NFL Questions And (Maybe Some) Answers For Week 9

Browns coach Eric Mangini (inset) gives Browns fans something to smile about with back-to-back shocking wins; last week against the Saints and Sunday's stunner over the Patriots.

This was one of the more entertaining weeks in the 2010 season in my opinion. It seems like cities like Cleveland, Oakland and Detroit are not going to take kindly to being the League’s doormats any longer and that makes for great football. Brad Childress reminds me of a kid who doesn’t realize when he’s being spared the rod. Do you think the Eagles are really going to allow Michael Vick to walk away at the end of the season?

 Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress walks the sideline in the second quarter of an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals in Minneapolis on Sunday, Nov. 7, 2010.

Brad Childress has lost his quarterback and most of his team and he continues to antagonize his players where is the ax? Now I see what really went down with Terrell Owens in Philly part of the problem was Childress. I was Childress who Owens told not to address him unless he (Owens) addressed him first. Childress in turn went to Andy Reid who confronted Owens, thus suspending him.  Ok, now he cuts Randy Moss without ownership approval, he nearly gets fired for that. Then on Friday, Childress gets into it with Percy Harvin, a kid who has been banged up all season (as well as a history of migraine headaches) and has done all he can to get on the field this season to save his (Childress) job. Then above all else you continue to joust with the only person anyone really listens to in that lockerroom in Brett Favre. Favre has his faults as a player and person, but he along with Percy Harvin saved your hide yesterday. I think that Childress really believes that Zygi Wilf won’t write a $16 million check to see him go away.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick (7) tries to scramble as Indianapolis Colts safety Aaron Francisco (43) and defensive end Dwight Freeney (93) close in for the tackle in the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 7, 2010, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Miles Kennedy)

Do you really believe that the Eagles are going to let walk at the end of this season?  Andy Reid’s goal for Michael Vick was to refine his qualities as a passer while keeping his ability as a runner intact, making Vick more valuable on the open market. But since the Kevin Kolb parachute never quite opened Reid still has Vick to audition for him this season and it has worked out beyond anyone’s expectations. This is a good thing given the jury is still out on Kolb. Vick has taken the offense and made it his own, he has thrown for 7 touchdowns with no interceptions for 1,017 yards and a 105.3 passer rating. He no longer looked rushed or hurried to do anything he has learned to let the game come to him. And from looking at his arm strength yesterday we may have someone who can overthrow wideout DeSean Jackson. In the end, I believe that the Eagles will make an offer (hopefully a lucrative one) to Vick. Let’s just hope that parachute opens up.

I’m all for fines and suspensions of those that deliver illegal hits to the head and with their helmets but by the same token I believe that these hits should be reviewed on the field during the game. Yesterday during the Colts- Eagles contest receiver Austin Collie was knocked unconscious during a drive late in the half that led to an Indianapolis touchdown. Momentum inthis drive can be aided to the 15-yard penalty that was assessed as helmet to helmet contact by the Eagles Kurt Coleman,  the replay does show contact after Collie caught the ball turned and dropped his head. There was no intent on the part of Coleman. At halftime of the telecast analyst Bill Cowher emplored the NFL, “Not to fine this young man – that was a clean hit.”  The officials would resurface in the fourth quarter as the Eagles were clinging to a 26-17 lead. On 4th and 18 quarterback Peyton Manning is sacked and stripped of the ball by the Eagles Trent Cole, the Eagles recover and the game is over – but hold on. During the sack Coles hand comes across the back of Manning’s helmet barely moving his head and Cole is whistled for a 15 yard personal foul penalty again allowing the Colts to score. Those 14 points by questionable calls by the officials nearly cost the Eagles yesterday, I’m for player safety but I also don’t want games decided on the kneejerk reaction of a referee. So let’s head to the booth on these calls to get them right. Eventually, this is going to cost a good clean player his reputation and  alot of unnecessary money and a deserving team a critical game.

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  1. Temple3 says:

    Wow — Julius…you just stepped into the shitter.

    I’ve been ignoring you for some time.


    I’ll be with you shortly.

  2. Temple3 says:

    Then again — maybe I won’t.

    You attach belief systems to me that I don’t hold. I’m not in the mood to clarify. You can re-read or check my blog.

  3. Temple3 says:

    Nice of the Falcons to induct Deion into their ring of honor when they’re facing the Ravens. That’s cool for Deion to have all of his boyz in the house.

  4. Miranda says:

    I just saw a headline ‘Did Cam’s dad put him up for sale?”


  5. Origin says:

    @Miranda – Just wait sista this the tip of the iceberg………..these fools have just gotten started.

    Anyway I checked into just to see the score (hoping that ATL was losing) well what do I see they have live feed of the ATL vs. Balt game. What do I hear theisman and the rest of the commentators slurping on Matt Ryan calling him the next Peyton Manning.


  6. Miranda says:

    Yeah origin…I cant even watch the game because the commentators are just plain irritating.

  7. Origin says:

    Sista I am watching Mia vs Celtics…………..I do not have time for that golden boy slurping.

    And if Matt Ryan is a young Peyton then that means he is going to 0-3 in his first 3 playoffs games just like Peyton overrated ass.

    Folks think that ATL has the NFC south wrapped up………..please the Saints are about to storm back to close out the season.

  8. Miranda says:

    Origin….you would swear that the Falcons are playing a scrimmage. The commentators are beyond WRONG at this point…damn, just call the damn game. If I was only listening to them I would think the score was 45-7.

  9. Miranda says:

    And why Goodell spoke this afternoon at this reception and say that Atlanta needs a new stadium? yeah….like this revenue starved area bout to ante up for a new stadium…but I wouldn’t put it past these lunatic teabagging fools. They just released a report that damn near 30,000 jobs in Georgia being paid with by STIMULUS money from the federal government and these nuts still hollering about big gubment…the fools.

  10. Origin says:

    I can imagine…………just the few minutes that I heard was insane. Talking about Ryan making all the reads and putting players in the positions they need to be……he knows the offense so well.

    I am like he should know the reads and the offense well……….hell the boy been playing in that offense since he was 8 years old……..LOL!!!

    The Falcons are tough at home but when its late november/december and its time to play outside they begin to get soft as cotton.

    Oh and Miranda I bet cash money that if the Eagles make the playoffs somehow they will play the Falcons in ATL in a wild card game.

    Oh and when Mcnabb goes to a new team next year I bet Vick and Mcnabb face off in the playoffs next year too.

  11. Miranda says:

    origin, three of my friends texted me that this is a Matt Ryan commercial. Honestly, they won’t LET US cheer for the Falcons…we are compelled to root against them….its not our fault.

  12. Miranda says:

    Well origin if the Eagles end up playing Atlanta in a playoff game…it will be a home game for the Eagles no matter where its played, that’s for sure. LOL

  13. HarveyDent says:

    Droll, Sista Miranda, droll…the NFL may try to blackout a playoff game if the Vick-led Eagles plays the Falcons down in da Durty. If you think last December was a site go ahead and times that by ten if Vick and DJax start going off and the nigras start dancing in the stands in #7 of both teams.

  14. Miranda says:

    LOL…HD…it would be nothing but nigras in #7 jerseys dancing at kickoff. Pissing off the whole sports media echelon in this entire country.

    Did you see the empty seats up in the Dome tonight? Painting the seats red did help to make it less noticeable, but every now and then the cameras would pan out by mistake.

  15. Origin says:

    @HD & Miranda – Ya’ll are killing me…………I can see it now all them black folks singing Bone Crusher “ain’t never scared”…….LOL!!!

    I tell you what if Vick plays the Falcons in ATL for the playoffs i will be there too.

    “So I’m outside of da club and you think I’m a puuuuuuuunk”

  16. Origin says:

    Seriously there were empty seats in the Dome???

    Wow………..thats a trip.

  17. Miranda says:

    Oh unless the Eagles, Steelers or Saints playing – its plenty of empty seats in the Georgia Dome.

    My brother called me and asked if Theisman owed Blank some money for as much endorsing of Ryan he did tonight. It was really kinda bizarre. I’ve heard commentators going overboard before, but tonight was truly weird – it was on a fetish level. UGH.

  18. Temple3 says:


    By virtue of what you’ve said and omitted, I can only assume you’re a skimmer, a poor reader, or someone who only reacts to things that interrupt their autobiography. (The one barking dog who can heard when that brick is thrown into the pack.) It could be all three. Either way — you missed the point.

    My previous post wasn’t about the universality of how individuals or groups retain power. I never said there was anything particular about it. You assumed it…you didn’t even infer it. This is Logic 101. You introduced a narrow concept of your own construction into the conversation and made a judgment about my position which you cannot substantiate. It’s all good. It’s a blog — it happens all the time.

    The universality of how power is applied was beside the point (even though my discussion of patronage reflected that very universality). The post was about the specific applications of power by particular individuals who form “groups” based on a shared value system. (And most importantly, it was part of a much longer “thread” that has occurred over several years with TSF fam.) Your injection of “race” into this conversation is limited and misses the entire point. All “white supremacists” are not “white.” Most importantly, all so-called “whites” are not “white.”

    You don’t take issue with my facts or my statements of personal experience. You take issue with a particularity, which you assumed to preclude a universality. That’s your issue — not mine. You should work on that. It will make you a better listener, a stronger conversationalist, and a better read.

    I like a lot of stuff that you’ve thrown up on the wall. Some of it actually sticks. Some of it stinks — to me. The common thread, however, before this last bit of judgmental, premature clap trap had been a willingness to listen with an open mind. Get back to your roots Julius…get back to listening and leave the assumptions to those with the fattest asses.