in that 3-4 Dom Capers scheme. He just needs to polish his all-around game, and he’ll really be unstoppable.

  32. temple3 says:


    Hilarious!! Sage!!! ROTFLMBAO!

    I feel you on Matthews. He’s relentless. I think offensive linemen think to themselves — he’s not going to quit and it’s going to be a long, long day. In that respect, he reminds me of James Harrison AND Kevin Greene. He’s able to attack the middle of the line and the edges…that’s a nice combination.

  33. Miranda says:

    GN….I predicted last year that Nike would premiere the new Vick “Redemption” Shoe in time for Xmas this year….my prediction is looking pretty good. They may wait for the spring, but the Nike brass have already mapped out the roll out for this.

    I guess all those self-righteous retailers looked at their sales and decided that maybe…just maybe…that whole dogfighting thing wasn’t as bad as they were thinking – I mean- dude paid the price for his crimes, right? Hey! We’re forgiving! We believe in redemption! Stock those shelves! $79.99!!

    C.R.E.A.M…………neva doubt it.