The First-Ever TSF UFC Preview


Tomorrow night on Spike TV, the UFC will present another foreign card which will be broadcast live via tape delay here in the United States on Spike TV. There are 5 fights on the main card. A full preview after the cut.

First up the Main Event: Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping (middleweight) against Yoshihiro ‘SexyAma’ Akiyama.

It’s an odd thing, the UFC middleweight division. Anderson Silva has dominated the division to the point where a couple of wins by anyone can make you a reasonable dark horse contender. And that’s the case with both of these guys. Bisping’s only losses have come when he has stepped way above his class, Dan Henderson dismantled him like a lion tearing apart a wildebeast and Wanderlei Silva and Rashad Evans decisioned him. The good part about this fight is it’s not against a guy too far above his class. The truth about Akiyama is he’s a guy just a hair below Bisping’s class. Look for “The Count” to prove it.

Dan Hardy vs Carlos Condit three Rounds in the UFC Welterweight Division.

This one is actually the fight that I’m looking forward to the most. Dan Hardy, fresh off of a successful title challenge of welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, now tries to get himself back on the bean against WEC refugee Carlos Condit.

This is an interesting match in that both fighters have places where they NEVER want this fight to go. Condit is a beautiful short-range striker. But at medium and long distances he’s got trouble. Conversely, Dan Hardy wants this fight to be standing from any range but doesn’t want to get into a BJJ match with Condit who is a world-class BJJ player. My pick is Condit by submission late.

John “The Hitman” Hathaway vs Mike Pyle, three rounds in the UFC Welterweight Division.

Now strangely enough the Brits have invaded the UFC. But their entry, and success, has not come without stereotypes that they have to overcome. The biggest one is that the British fighters can be undone by well-schooled wrestlers, since collegiate wrestling is not done at nearly the high level that it is here in the United States and other European Countries for instance. Well John Hathaway takes your stereotypes and he pisses on them. He dominated Diego Sanchez, who was known for his wrestling. He handled Rick Story, a welter known for his ground game. Barring a only-in-mma miracle I don’t see how Pyle has what it takes to keep him off.

Cheick Kongo vs Travis Browne, three rounds in the Heavyweight Division.

Cheick Kongo has become a gate-keeper. I hate to say it, but it’s true. If you can’t beat him, you’re not a top-tier guy. If you can handle him, you are on the verge of top-10 status

Simply put: Travis Browne is not ready for this. Kongo by ground-and-pound.

James Wilks vs Claude Patrick.

This is all part of the UFC’s plan to perform a trial by fire on their Ultimate Fighter winners. It worked reasonably well for Forrest Griffin, Diego Sanchez, and Rashad Evans. Even better for Matt Serra but Efrain Escudero couldn’t handle it – and is now without a contract.

James Wilks is being put to the same test. I don’t think he will pass as Patrick’s superior wrestling carries the day. Submission for Patrick.

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