Friday Fire: What Does The American Sports Machine Have In Store For The Black Athlete?


How can you DANCE and WIN,
you little Black jinn?
Don’t you know is business!
Fun is a sin!
Chocalate chucker
Mother Fucker
Play like Cousy
Or else you’ll lose me
And everyone else with my kinda skin
Oh so pale and oh so thin.

 By: Temple3

Quarterback benchings with no logical excuse, an NFL legend is traded and cut all within a month, an against-all-odds player with Hall of Fame credentials watches his career end in the Turkish sunset. 

Without a fight.

I don’t know what’s going on but it seems that the passive are being provoked and the outspoken are being silenced. Aided by sidebar accounts from cancerous so-called sources that fan the flames. While many reputable Black sports media outlets are denied access to get the truth.

Without a fight… by most.

The days of chest-thumping, endzone celebrations, direct eye contact while addressing an NBA official, and Shawn Kemp finger-pointing after monstrous dunks has ended – the Black Athlete is being reigned in, slowly but surely.

Without a fight…for now.

Your thoughts…

16 Responses to “Friday Fire: What Does The American Sports Machine Have In Store For The Black Athlete?”

  1. Big Man says:

    I agree, that’s my thought.
    Seriously, as Stern has noted, the fans are tired of seeing these negroes straying from the script. They want their athletes running, jumping and smiling. Anything else reminds them that they probably would like these big black brutes much if they met them on the street.
    It’s been building for years.

  2. sankofa says:

    You…I…No one can claim ignorance in this day and age.

    We…they…can’t say they didn’t know!

    We all know…some chose to turn a blind eye… for the money…for the fame…for the prestige of banging a fly blond, Chinese woman or a sister with a big butt. They could be like John Amaechi, pissed that the pool of available men are not that open.

    Many of these male and females…because MEN and WOMEN don’t go put punk… are willing to sacrifice their dignity… be willing slaves…not willing to stand up and be 100% hue-man.

    If they did, their playing days will be short, but the orgasmic fantasy of minstrel (ing) for Cesar in the coliseum prevents them from playing their own games or… or having a revolution with out violence, but with the intent to defend it with violence if interfered with.

    It’s sad to see these entertainers who get paid all this money, forgetting that their success was built on the legacy of those who went before and the legacy of those who follow.

  3. MODI says:

    “Quarterback benchings with no logical excuse, an NFL legend is traded and cut all within a month, an against-all-odds player with Hall of Fame credentials watches his career end in the Turkish sunset.”

    I’m glad this was put altogether because as it has been said many times over this is all just another symptom of a nation-wide racial insanity of the Obama blacklash.

    This is happening because it can.

    Without a fight… for now.

  4. Ron Glover says:

    Mizzo and I discussed the backlash the day after the election and it has taken hold.

  5. Okori Wadsworth says:

    It’s come so fast that it came like a thunderbolt.

  6. Ron Glover says:

    The aftermath of the Jack Johnson/James Jeffries bout comes to mind, not as tragic – but casualties all the same.

  7. Okori Wadsworth says:

    it’s really eerie what is going on.

  8. Miranda says:

    I dont think its a coincidence that this “revelation” regarding some clown trying to get money from Miss State on behalf of Cam Newton is popping up right now. I give it the SEOD (side eye of death)

  9. Julius says:

    The NBA was in need of some change. Watching half the league bitch and whine up and down the court after every single call was getting mighty irritating. I can’t see how lowering the volume on that is a bad thing. Let’s not forget that these athletes are better compensated than any athletes in history (though that change soon, slightly). They’re no heroes. Charles Barkley got that part right.

  10. KevDog says:

    When I’m assessing mental status for a white patient, I don’t ever ask who the POTUS is. The oftimes negative sneers I got before I wised up, made me so mad, I lost objectivity in doing my job. Now I ask them where they were born.

    Stern is a Nazi who would have galdly sold out every Jew in Germany if it had meant perks for him.

  11. MODI says:

    Ron, that is exactly it — just less bloodshed. Obama is clearly the 100 year reincarnation (almost to the day) of Jack Johnson, and the historical parallels are all there. At that time white supremacy meant physical supremacy, and Johnson threw a serious wrench in the game. White supremacy then reinvented itself to only mental superiority and Obama is effing many white people up as Jack once did. In each case significant white masses lost their minds.

    And if you really want to get into this, they both employ the same master defensive fighting styles that were the cultural necessities of their times. Back in the day, black fighters couldn’t knock white opponents silly or they would never get a title shot (Sam Langford). While that rule would eventually fade by the time of Liston, Foreman, and Tyson, the same rules of aggression still applies in politics (and elsewhere). In the debates, a hand-cuffed Obama had to beat Hillary and McCain while they threw haymakers. If Obama dared to return 1/10 of fire, he would become the angry black man. But like Jack Johnson his defensive wizardry won out.

    Next step is to go legal, and the birther movement has (unsuccessfully) replaced the Mann Act. So the next step is to enact all these crazy state laws, manufacture hysteria about a mosque, and try and repeal all of his policies!

    Same shit, different century. This is so cyclical.

  12. Tariq says:

    I love “black jinn”

    You know, according to the Qur’an, the jinn are a race of creatures (made of fire) that are sort of a parallel of the human race (made of clay). They are the only two types of creatures who are accountable for their actions. And what’s interesting is that the Qur’an presents the jinn as a diverse race, so you have all kinds of jinn, both “believer” and “non-believer”. But the way you use “black jinn,” it sorted of inverts that diversity and puts forth this image of a constructed race that is doubly distant.

  13. TC says:

    No doubt Bubba Chuck has been disrespected…and Randy Moss…..that said….I hope that more black athletes recognize they will treated with a bit more warmth in Europe and around the world than they are in the States. And given the value of the dollar, they’d do well to get those yen, those drachma, those Euros, coz those dollars will go further when they change them over. I’m not saying players should leave the NBA, but they should know that much of the rest of the world will greet and embrace NBA players with a lot more warmth than the What Have You Done For Me Lately attitude in the US.

  14. Origin says:

    Whats up TC……………..great points man.

    Check this video of AI arriving in Turkey.

  15. Temple3 says:


    You go deep. I figured someone would catch that.

    I have this suspicion that when people speak of ‘gods,’ they’re really referring to other human beings who are advanced in some significant way.

    Given how things unfolded back in the day on what came to be known as the Arabian peninsula, I suspect that these beings made from smokeless fire were probably BLUE BLACK Sudanese men of some considerable height and some considerable achievement.

    After all, we’ve all reached an age where we know there is no such thing as magic — and that the purpose of “magic” is to illuminate and illustrate beyond the limitations of the rational mind.

    But then again — who knows?

  16. TC says:

    Damn….can’t see it here….but being from Britain and having lived in Croatia, y’all don’t know how nuts they go for basketball in E. Europe….sports in general. AI will feel loved there if he doesn’t dwell on his shoddy treatment from NBA GMs. Treated like a king doesn’t even begin to describe it, especially since he’s a known quantity and not like a first or second year player who isn’t well known. He’s a legend there already. Shoot….I lived in Croatia in ’96 when AI was a rookie and we used to get one live game a week there and we’d watch NBA Live…eh..I forgot the name of the show with Ahmad Rashad…he was such a highlight machine his rookie year, as was Kobe. I just hope AI opens his heart and allows himself to appreciate the warmth of the Turkish fans.