NFL Questions (And Maybe Some) Answers For Week 7

So the NFL wants to fine and possibly suspend collegians who are on the take prior to their entrance to the NFL. If this doesn’t confirm the master/slave concept the NCAA and NFL have conjured up – nothing will.

If the NFL plans to punish players found guilty of violating NCAA rules upon their entry into the league, what is the plan for coaches who flee programs that they have ruined only to hide behind the NFL Shield? The USC Trojans were stripped of their 2004 National Championship for NCAA violations and Reggie Bush voluntarily gave back his Heisman Trophy because he recieved close to $300,000 in money and other gifts while at USC. All of this occured under the “watchful” eye of Pete Carroll who was allowed to walk away from the program unscathed for the greener pastures of the NFL. Carroll was able to sign a lucrative deal, bring in some of his former players and is in the running for NFL Coach of the Year. All of this while one man laments his actions as a top flight student athlete with financial hardships and a once proud program looks for another “molder of men”  to rebuild after the pillage.

ARLINGTON, TX - OCTOBER 25:  Quarterback Tony Romo #9 of the Dallas Cowboys walks off the field wearing an arm sling after a 41-35 loss against the New York Giants at Cowboys Stadium on October 25, 2010 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Who of the Chargers, Cowboys, Niners, Saints and Vikings will make the Playoffs? Well you can strike the Cowboys off the list – ditto the Vikings. In the case of the shoulder injury quarterback Tony Romo, it has all but doomed their season. The Vikings chances aren’t good with or without Brett Favre who killed their chances in Green Bay Sunday night. The Saints have a better than 50% chance with the return of a hopefully healthy Reggie Bush. The Chargers seem to be playing like the Kansas City Chiefs are going to cough up the division and that isn’t going to happen. Their days of running roughshod over the AFC West are over. The Niners are 3 1/2 games behind the Seahawks who lead the NFC West but they still have five division games remaining in still a relatively weak division.

How good is Roddy White? For the last four seasons Roddy White  has flown under the radar in Atlanta, overshadowed by the T.Ochocinco’s and Randy Moss’ of the NFL. White has done it as the only wide receiver in Atlanta. There is Tony Gonzalez at tight end, but when Matt Ryan goes deep – he’s looking for White. On Sunday, White torched the Cincinnati Bengals with 11 receptions for 201 yards and 2 touchdowns. Oddly enough, you never hear White mentioned with Andre Johnson or Brandon Marshall as the NFL’s oung receivers.

That may be about to change. 

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  1. Origin says:

    RG – Great write up again.

    The NFL and NCAA are both full of shit. Its funny that the punk media wants to call out agents and players for paying student athletes. But we all know good and well that alumni and boosters pay just as much and just as well as the agents. At least the agents pay the star athletes. Yet I have seen in my college day even the scrubs who ride the bench get money, jobs and other things from boosters and alumni.

    IMO this is a deal between the power agents who are tight with the NFL and NCAA to ensure that the small time agents won’t get any of their potential clients. Because we all know the Leigh Steinberg’s of the world won’t be hurt. Heck the coaches push their players toward such agents and in return get a kick backs.

    Its all BS………no penalty for the coaches like Butch Davis who have crap follow them at every program. No penalty for the ADs who hire these dirty coaches. No penalty for the Alumni and Boosters who hook these kids up with women, jobs, cars and money.

    This stuff is all a game a freaking horse and pony show. Funny how the media runs to Barkley for every quote. But when he said that agents paid him in college no one in the media asked him any questions. Ain’t that funny since when has the media never asked Barkley a question. Nope these jokers in the mainstream media got direct orders to don’t go digging and don’t ask Barkley any questions……….unless its about Lebron.

  2. Origin says:

    As far as the Chargers, Cowboys, Niners, Saints and Vikings. The Vikings and Saints still will make the playoffs.

    The Vikings need that stadium and I just can’t see them not making the playoffs………….by hook or crook they will make the playoffs. It would be great if TJ even got a shot.

    The Saints are playing possum they will be fine once they get folks healthy. Funny how Drew Brees doesn’t look so fly without Reggie Bush helping to pull coverage away from those WRs.

    Now as far as the Cowboys and Chargers those jokers are dead as a door knob. With no backup for Romo and that fool Jason Garret thinking he is Mike Martz the fat lady is singing in big D. Now here is something to think about…..when the cowboys season ends does Jerry fire Wade? He still will have to pay Wade and another coach. Now if its a high profile coach does he let the coach pick his own coordinator meaning Garret gets the axe. That means Jerry will be on the hook for a new coaching staff and head coach. While still paying Wade and Garrett. Then on top of that paying a top ten pick. Especially if their isn’t a rookie scale in the new CBA.

    A lot of folks outside Dallas don’t know that Jerry invested a tons of money in that stadium and took a hit because of the economy. He has been dumping salary with a few trades and releases the past 2 offseasons. So it will be interesting to see what Jerry does in the offseason this year………since money is a little tight. Or maybe with this superbowl Jerry will have a little more cash flow. Maybe he can pimp this World Series and charge folks 20 bucks to watch the games in the new cowboys stadium……LOL!!!

    You never know with hustler Jerry!!!!

    In saying all of that the city of Arlington is straight because they will make tons of money off of this world series so that will help pay for some of that stadium. Plus they have the superbowl……….so many folks here in Dallas aren’t tripping.

    Many have been arguing the last 6 months that in terms of money they would make more if someone other then the cowboys made the superbowl that way they would generate more revenue in Arlington.

    On Roddy White he is a great player……….but I will quote that brotha Michael lewis-Ingram from the bachelor pad. “Did Roddy White sell his soul to get those hands” cause that brotha could catch crap when Vick was there.

  3. Miranda says:

    Roddy is only good thing Bobby Petrino did for the Falcons….well besides giving me a good laugh the way he left. LMAO
    this is from last year about what turned Roddy around:

  4. Miranda says:

    The NFL will catch one helluva lawsuit if they try that shit.

  5. HarveyDent says:

    Thanks for touching on what is turning into a unholy union between the NCAA and the NFL with this devious plan to try to make it Juneteenth in the pros. Slavery to a university is over when a player declares his/her intention to go pro which by my way of thinking means any claims an institute has on these people are null and void. I guess Terelle Pryor and Tim Tebow should go to their schools respective book stores and ask for their cut of the jersey sales or maybe Desmond Howard or Peyton Manning should ask for their cut for the money generated for stadium renovations at the Big House and Neyland Stadium? No matter how the NCAA/NFL and their mouthpieces in the media try to spin it these kids are getting used and no a scholarship with a meal plan for four years does not equal what the schools make off them while they’re there and when they deliver the finished product to the pros.

    Fifteen years ago, I was all for kids especially young Black kids going to college to refine their games but I’ve changed my thinking as more and more I see that these athletes especially in the revenue-generating sports are looked at as ATM’s by these programs to be discarded and ridiculed by ignorant boosters and alumni if they don’t win bowl games or March Madness. I don’t know if they should be paid in cash because I think that would bankrupt too many schools’ athletic programs but I do know the NCAA needs to be dismantled because the full weight of that bureaucracy comes down only on these kids too many times while coaches skate and the programs after a light smack on the wrists are usually back on top after five years, see Alabama.

    I tell these kids to go overseas to get paid when it comes to basketball and take courses online because a Phoenix degree is probably worth just as much or more as any piece of paper from FSU or GA Tech. To the football players I’d tell them to try the UFL because big-time college athletics is a joke in this country now.

  6. Temple3 says:

    It’s too early to throw dirt on the Vikings or Chargers or Saints. The Cowboys and Niners are a different story. Dallas simply has two many teams ahead of them. Dallas is 0-4 in the NFC. San Francisco is 1-5. Already — these teams do not effectively control their own destinies. They will need help from four or five or six teams to make the playoffs. Ain’t happ-nin’.

    The Vikings are 2-2 in the conference. They’re 1-1 in the division and can still win a division title. They have two games with Chicago, one with Green Bay in Minnesota, and they have one more with Detroit. After this New England game, they’ll be through the hardest part of their schedule.

    They’ve already played the Saints, Dolphins, Jets, Packers, Cowboys. And they caught 3 of them on the road. It’s a tough schedule — and they’re 2-4, but they’re still in control of their destiny and don’t need help from anyone.

    They just need Childress to grow a pair and stop using press conferences to say what he should be doing on the field.

  7. Temple3 says:


    Isn’t a more viable solution for these kids to go to revenue-strapped HBCU’s? They would still be looked at ATM’s (on some level), and their would be corruption and scandals, but the direct benefits to black folk would be considerable. Is that an attainable goal?

  8. Temple3 says:


    You the man for these columns — givin’ me the mid-week fix!

    How long does Josh “Don’t Know WTF I’m Doin'” McDaniels have in pony land? After an historic 59-14 hammer time beat down at the hands of the hated Raiders (AT HOME), he’s gotta be on borrowed time…right??

  9. Ron Glover says:

    @Temple: Thanks, Dating back to last season’s collape down the stretch, I believe the clock is running out on McDaniels. He’s 4-13 after the 6-0 start. That’s worthy of the gallows in today’s NFL.

  10. Temple3 says:

    I was dumping on that buster even when they were winning.

    A bunch of bums:

    By the way, if Steelers fans are watching closely, they may see some unsettling similarities to last year. Tick, tock.

  11. HarveyDent says:


    I would love for many of these talented Black athletes and even brainiacs to go to HBCU’s because I’m the product of one (strike Rattlas strike) but as you touched on though those institutions can be just as corrupt as their more well-known counterparts. To me that’s actually more detrimental to still forming minds to see people who like them betray them for the almighty dollar. I got the short shaft from FAMU and while I won’t go into the details of what happened here I will tell you that it truly hurt me to know that an administration full of Black people supposedly dedicated to guiding the next generation’s men and women of distinction willingly failed many of us.

    My old history professor at FAMU, Dr. Hemingway, always told us that Black people in America traded in their spiritualism for materialism after the Civil Rights Movement ended or, if you prefer, was destroyed and betrayed. Looking at American history over the past forty years I would say he was right because far too many of us have been too willing to sell our less fortunate brethren/sistren down the river if it helps their bottom line be it in the church, the corporate world, or the underground economy. Those of us who betray our own people have forgotten or choose not to admit that the positions, titles, money they have allow them to live just a little less precariously than the others of us who have not overcome as yet. Bill Cosby’s son was killed by a Russian immigrant who knew a Black life was worthless in America before he even came to this country but instead of taking America to task for exporting that kind of mindset to the rest of the world he’d rather denigrate Black people who today live in more dire circumstances economically than under Jim Crow and that’s with a Black president.

    I say all that to say HBCU’s would probably be more corrupted and bankrupted morally by the dollar signs that would come their way if a Denard Robinson or Terrelle Pryor played for them. More corrupted because the coaches and the athletic departments would probably sell them out for less money than a Texas or Nebraska.

    Some sad shit which is why I tell young people of any race to protect themselves before they wreck themselves if they get caught up with people or organizations trying to make a buck off them.

  12. Julius says:

    Somebody is forcing these athletes to go to college? If the argument is that college is the only reasonable vehicle for becoming a professional athlete, then college is providing an indispensable setting and opportunity for these athletes-to-be. They’re no more exploited than the students who assist faculty members in obtaining a grant through their hard work and research. The assumption of the student is that this experience will pay off for them later on in his or her career. If it doesn’t, then too bad. They took their best shot and failed. “Plantation” athletes are hardly the only ones in this situation. Any student that fails to cut it in their area of study is dispensed with and forgotten about just as much as any athlete who doesn’t win.

  13. Temple3 says:


    That’s a great point. There is no doubt that the university pimp game extends into the classroom. Where would professors be without undergraduate and graduate students there to do their bidding? Graduate students at the University of Michigan were crystal clear about this years ago and formed a UNION.

    The question at hand, however, is about athletics. Athletes in big $$$ revenue generating sports have not taken that bold step to ORGANIZE themselves for their own mutual benefit.

    Instead, they’ve made themselves vulnerable to the “low lying fruit” arguments that you put forward which tend to miss the point. The point is not that athletes, or even Black athletes, are uniquely exploited. The point is that the exploitation is carried out by sanctimonious institutions steeped in denial about this game. Moreover, these institutions enlist the aid of the media and professional associations in gaining virtually monopoly access to all “legitimate” training grounds.

    Contrast that with the relatively FREE labor options for apprenticeship in tennis, hockey, and baseball.

    I believe that that’s the point. Raising decontextualized protestations on behalf of mediocre academics doesn’t move the discussion forward. If you’d like to move it forward, I’d love to hear your thoughts/experiences on some of these labor questions. I’m sure you could lend a great deal to the convo.


    Harvey: That’s serious stuff. I’d never thought of the Cosby Conundrum in that way, but that’s mind blowing. You really broke that down in a succinct powerful way. Thanks.

  14. Ron Glover says:

    “My old history professor at FAMU, Dr. Hemingway, always told us that Black people in America traded in their spiritualism for materialism after the Civil Rights Movement ended or, if you prefer, was destroyed and betrayed.”

    That’s a heavy thought.

  15. Temple3 says:

    I would probably take issue with that assessment. I’ve had this discussion a thousand times — but my question is, “Were Black people fundamentally changed by the CRM and its aftermath?”

    I’m not sure. I think people, by and large, seek something better for themselves and their progeny — unless they’ve been effectively terrorized by an oppressor…then, their normal functioning can shut down and people go into a hard survival mode.

    Some folks would have us believe that we didn’t strive to make real progress in the realm of economics and business before the CRM…or that people weren’t taking real advantage of one another before the CRM…or that our only leadership came from men of the cloth before the CRM…or even that the CRM actually began with the MBB in 1955 or Brown vs. BOE in 1954.

    I would argue that none of that is REAL. I think there are remnants in truth in that broad cloth, but something has been lost in translation. E. Franklin Frazier and W.E.B. DuBois and Marcus Garvey all wrote about a virulent strain of materialism among Black folk. Moreover, many white social critics and theorists have written about the same strain in the nation as a whole. Add to that the common refrain of first generation immigrants that their children are more concerned with STUFF than SAVING, and I see a larger trend that is neither unique to Black folks or the CRM.

    Materialism is a function of what America does best: mass production. It is precisely the commercial practice of efficient mass production that propelled the US to the top of the heap. It meant that more people could have “the trappings of wealth” without being wealthy.

    Televisions, color televisions, projection televisions, plasma televisions, high-definition televisions, 3D televisions.

    Mass production created accessible STUFF for the working class and the working poor AND people in the underground economy who had CASH, if not CREDIT or INSURANCE or BENEFITS. The same applies to telephones and cars, etc.

    Black folks are not the only ones buying stuff. Our consumption may be disproportionate, but that’s not a function of how the CRM fell apart. That’s a function of a much larger issue with deeper historical roots — to me.

  16. Ron Glover says:

    Both of you are Gentlemen and Scholars, reading that just gave me the feeling of being in a college lecture hall. Great points!!!

  17. HarveyDent says:


    I definitely agree with you that materialism is not something exclusive to the Black community but as you touched on the pursuit of STUFF is disproportionately more detrimental to us though. All of us know the joke about the guy with the tricked out ride who lives in the projects which sums up the problem that our people have with the fruits of mass production because too many of us are willing to spend money on ostentatious junk than save or invest it and teach our children how to make money work for them.

    When I was kid I had no problem spending money on the things I wanted at the time and I begrudge no one treating themselves but as KRS-One said over twenty years ago when you start loving material objects that love is gonna get you. That love gets too many of us because we as a people don’t have the generational wealth that other races have or even the opportunity to build that wealth as it’s been proven time and again that banks don’t give loans to Black families or businesses no matter the credit history and when they do it’s at a scandalously higher interest rate than other races. Add to that the still expanding prison-industrial complex, lower wage last hired, first fired jobs and deteriorating educational system in the inner city and other poor areas then it is a problem when adults and children scheme on how to get the newest Jordans on the first day they drop or how to get a Maybach while working a job paying $10 an hour.

    Again, I have no problem with our people especially our younger people going out and enjoying themselves but we as the older heads have to teach them that trying to keep up with the Joneses or harming another person for STUFF is not the way to go. I know I’m preaching but living in Newark and years before that in ATL I saw too many lives thrown away because someone had what another one wanted be it a woman/man, a ride, or an overpriced piece of cloth with a swoosh on it. It’s got to stop because Black America is not allowed to be young and foolish. We’re not allowed to learn from our mistakes and correct our errors because we’re still looked at as criminals to be used as cheap labor in for-profit prisons and to be used as the boogey man out to rape, rob, and kill White America every two years during election season.

    If we don’t find that spiritualism that Dr. Hemingway spoke of again or control our materialistic urges then prepare to see an ever-increasing prison population though seriously by that time we’ll be all herded into those secret prisons being built in the American Southwest.

  18. Origin says:

    Temple and Harvey – I want to thank you brothas for a great debate. To be honest I have nothing to add because you brothas are speaking the absolute truth. I agree with both your points and have made the same comments to family members and young folks.

  19. Temple3 says:


    Double ditto on all that. The spirituality is the way out, but it has to be a powerful, transformative spirituality that is grounded in the REAL WORLD (and that means the physical world — for all that means including the things that physicists don’t understand TODAY, but was understood millenia ago).

    Children are natural students of phenomena. Unfortunately, many of us are rooted in faiths/belief systems that seek to shut down our natural curiosity about the material world. Our children need to understand it so that it can be DEMYSTIFIED.

    When young people truly grasp the meaning of words like CURRENCY (monetary-electrical-social) and CAPITAL and CHANGE, they will understand that people seeking SPARE CHANGE cannot INITIATE CHANGE and rather than driving the FLOW, they dragged along by the CURRENT because of their focus being limited to “CURRENT EVENTS” rather than the past or future. They cannot CAPITALIZE on opportunities…instead, they are compelled to seek CREDIT, rather than CONSERVE (or SAVE $$ or ENERGY).

    It’s all one thing. Money, energy and the spirit are all part of one coherent whole. When our kids understand that, they’ll understand the value of a dollar, of time spent, of sleeping to recharge batteries, of proper nutritiion to fuel the body and mind, of exercise to energize, of choosing friends wisely, of “dropping dead weight,” and much more.

    We already have a treasure trove of resources to illuminate these values. Some folks refer to “hustling” as a bad thing — but it’s not always so. Sometimes “hustling” is a manifestation of hunger-appetite-ambition-desire AND vision that things can CHANGE. “Hustling” is ENERGY.

    Kids can understand + and – (yin and yang/ma’at and isfet). Everything else is ____.

  20. HarveyDent says:

    Thank you, T3, because this back and forth has been most stimulating and a dialogue I don’t get too much offline because I’m not as eloquent so the knowledge I try to drop just comes across as rantings I guess. Thanks again though for breaking down what a dialectic is at its most basic level with is plus/minus, ying/yang, thesis/antithesis but all leading to a hoped for sum, unity, synthesis.

    Thank you as well RG and before you Mizzo for providing us a forum all these years to air our views and bring all the family here together to remind us that we’re not just sending words into the blogosphere.

  21. KevDog says:

    Nce discussion as usual here.

    NFL=Suckas game and fools gold. Destroys minds and bodies and at the end of the day, most NFL players end up like Thelma Evans Husband in “Good Times,” Broke and looking for work, somewhere, anywhere.

    As to the CRM. Our response to increased opportunity and that increase in opportunity are related but findamentally different issues. I came from straight up ghetto and the most money my mother ever made was $15k in a year. We didn’t have any fathers around and we never considered college. I’m not big, I’m not athletic and my greatest assets are my intelligence and my desire.

    So I save peoples lives and I raise my children to strive for excellence and to teach them that nothing they can conceive cannot be achieved. Couldn’t say that before the CRM, Hell couldn’t say that before Nov 2008. But now I can look them in the eye and tell it to them and actually beieve it. I love those girls with every fiber of my being and if one of them wants to be the next Sarah Vaughn and has the chops, she can, and if one of them wants to be the like my friend Stephanie Wilson and go into muthafuckin’ Space, she can do that too.

    So damn right, I KNOW we’re better off for the CRM. Because the work is incomplete, doesn’t mean it deserves throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

    We should take a look a little South of our border and think how any of us would handle living in the hell hole that Mexico has become to see how damn lucky we are to be in the here and now, despite Fox and ESPN and The Tea party.