NFL Questions (And Maybe Some) Answers For Week 5

I was able to catch some of  Terrell Owens’ interview Sunday on the NFL Network, as usual T.O. is his compelling self in what I think was his best interview to date. He touched on the Randy Moss trade as well as his own trevails in Cincinnati which came as news to me. T.O. spoke of one thing specifically that raised my eyebrows.

1. Is there a systematic plan to “phase out” so-called “problem” receivers like Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco and Randy Moss?  Was Barry Bonds blackballed from baseball? It’s obvious that the NFL wants to teach Owens a lesson, they just haven’t found a way yet. Within hours of the Randy Moss trade there was a smear campaign that had him in verbal confrontations with everyone from Bill Belichick to Tom Brady. The latter was supposedly leaked by a player in the Patriots locker room. Peter King spoke with “his source” and was told that “someone blatantly lied” to the CBS reporter that it was leaked to. As for Chad Johnson, he’s in his own private hell for all of the years that he’s had to wait on a pass from Carson Palmer.

2. How unscathed will Brett Favre emerge from “Textgate”? Favre issued a “tearful” apology to his teammates for being a distraction, if it’s anything like the last time we saw Mr. Wrangler sobbing I would reserve judgement. A possible suspension could sideline Favre for weeks and leave Minnesota fans sick. None more sick than John Madden who would love nothing more than to bring see his beloved Favre’s name cleared. As far as punishment from the NFL; I’ve heard that the League could be wrapping this up shortly.  I get the feeling this may drag out until we seemingly forget about it.

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  1. Temple3 says:

    The precedent for dragging out decisions was set with Matty Coke (not the same as Matty Ice). Matt Jones was arrested BEFORE the season and was not suspended until the Jaguars were out of playoff contention.

    The same thing could happen here.

    I recorded the Owens interview, but haven’t watched it yet. That picture says it all. Too bad Palmer sucks so bad. They could be ripping it up. With their loss to Cleveland, they’re looking like the Weak Sister in the AFC North — again!

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  3. Ron Glover says:

    I was thinking along those same lines Temple, whenever the Vikes are done the hammer will drop.

  4. GrandNubian says:

    I saw T.O.’s interview. I was surprised that he said as much as he did. To be honest, I think he should’ve adopted the philosophy of his agent, Drew Rosenhaus when Michael Irvin asked him some of those questions (“Next question… question… question”).

    Still, it was a good interview and dude has always been honest….too honest to be exact. I think Marshall Faulk said it best. He needs to learn how to start lying when asked certain questions. It’s immoral but that’s the american way.

    BTW….is it just me, or is Warren Sapp by far the WORST football analyst ever? 🙂

  5. Ron Glover says:

    Hard as hell to understand. Looks like Grimace and sounds like the Hamburglar.

    Don’t even ask me how I came to those two conclusions.

  6. Origin says:

    RG – Great questions brotha.

    Blackballing folks ain’t nothing new with the NFL. Heck I still believe they blackballed Aaron Brooks.

    Its possible that Farve will get suspended when/if the Vikings season ends soon. Just like what happened to Matt “Tony Montana” Jones……but I have no faith in the league and feel Farve will get a slap on the wrist.

    The funny this is how folks in the MSM are saying….”well I don’t want to talk about his personal life, lets talk about the play on the field.”

    No one in the MSM said that mess when Tiger was hitting all those mud ducks and scalawags.

    Anyway I see lord Farve paying the lady off to not testify to the NFL and this disappears with the mainstream media not saying a peep. Heck they still don’t want to discuss it. They just call it issues off the field.

  7. Ron Glover says:

    Exactly they were all but begging the viewers to “have a heart” for Flashin’ Favre (been trying to find a nickname) even Mike Tirico was trying to paint this sympathetic picture of Favre.

    Come on in from the cold Brotha!

  8. Temple3 says:

    You guys have to harness your ear for Afro-Floridian. It’s a deep and beautiful accent punctuated by tonality and an implicit musicality. Sapp speaks it fluently. So does Derrick Brooks. I lived in Ft. Lauderdale for a few months back in the day and it requires some getting used to — but it works for me. I like it — even though I’m steady on REWIND! 🙂

    I like Sapp’s breakdowns of defensive line play and the intricacies of certain techniques. He’s great at breaking down movement, schemes, and such.

    Origin: Bill Rhoden wrote about Aaron Brooks getting white listed. I prefer white listed. On a black (presence of all colors) list, a person should have an opportunity with every team. On a white (absence of all colors) list, a person should not have any opportunity with any team. Anyway, that’s beside the point…but Brooks’ case was clear cut as soon as he went into criticism mode against the franchise and league. That’s a no-no for a QB. And, he still got a shot in Oakland. (Are there any Black QBs who haven’t played for the Raiders?)

  9. Ron Glover says:

    @ Temple Ill keep my ears peeled for Sapp.

  10. Temple3 says:


    This is a real thing. Deion and Michael Irvin go there all the time. I had to hit rewind on them last week. If you had all of these guys off camera, it would be a wrap.

  11. GrandNubian says:


    As a Georgia boy, i’m used to the southern accents and dialects from across the South. I have no problem with his accent. My problem is how he ‘butchers’ the english language, includes some of that ‘Floridian’ jargon, while throwing in the same catch phrases that grow tired after a while. (lol)

  12. Burundi says:

    That So-Flo “It’s da bottom, bey-bay!” drawl seemed to offset dealing with Castro’s rejects quite nicely the two years I lived there. After a week and few Red Stripes, that drawl and the Jamaican Patois seemed intuitively understood.

    Sapp does know football. Ran into him once at MIA just after he hit the L. Was struck by his lack of upper body mass. However, he would go on to win a contest later on as one of the strongest NFL linemen (watched him press up on an incline 450 lbs for reps like it was nothing). Digression aside, T3, you’re dead-on how he breaks it down.

    Origin, I believe you’re right. Favre will get that wrist slap ‘cuz i read somewhere today that ol’ girl ain’t cooperating at all…

  13. HarveyDent says:

    Sorry to thread jack but big ups to Ron Washington and the Texas Rangers for taking care of the Rays tonight. I actually think the Yankees may be in trouble when they face this team. So much that I’m picking TX to win in six and make it to the Series. If they play the Phillies all bets are off too because I know Cliff Lee will be looking for payback against them and the way he’s been dealing he may be able to take Halladay, Oswalt, and Hamels by his damned self.


    Enjoy retirement, Bobby Cox. Not seeing Leo Mazzone in the dugout was hard the last few seasons but now with the skipper gone too it’s going to be especially difficult to watch the Braves.


    Great 30 For 30 tonight with Vlade Divac reminiscing about his friendship with Drazen Petrovic and the Yugoslav civil war. Sad thing but no disrespect to the dead because I can see where Petrovic was coming from but Vlade was a better friend to him than he was to Vlade. Good documentary though and it was fun seeing Kukoc and Radja today. That Yugoslav national team was made up of some beasts.