Donovan McNabb Comes Home To Michael Vick Knowing and Grooving His Philly Throne

Posted in Blogroll on October 1st, 2010 by Michael Tillery

I guess they forgot how bad you are Mike…

We all have our biases whether we wear them squarely on our sleeves or keep them securely sheathed. How those biases affect our collective sports loving existence changes lives in ways eliciting game winning smiles or adding exponential lost argument miles between friends of lifetime meaning. Games like what will go down Sunday between the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins (4:15 FOX) are definitely an exercise in learning of ourselves. A measuring stick of social imperatives forcing us to find the lesson or scratch our collective heads guessing what it was we just…experienced. Let’s get one thing out of the way…If you don’t like Michael Vick simply for reasons surrounding his dog fighting conviction, you are entitled to do so. It doesn’t make you racist if you don’t like Mike…but…we should all ask those who abhor Vick to humanly question whether their rationale is sincere and beyond hypocrisy. It’s that simple.

Two days before the game I’m sensing a unique vibe grounded in both prideful excitement and apprehensive but absurdly anxious nail biting. It’s more calm than I thought and the reticence is precarious. A McNabb victory would spell disaster and questions whether the trade was logical would begin in earnest. A Vick win would validate the trade with a lot of Eagles fans…despite coming from someone other than Kevin Kolb at the helm.

Earlier this week, the thunder of fanaticism was that of a sure season’s monster hurricane. Winds whipping folks into frenzied dementia…twisting the sounds of their weathered lips to actually proclaim the Philadelphia Eagles would land in the Super Bowl; an end game that just so happens to be in Dallas of all Philly hated places.

These past 5 days were a sports talk radio station dream supreme everything Eagle green. Michael Vick has played out of his mind since taking over for the concussed Kolb in Week 1. If not for an ill advised end zone throw when he should have ran for the score, the Eagles just might have a record unblemished.

Oh oh…

Expectations are reminiscent of regular seasons when Donovan perennially steadied Lincoln Financial Field only for the team he commanded to somehow playoffs lose just as fans finally had hope it might be the year a parade rolled through South Philly. Fans have to understand those heartbreaking losses weren’t one man’s fault and now, because of Michael Vick, the city is excited again. Excited like campaigns unfortunately transformed plain simply because the back of the Eagles jersey read Donovan McNabb’s name…

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Friday Fire: Who’s Under More Pressure To Win Sunday – Donovan McNabb or Michael Vick?

Posted in Donovan McNabb, Michael Turner, Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Eagles fans, Race and Michael Vick, race and quarterbacks, Race and Sports, Race and Sports Culture, Race in Sports on October 1st, 2010 by Ron Glover

Sunday’s contest between the Philadelphia and Washington Redskins will answer many questions concerning both teams and both quarterbacks. For Donovan McNabb, it’s his first in Philadelphia as a visitor, how will handle the crowd and his emotions to do well. For Michael Vick, he’s in a game that the Eagles want to win because it is afterall the Redskins and it’s McNabb. But more importantly for Vick it’s another turn on Redemption Road. This week it’s a Redskins defense that employs the 3-4 scheme.

Who is facing the most pressure heading into Sunday?