NFL Questions And (Maybe Some) Answers For Week 3

Week three saw the hot seat cool off for some and heat up for others. Two surprise teams remain undefeated Chicago and Kansas City. Michael Vick continues to impress while the man most responsible for him being in Philadelphia returns to the city that has shown him anything but “Brotherly Love”.

1. Does the firing of offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye officially put Mike Singletary on the hot seat? According to Singletary he made the call to release Raye who was in his second season as coordinator. The offense has scored 38 points in three games (second worst in the NFL) due to an inconsistent play from quarterback Alex Smith and the wide receivers. The one mainstay in the offense has been running back Frank Gore, who hasn’t dazzled out of the backfield but leads the team in receptions. As for Singletary, he has a little rope here, for one he’s playing in the NFC West where any of the remaining teams in the division can become unraveled at anytime. Most importantly, Singletary has the total trust of the Niners brass and he hasn’t lost the lockerroom, the day that happens expect “Samurai” Mike to fall on his sword.

2. Are the Kansas City Chiefs for real? As long as the offense continues to go through Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones while Matt Cassel gets his self together they’ll be in every game.  Charles and Thomas are 7th and 10th in the NFL respectively and have been the cataylsts for an offense ranked 17th in the NFL. But eventually the Chiefs are going to need Cassel to get on board the Chiefs passing attack (for lack of a better term) is ranked 29th. Dwayne Bowe, explosive rookie Dexter McCluster and tight end Tony Moeaki give Cassel more than enough options. The Chiefs young defense is ranked 13th in total yards per game giving up 12.7 points per game. I’ll wait to see how the Chiefs fare in the next two weeks with road games in Indianapolis and Houston.

3. What’s going on with the Giants and Chargers? In Sunday’s contest against the Tennessee Titans, the Giants looked as undisciplined as I’ve ever seen them. They are getting killed against the run despite being ranked #10 in total defense. The situation with Brandon Jacobs isn’t going to get any better, it would be wise for Tom Coughlin to nip this potential powderkeg in the bud. Other than that I can’t see the Giants falling too far out of the NFC East race. As for the Bolts, I’m hearing that they start slow but both loses came against non-playoff teams. The Chargers are moving the ball and for the most part holding opponents to modest numbers. Maybe it is a slow start but I still feel that quarterback Phillip Rivers isn’t 100% comfortable with his supporting cast other than Antonio Gates. Upcoming games against the Raiders, Chargers and Rams will give us a better look at this team.

4. Will Donovan McNabb perform well in his return to Philadelphia? He wants to show the fans and media more than the Eagles brass. I’m curious to see how the Eagles approach defending McNabb. I listened to Andy Reid speak about Donovan yesterday and I felt he was uncomfortable about facing McNabb from an emotional standpoint. I’m sure McNabb feels some of that as well. I know I do.


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  1. temple3 says:

    Good questions.

    I don’t think McNabb will be uncomfortable facing the Eagles from an emotional standpoint. 1) He can’t afford to be. Reid will be standing on the sidelines. If McNabb is anything less than relentless and focused, he’ll get his clock cleaned. 2) He should want to destroy the Eagles by throwing for 450 yards and 6 touchdowns. If he doesn’t, then the Eagles were right for trading him.

    I think the Giants could be in real trouble. The Titans are not 19 point better than them, but they’re better. Without a run defense, the Giants are in for a long season. The Chargers will be fine. They need Ryan Matthews to get healthy. They have to fix special teams (2 tds Sunday) and just play their game.

    I’m gonna buy the Chiefs right now. I asked this question entering Week 3. They had a perfect opportunity to get smoked and instead, they came out and blew away a team that probably put them in the W column before the season started. Houston will need its left tackle to tussle with the Chiefs. I like them to split those 2 games and run the table vs. the Jags, Bills, and Raiders.

    And yeah, Mike is on the hot seat. For me, he went on the hot seat when they made the commitment to Alex Smith. Coaches and QBs go together. If Smith can’t win, Mike’s gonna be unemployed sooner than later. The defense has allowed 31 points twice this season. Gore averaged 16 carries in those games. That may be part of the reason that Raye is gone, but it still smacks of panic.

  2. GrandNubian says:

    1. Singletary is definitely on the ‘hot seat’. I don’t think firing the OC is gonna do much good. Their problem is they don’t have a good QB and a WR who can stretch the field and keep defenses honest. I think he’s definitely done by season’s end if the Niners don’t make the playoffs.

    2. The Chiefs are a hard team to read, but as of right now i would say they are for real. Like Parcels said….”you are what you currently are.”

    3. The Chargers always start out of the box slow and pick it up during mid-season. I think they’ll be ok, but they might be in for a struggle to win the AFC West. As for the Giants…I think that Coughlin has lost the locker room. I think that his players are tuning him out, which is not good. I think he’s gone after this year and maybe Bill Cowher takes over in 2011.

    4. I think McNabb will have a good game. He’s going to give the team a chance to win the game. The problem, I think, will be the Redskins’ defense. If they can’t contain Vick, it’s gonna be a long day.

  3. Miranda says:

    God I hope McNabb and Vick both have great games. I can’t even bear the thought of what will happen in the lamestream media if either have a terrible night.

  4. Origin says:

    RG – Great write up.

    1) I have been saying since late last year Mike was done. He didn’t play Nate Davis last year to see what he as a backup. Then his team doesn’t trade for Mcnabb or Vick so that they would have a good QB going into this year. That all basically spelled the end for Mike. Alex Smith is a coach killer and he is a crappy QB. This is what happens when you have golden boy QBs who aren’t crap yet they get chance after chance after chance.

    In saying that I believe that management was pulling the strings when it came to playing Alex Smith, they wanted to try and prove that the investment of a number 1 pick in that busta. And Yet Jamarcus is looking around and saying I am a bust………then what is Alex Smith.

    And yet the fools on ESPN were saying Alex Smith has grown up right before our eyes…….LOL!!!

    Its said too because mikes whole staff was brothas.

    2) The Chiefs are real and may win that division. Its a weak division but first team to 9 wins will win it.

    3) If you have watched Mcnabb over his career he always steps up win folks begin to doubt him and throw hate. So he should play well against his old team. Now will Kyle S. actually stick to the run to help Mcnabb who freaking knows. Will Kyle actually call some playaction or roll outs in the red zone to help Mcnabb…who knows. Seems like old Kyle isn’t such a genius without Andre Johnson because the play calling has been trash. He needs to give the duties back to his dad.

    The key for Washington in this game is to run the ball at the Eagles smallish front 4. Washington has had trouble running against 3-4 defenses due to the NT penetration. They should be able to run the ball against the Eagles, but they must stick to the run. Then run playaction with Mcnabb…..cooley should be open because the eagles have struggled for years guarding the TE.

    Now Mike S. and Haslett needs to put their pride aside AH needs to start to he can create pressure up the middle on the Eagles weak OL. And Washington needs to run a 4-3 and nickel to keep up with the 3 and 4 set WR formations that the eagles will use. The Eagles are 26th in the league in rushes and only run the ball out of shotgun. So I don’t think they have to worry about the run as much as they did with Dallas, Houston and the Rams. Also Haslett must stop blitzing on every down. He was hurting Washington the last 3 games with all the blitzing then the players missed tackles.

    Also the Eagles are still not a physical team on the defensive and offensive lines.

  5. Origin says:

    I hope so too Miranda………..the haters will be ready to dog them out. Also I can’t wait to see the TV rating for this games bacuse Mcnabb vs. Vick always has high ratings.

    When they played like 4 years ago on Monday night football it was the highest rated game that year.

    Also correction this should say

    “If anyone has watched Mcnabb over his career you know that he always steps up when folks begin to doubt him and throw hate.

  6. temple3 says:


    Portis got injured last week and only had 7 carries. How are the Redskins supposed to get a team to respect the run without Portis on the field. He had an injured wrist and was worried about fumbling. I think Washington was lucky to get what they got when Moss caught his pass off a bootleg in the red zone.

    Washington only ran the ball 17 times Sunday.

    I think you’ll see the Redskins throw the ball to Fred Davis more over the coming weeks to add some balance to the offense. Moss has played well, but teams are loading up on Cooley especially on 3rd down.

    I’m not mad at their playcalling yet — but you’re right. Andre Johnson could make Limbaugh look Imhotep of the Sidelines.

  7. temple3 says:


    Just one more thing on Washington. For the last three years, that defense has ranked 8th, 4th and 10th in yards allowed. Right now, they’re dead last — with most of the same personnel. The switch to the 3-4, in my opinion, was always wrong-headed.

    For the media or anyone else to actually say this means they would have to actually say that Mike Shanahan (a man who knows as much about defense as my grandmother) was wrong for getting into those pre-season antics with Albert Haynesworth; that Shanahan was wrong for taking Haynesworth and Kemoeatu off the field at the same time; and, that Shanahan was wrong for endorsing Jim Haslett’s new approach without a plan for supporting the undersized London Fletcher in the middle of the defense.

    The Redskins are getting exposed on defense, but it’s not about the talent on the defense. This is a Top 10 defense. They’re not in an ideal scheme — and that’s Mike Shanahan’s fault.

    What did the Broncos do on defense his last few years there? 29th, 19th, 14th, 15th. Never better than mediocre. He should have left the defense entirely alone when he came in. If it ain’t broke…

  8. temple3 says:

    And the same goes for Jim Haslett. Saints defense went from 8th to 32nd on his watch. Partial season in St. Louis? — Same deal. Dead last.

    How did HE get that job?

  9. Miranda says:

    These folks tickle me

    They really need to get a colonic and let that shit go.

  10. Miranda says:

    The Jags pick up Trent Green? Seriously??

  11. Burundi says:

    It doesn’t take a psychoanalyst to understand the transference going on in the minds of the larger collective as it relates to the once-venerated Michael Vick to the now-vilified Michael Vick (Tiger Woods now falls in this category). Placed within the historical context of the American propensity to demonize, criminalize, and/or dehumanize Black folk, can we really be surprised that some of them can’t let it go? However, if they were in the position to make money off of Vick, they would and spin it the way Reid and co. do…

  12. HarveyDent says:

    1. Yes, Samaurai Mike is on the hot seat but it’ll be cooled down before the end of the season when the 49ers make the playoffs whether Alex Smith or Nate Davis is QB’ing the team. Take my word for it there’s something there with that team especially offensively that is going to allow them to make the playoffs and being in the worst division in football will help as well.

    2. The Chiefs are for real whether Cassel gets it right or not because they play strong defense and the running game could be second to none this season. Thomas Jones plays angry because every time he has a breakout season he’s released by his team and has to go somewhere and do it all again. A hellacious defense and an unstoppable ground game will still win you more games in the NFL than it loses. Enough to make the playoffs anyway.

    3. It’s not being said for the public but you just know Tom Coughlin is dead-man walking in NY if the G-Men don’t turn it around this season and especially if the Jets make a run for the playoffs. I never was a fan of Coughlin because he’s one of these uptight martinets who tries to micro-manage grown men but I was very shocked at how a team coached by him self-destructed this past Sunday with five, FIVE!!, unsportsmanlike penalties. The Giants better get back to what they’ve traditionally done best and that is play wild dog defense with the front seven and run the ball thirty times a game because while Eli will put up stats, NY is never going to be a pass first team and shouldn’t be.

    The Chargers will make an obligatory run for the playoffs this season but they won’t make it because the Chiefs are banking enough wins in the first part of the season to be there at the end to deny them. AJ Smith is going to get burned with his scorched earth policy when it comes to player negotiations because the players in the locker room see how he’s given V. Jackson the high hat and they know he’ll do it to them if their names aren’t Rivers or Gates. Speaking of Rivers, he needs to slow his roll because all he’s doing when he throws tantrums on the field is make himself look like a child.

    4. McNabb will have a great game on his return back to Philly but the Eagles will still win because they have more talent on both sides of the ball. Washington only has McNabb, Cooley, and under-sized Santana Moss, and no run game to speak of with an injured Portis. The less said about Haslett’s fascination with the 3-4 the better but he’s just like the vast majority of coaches who can only coach their system instead of the players they have. I’ll always hate Donald Rumsfeld but when he said you go to war with the army you have he told the truth for the first and only time he was in the Bush administration. Washington’s D has been rock-solid most of this decade and as touched on their was no need to rip the blueprint apart especially with a horse on the defensive line in Haynesworth. The MSM can pop all that crap they want but Big Al was right to dig his heels in and let his displeasure be known with the new defense. I would have handled behind closed doors but he took the option he had.

    With all that though I see McNabb still making chicken salad out of chicken crap and strafing the Eagles for 300 yds but Vick will bring the Eagles through with his arms and legs again. I want both of them to show and approve Sunday evening and then dap each other up afterwards while laughing at all those fools who said two athletic (read BLACK) guys couldn’t grasp the nuances of being NFL QB’s.

  13. HarveyDent says:


    Why over the last few years is dogfighting something that’s an epidemic in southern Black communities. I grew up in the South and I think I saw one dog fight when I was eight years old. The dog fights I heard about were usually held on some backwoods dirt roads by some rednecks and no one I knew, and I knew guys just as shady as Vick’s crew, wanted to be caught up with that kind of stuff.

    Hell, I still said Vick didn’t do any of the stuff he copped to and just said he did to cut a deal and still have a playing career left because if he didn’t he’d still be in court for this stuff just like Barry Bonds is almost four years after he was white balled from MLB.

    Just sayin’ yo.

  14. HarveyDent says:

    G-Nube saw this posted on my FB page but I had to bring it to the family here as well.

    The Doctor is still the coolest mofo on the court…

  15. HarveyDent says:

    One last thing, what the hell was up with PTI and Kornheiser asking was McNabb to blame for Washington’s struggles? Get the hell out f here with that crap. Bastards.

  16. Miranda says:

    HD….I grew up in rural Alabama…I was under the impression that dogs just fought because that’s what they do…or at least our family dogs would just jump on a dog because..because the dog was in his territory and was just THERE. I didn’t know it was organized..hell, our German Shepherd Smokey would jump on every dog (or person for that matter) that looked his way – if we had known there was money to be made from his natural antics then I think we had the Ali of Dogs on our hands for years and didn’t know it.

    However, I know this desire to make organized dogfighting some urban black thang is bullshit thru and thru. Just some more spin from the lamestream media – like how they make black folks the “real racists” these days.

  17. sankofa says:


    Dog is a “Caucasian” mans best friend. They cuddle them, they enslave them, they have sex with them and use them as “starter children” just in case they decide to have… you know human babies.

    During the Ma’afa the dogs got the best of the scraps from masa’s table, while the enslaved Africans ate the pig slop and chitterlings. The dog was/is a part of the “family” but the “nigger” was/is still 3/5 human.

    I remember when I was a much younger hothead (its true), I remember reading some of Dr. York’s earlier material ( Temple and Grand Nubian maybe familiar with him) he talked about the Caucasian man and his relations with the domesticated wolf. I thought brother man had finally lost his damn mind, but at the expense of pissing the politically correct, I may go there, (but not here).

    I still hope intensely that the Michael Vicks and MacNabs of the world will pull a Jim Brown and walk off black into the sunset (after getting there’s and giving the haters the middle finger)

  18. HarveyDent says:

    As always Sankofa brings the knowledge and Miranda comes with the fire.

  19. Ron Glover says:

    @Sankofa, I remember Professor Griff talking about the “relations” that went on in the Caucasus Mountains this was about 20 some years ago when PE first stepped on the scene. Sheep seemed to be at the top of the pecking order.

  20. sankofa says:

    @Ron Glover

    “Sheep seemed to be at the top of the pecking order.”

    Woody Allen directed, Everything you wanted to know about sex. What the hell was that scence about, but a psychological shout out to his “racial” his-story.

  21. temple3 says:


    It’s all right there in the creation myth of the Roman Empire.

    Check the pic.

  22. sankofa says:

    In the spirit of Coach Powell and Steve Cokely…I give you a black fist for this break down brother man.

    It has been mentioned to me by those with boots on the ground, that Africa is being prepared for reverse immigration. Where in they go there and we come here, where America Inc will look more and more like Detroit/Cleveland.

    I am seeing more of us coming here as refugees in my city, even from countries not experiencing wars. And these are some bright men and women who end up realizing they were duped and either cannot or too ashamed to go back after realizing the land is Monsanto poisoned the milk is rancid and the honey is really bee spit.

    I ask permission to use this piece as reading materials for some of the young cats where I am, so we can discuss the “big picture”.


    That image takes me back to my grade eleven class on the his-story of the Punician wars. It hooked me on to his-story and my story ever since.


  23. eric daniels says:

    I love the what’s going on the blog the fam always gives me something to think about. Now that the NBA is in training camp and NFL is in season it’s ready, set go.

  24. Temple3 says:

    I don’t know how many of you have the NFL Network, but Sterling Sharpe and Solomon Wilcots were breaking down Carson Palmer on film. They talked about his poor mechanics, limited accuracy and the like. I don’t watch ESPN, so I have no idea what they’ve said, but for the years that I did watch it — the topic never came up.

    It didn’t come up last year when Chad played with a torn labrum and Carson played like Manson out on bail. All I know is that ESPN, historically, has been a piss poor place for football analysis. Most of the garbage that those guys have to say OR don’t have to say would not fly in the NFL studios.

    Between Deion, Marshall Faulk, Irvin and Sterling Sharpe and Mike Mayoc, all of the BS love for QBs who actually suck simply doesn’t fly. Jaworski wouldn’t last 3 minutes with those guys. It wouldn’t take long before someone would remind him just how much he actually sucked as a player. I remember his sorry ass pretty clearly — and so do those cats in that NFL studio.

    Life w/o ESPN is like an oasis in the dryest desert.

  25. GrandNubian says:


    I was watching it (“Playbook”) on yesterday. Rod Woodson also chimed in and broke down Palmer’s poor play on ‘NFL Total Access’. In short, they ALL said that the problem was not with T.O. & Chad, but Carson Palmer. If you watch the film, you see the evidence for yourself.

    This is why I watch NFL Network as opposed to BSPN. They give outstanding football analysis, eventhough Steve Mariucci is still sucking on Brett Favre’s testicles. I think ‘Playbook’ is the best football analysis show on the tube, hands down. The team of Mayoc, Wilcox and Sharpe are second to none.

  26. Origin says:

    @Temple – Washington could have still ran in the 2nd half even with Portis out. Torain ran very well in that game and he is expected to get half of Portis carries over the year. The problem is Kyle has abandoned the running game too fast the last 2 games. With that weak OL it is extremely important for Kyle to play a more balanced game in order to protect Mcnabb.

    And ain’t it a trip how those number 7 jerseys are selling like hot cakes. I love it the haters are sick!!!

    @Miranda – I hate articles like that because they are full of shit.
    I love how they can find black folks in those articles to explain how black folks think. But the white writer always has problems understanding how Americans….aka white folks think. So what do these writers do??? Set up a freaking pole on the website to ask folks is race an issue. I wish these white writers in the mainstream media would someday be honest when it comes to racism.
    Then that fool said the NFL reinstated Vick because of black folks…….get the hell out of here. Like black folks got that much pull in the racist NFL. That fool must be hitting some good tweed….LOL!!

    And you are right these folks need to let that mess go. Yet they have the nerve to tell black folks “Get over it”. These folks still crying about some dogs.

  27. Miranda says:

    origin, I am awed with the actual level of deniability by white folks sometimes. Its really impressive. They can create a reality out of their imaginations that is something to behold.

    I got a text to listen to 790am here and I caught the end of an interview with Vick. The host, who is so full of shit that he should be dead, said immediately after Vick got off the phone that he hasn’t faced any real defenses yet, but that the Falcons know how to play him.

    Apparently the game last year in the Dome, didn’t actually occur.

  28. temple3 says:

    I will say this…the Redskins ran on 3 consecutive plays with a 1st and 10 inside the Rams Red Zone to start the 2nd half. You know how that ended up.

    They started out the 2nd drive of the half with a run left by Portis — lost 2 or 3 yds. They should have had a TD on that deep sideline Stop N Go by Moss. He stopped for too long in executing the move. They even ran on 2nd and 10 after that miss — got zip and threw on 3rd and 10.

    I think what Shanahan tried to do after that was establish some offensive flow by THROWING on first down. If you can’t get positive yards running the ball on 1st, it’s not a bad idea to throw. Washington’s WR’s dropped a couple on 1st down — and they were stuck in 2nd and 10 or 2nd and very long. McNabb threw a couple of balls to no one in particular — yuck!!

    And the next you knew, it was the 4th quarter. And the Redskins were down 8.

    And that offensive line that you talked about was guilty of holding after a very nice first down completion. So, from 1st and 20, with time ticking down in the 4th, you could recommit to the run with Ryan Torain — or you could throw the rock. I’m not mad at the OC, especially when the defense gave up long drives throughout the game and allowed the Rams to score 24 points.

    I don’t really see that as abandoning the run. The Redskins could have run more, but in the flow and context of the game, I don’t think it’s fair to say they abandoned the run — especially late.

  29. temple3 says:


    Just one last thing…

    By the time Washington gets the ball for the 2nd time in the 4th quarter, the score is 27-16 and there is 4:22 left in the game. No one can run the rock down 11 with 4 minutes left.

    That defense surrendered two 4th and 1’s in the game and at least one or two 3rd and 1’s. They couldn’t get off the field. Shanahan’s options to call runs were consumed by the Rams.

  30. sankofa says:

    Temple, what was Shanahans coaching like before he hooked up with Elway and Davis and what was it after? After seeing a picture of that fired OC in San Francisco, I think there are two many re-treads—old ass re-treads– that don’t have a flexibile bone in their bodies. That’s why actually calling plays while they most glaring, is often the easiest part ovf coaching.

    Shanahans, my dick is bigger than yours bullshit macho play with Albert Hainsworth, clearly shows that being firm is good, but being inflexible and a tight ass is bad. it also exhaustingly shows that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result fucking idiotic. Everybody and their gran pop is shouting for him to change the defense philosphy…for one. And for two, how they hell you gonna trade for MacNabb and not surround him with some old time Washington hogs or cats with some old time hog mentality.

    If you can’t run the ball, you can’t do shit! I thing DMac has seen this story before.

  31. eric daniels says:

    Temple you are right about NFL Network v. BSPN, that’s why I got DIRECTV so I could watch NFL Network and they have the best commentators on football. ESPN sucks up to QBs and Trent Dilfer is the worst of them, and Rich Eisen, Steve Mariucci, Deion and Irvin have the best post-game show funny, informative.

  32. Origin says:

    Brotha Temple I hear you on the last 4 minutes of the game. But as I stated in the beginning I have issues with the dumb play calling by Kyle. For example not using bootlegs when they ran 3 times in the red zone. I have watched all 3 games for washington and most of their big plays out of the offense have come off of the playaction bootleg.

    And the breakdown you did here

    “I think what Shanahan tried to do after that was establish some offensive flow by THROWING on first down. If you can’t get positive yards running the ball on 1st, it’s not a bad idea to throw. Washington’s WR’s dropped a couple on 1st down — and they were stuck in 2nd and 10 or 2nd and very long. McNabb threw a couple of balls to no one in particular — yuck!!”

    Was one of my biggest issues. No bootlegs and not one run……if I remember all 3 passes were drop back passes. That mess was as stupid as the 3 straight fade routes thrown into the endzone against the Cowboys. That line with Heyer could not block on drop back passes. That line is hot garbage…..hopefully Williams is back.

    I tell you what people say that NBA players tank and throw games. Well I have been saying for years NFL coaches tank and throw games with their playcalling.

    Anyway I hope Kyle, Mike and Jim Haslett figure out whatever they need to to help Mcnabb because this crap is insane.

    And thanks for posting those defensive stats for Washington…..I was tool lazy to look up the numbers and post them. But I knew that the numbers were much better before Haslett messed everything up.

    Sankofa I totally agree with your comments. The sad part is Mcnabb may never be able to escape this mess because Washington could just Franchise him and keep him. Its a dang shame that dude career been wasted on garbage WR and scat back RB.

    Yet trash QBs like Palmer and Flacco have played with talent their whole career.

    Anyway enough with this NFL stuff………..what the hell these bastards done lost they mind because Lebron had the nerve to say race did play a part in the backlash. Damn the MSM is evil as hell…they know that shit. Those racist were fanning the flames. And Lou Holtz is going to comment on Lebron James interview…..what does his old crusty ashy ass know about Lebron and the NBA. You are so right brotha Temple ESPN aint worth the urine in a cup during a drug test.

  33. sankofa says:

    Damn! Lou Holtz? Yeah Origin, just finished reading that article. This is one time I wish these cats would give a boiler plate answer to trap questions. Matter of fact, LeBron should have betted on and admit to killing some dogs, killed a pedestrian while driving drunk and gone boating with some Cauasian female. Then maybe he wouldn’t have gotten so much hate.

    Stay focused young man, stay focused and give inane answers.

  34. Temple3 says:

    On the drive with the 3 passes, the problem was McNabb’s accuracy. He missed two open receivers. The Rams ran 37 times and the Redskins couldn’t get them off the field. When Washington ran, they got stuffed. You’re not going to win too many games kicking 4 field goals.