The Black Quarterback: Change the Narrative

Posted in Blogroll on October 15th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

Denard Robinson has two games of 200/200 during the 2010 campaign…a record.

Quarterbacks are the most scrutinized athletes in sports. The great ones are deified while the greatly misunderstood are criticized. Young talent shredding veteran defenses are marketed for the next generation, while hyped former number 1 picks ride the pine making millions holding clip boards. The system of evaluating quarterbacks should be based on merit and not what our perception of what a quarterback should be. Times are changing and a new wave of athlete is poised to storm the NFL like never before. Over the horizon flies a crop of poised signal callers that will change the way we view the position and race is an issue whether you realize it or not.

History is documented through repetition. If it’s written, it will be remembered. These pieces should not have to be written but if the Black quarterback is to be taken seriously with history in mind, they must be penned…

This is not for those who are socially grounded but more for those who seek to divide true fans of sport.

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