Ron Glover’s Week 10 NFL Predictions

Week 10 brings us a nice mix of conference matchups as a well as a few divisional showdowns. The day opens up with the Dolphins facing the Tennessee Titans as Randy Moss makes his debut for the Jeff Fisher’s crew. The Cleveland Browns go for their third upset in as many weeks as Eric Mangini faces his former team in the New York Jets. Other games include the Vikings against the Bears, the 1-7 Cowboys look to ruin the Giants rise in the NFC East, Patriots/Steelers, Broncos/Raiders. 

The week ends in the Nation’s Capital as the Redskins finally get back to football after two weeks of turmoil – waiting on them are Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Byes this week: Chargers, Packers, Raiders and Saints

Sunday November 13, 2010

Tennessee Titans (5-3) at Miami Dolphins (4-4) 1pm – The Dolphins season could fall either way – while the Titans, with the edition of Randy Moss can consider themselves a Super Bowl contender. But tough wins on the road like this must happen first Late word has Vince Young missing today’s game and will be replaced by Kerry Collins.

Pick: Phins 23 – Titans 21

New York Jets (6-2) at Cleveland Browns (3-5) 1pm – The Jets have struggled the past two weeks and should be in the midst of  a losing streak, the Jets are pedestrian in my opinion and Rex Ryan’s talk doesn’t rattle anyone. The Browns Peyton Hillis looked Walter Payton-like against the Patriots last week.

Pick: Browns 27 – Jets 23

Cincinnati Bengals (2-6) at Indianapolis Colts (5-3) 1pm – I’m not sure what to make of the situation in Cincy Carson Palmer slow descent over the past three seasons is at full speed. The Colts hiccup in Philly last week was not received well and the will look to get back on track this week.

Pick: Colts 45 – Bengals 24

Minnesota Vikings (3-5) at Chicago Bears (5-3) 1pm – Despite all of the turmoil in Minny Brad Childress still has a job and his team is still in the hunt for the division. With a big win today, the Bears could have a huge impact on both situations.

Pick: Bears 28 – Vikings 20

Detroit Lions (2-6) at Buffalo Bills (0-8) 1pm – Megatron (Calvin Johnson) has seven touchdowns in the last five games. The Bills offensive line will be overmatch by the Lions defensive front. Expect plenty of passing in today contest.

Pick: Lions 38 – Bills 28

Carolina Panthers (1-7) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-3) 1pm – The Bucs were one of the pleasant surprises in the first half of the season, they will look to continue the trend as they push for the playoffs. Last week’s loss to the Falcons gives them two in the division.

Pick: Bucs 33 – Panthers 17

Houston Texans (4-4) at Jacksonvill Jaguars (4-4) 1pm – Losers of three of their last four – the Texans have given up at least 29 points in each of those contests. Surprisingly they’re still one game out of first place – so are the Jags, who are the forgotten team in all of this.

Pick: Jags 30 – Texans 29

Kansas City Chiefs (5-3) at Denver Broncos (2-6) 4:05pm: No one will be looking past the Chiefs in the second half of the season, especially the Broncos, who would love nothing more than to thump their hated rivals.

Pick: Chiefs 24 – Broncos 13

Dallas Cowboys (1-7) at New York Giants (6-2) 4:15pm: I can’t remember the last time the Giants swept the Cowboys but it seems like a likely scenario if the Giants can beat the seemingly dead Cowboys.

Pick: Giants 27 – Cowboys 21

St. Louis Rams (4-4) at San Francisco 49’ers (2-6) 4:15pm – A win by the Niners today would put them one game out of first place in the wacky NFC West. Troy Smith gets the start today for the Niners and could put a stranglehold on the starting job with a good performance today. Sam Bradford is having a great season.

Pick: Niners 27 – Rams 20

Seattle Seahawks (4-4) at Arizona Cardinals (3-5) 4:15pm – This is one game where you could see scores on offense, defense and special teams by BOTH teams. The division confirms itself as the wackiest/worst with this contest.

Picks: Cardinals 35 – Seahawks 31

New England Patriots (6-2) at Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2) 8:20pm – Critics are saying that the Patriots are mad after last week’s upset to the Browns and look to bounce back this week. When have the Steelers ever cared about anyone being mad.

Pick: Steelers 33 – Patriots 23

Monday November 15, 2010

nfl-eagles-jackson-desean-10-altern.jpg desean jackson image by pimpin805

Philadelphia Eagles (5-3) at Washington Redskins (4-4) 8:30pm – We’re all curious to see what happens if Donovan McNabb struggles early – or late for that matter. Michael Vick will look to figure out the Redskins defensive riddle.

Pick: Eagles 23 – Redskins 13

Last Week 8-4, 2010 Season 74-41





28 Responses to “Ron Glover’s Week 10 NFL Predictions”

  1. Origin says:

    RG- I like your picks………..I think the Vikings will get rolling now. I think the Vikings beat the bears. Cutler probably throws 2 picks in this game.

    I agree with you that the cowboys will play the Giants tough in a loss.

    I like the Eagles also over Washington…………Torrain has been held out all week with a bad hamstring and will play. Washington can’t run without Torrain and I don’t care what that fool Shanahan says the offensive line and lack of decent WRs are hurting that team more then anything. No amount of practice can change that and no QB can either. And for the idiots in th MSM that keep pointing out how Mcnabb played better when he was benched in 2008 (it was not 2009 as they keep saying) that was because Andy was passing 75% of the time for 3 games straight. That is why the team was losing not because of Mcnabb. All of a sudden Kolb was put in at the half and Andy continued to pass 75% of the time and the Raven’s beat them. The next week Mcnabb starts against Arizona and Andy calls a more balanced offense (they begin to run about 40% to 45% of the time) the Eagles go on to win and go to the Conf. Championship game during the playoffs run.

    The difference this time is that Washington can’t run the ball even if that fool Kyle actually called running plays. Nor is that OL even 25% as good as that Eagle line in 2008. And last those WRs on Washington can’t even touch a rookie D. Jackson and a slot WR in Kevin Curtis that played with the Eagles in 2008.

  2. HarveyDent says:

    Glad to see LeGarrette Blount doing his thing down in Tampa

  3. Origin says:

    Yeah Harvey dude is unreal…………..dang I guess I was wrong picking the Vikings.

  4. Origin says:

    Troy Smith is the truuuuuuuth!!!!!

    If it weren’t for penalties dude would have thrown 3 TDs today.

    Dang Mike why didn’t you start him before Alex went down…….oh well.

    Now folks know why Ray Lewis and the rest of the Ravens wanted him to start.

  5. Miranda says:

    I love that Jags-Texans finale!

  6. Origin says:

    Yeah I loved that ending too……… the Texans are on their annual melt down.

  7. Origin says:

    Funny how Jack Del Rio said that Garrard wasn’t a elite QB well he sure has been playing like one…………while saving Del Rio’s job.

  8. Miranda says:

    The 49ers win!

    Frank Gore is a BEAST!

  9. Origin says:

    Yes thats 2 wins for Troy Smith………..he is now the official starter of the 49ers.

  10. Miranda says:

    Oh surprise surprise….Favre has an ailing shoulder…it wasn’t disclosed before…but we feel everyone needs to know after that 3 interception game.

  11. Origin says:

    Yeap and a friend of mine, who was watching the game texted me saying that the announcers were making excuses every time interception man Farve threw a bad pass.

  12. Miranda says:

    Well it was the battle of the gunslingers with Favre vs Cutler. LOL….but the ole man showed the kid whose still king of the interceptions! Favre had 3 to Cutler’s 2! LOL

    Damn, so the 49ers had 3 TDs called back for penalties??

  13. Origin says:

    @Cutler and Farve throwing ints……LOL!!!

    Yeap Troy Smith was showing out……… would have been proud.
    That kat converted like a 4th and 16 and a 3rd and 33.

    Now folks understand what Ray Ray was talking about.

  14. Miranda says:

    Troy’s average yard per completion was ridiculous. Basically he averaged a first down with every throw.

  15. Burundi says:

    Troy indeed had a monster game that seems to have gone largely unheralded, judging by the recap on, tho’ they gave him a li’l love in the article title (USATODAY did much better). Amazing! It seemed that whenever I watched Troy, he played well—and he seemed to outplay Flacco this preseason… Origin, Ray-Ray and the fellas knew what was up, but it seems that the only bad game I’ve seen Troy have was versus Florida, lol… The dart Troy threw off his back foot to Crabtree for a TD was a thing of beauty. Last week, Coach Mike said that watching Troy was a little bit like watching Montana and Steve Young (which both articles referenced). He was ridiculed, but Troy’s play was a definitely a vindication of sorts. Troy’s Passer Rating through two games, with no picks, is 116.6 and he’s averaging 11.7 yards a pass. The rest of his stats, courtesy of USATODAY, are as follows:

    While it was obvious to me the blatant bigotry involved with him not getting a chance in B’mo, it had to be rough on the players watching winnable games be sacrificed in the name of the Great White Hope.

  16. Burundi says:


    Thanks for the laugh of the day, by the way. It’s been a minute that I’ve likewise enjoyed such a hearty chuckle…

  17. Burundi says:

    Sheesh! It looks like the Steelers sure miss Santonio Holmes…

  18. Temple3 says:


    I told you the Steelers would lose this game. 3rd time they’ve almost exactly the same way to Brady. Neither team should take too much from this. Both of them have a long way to go. 3 dropped TD passes and a Pick Six. Yuck!

    And when Santonio comes back, he’s going to wear them out.

  19. kos says:


    This game went about how I thought it would if the Steelers would lose. Brady owns the Steelers by using the dink & dunk game. Then, Arians offense not adjusting for the Pats defense compounded the Steelers woes. It didn’t help that Hines got knocked out of the game early either. Mike Wallace is definitely a baller. Seeing how Holmes ended that OT in Cleveland made me wish that Steelers management would have used better sense in dealing with Holmes.

  20. Ron Glover says:

    @Temple, you called it.

  21. Temple3 says:


    The Steelers are really going to regret losing Santonio Holmes. (I guess the organization never regrets anything.) The fans will surely regret that he’s gone. I was never worried about Mike Wallace. I wrote about him after his breakout game vs. Cincinnati last year. He’s a monster.

    The fact is that they need to identify a replacement for Hines Ward. I LOVE what Emmanuel Sanders is doing. He’s going to be a STUD in the slot very soon, but he’s still young. He showed what he’s made of last night.

    At the end of the day, the Steelers STILL have limited Red Zone scoring options. Collingsworth said Mendenhall’s shoulder is banged up — THAT explains why he has been coming out of games for the 2nd or 3rd drive of every game for weeks. It happened at New Orleans, Cincinnati and again last night. His carries are way down. They need him to get back to normal. He should have been dominant last night.

    The Steelers aren’t going to change because this is the only team that has been able to play this style and beat them. Not even the Colts were able to do it. They’ve only played the Pats once in the post-season since NE started using this style — Ben’s rookie year…and that loss was as much a result of getting stuffed on 4th and 1 as anything else.

    The key to stopping this approach is to establish a lead and run the ball. They need more of the 2005 approach. Pass to lead…run to win. Right now, they seem to be running for the sake of “trying to establish the run,” and passing to move the ball. That seems wrong-headed to me and the results haven’t been very good. They struggle with passing to score (especially early when it matters) and they struggle with running to keep leads — because Arians likes to PASS and BR throws interceptions to keep teams in the game.

    Holmes should really torch the Steelers. Ike Taylor is the only guy who could even think about covering him — and that’s not going to work out too well. It’s gonna be a great matchup, but I think the Steelers are really going to struggle to score points unless they start using Heath Miller more once inside their opponents 40-yard line — AND if they don’t start taking more shots INTO the ENDZONE. Stretching the field means making a defense cover from the line of scrimmage to the back line of the endzone. That’s how they won the Super Bowl in 2008. They need to get back to that.

  22. GrandNubian says:

    This is the 2nd time the Browns have beat the Steelers this year. First, the Browns beat the Saints, whom the Steelers had next on their schedule. Next, they beat the Patriots, whom the Steelers had next on their schedule. They were put into a position, by Cleveland, that they just weren’t going to win.

    The Stains weren’t going to lose back-to-back games at home and The Patriots haven’t lost back-to-back games since 2001 (or is it 2002?). Anyways, the Steelers are Tom Brady’s ‘bitches’; he owns them….just like Ben owns the Ravens….just like Peyton owns the Texans…..etc.

  23. GrandNubian says:

    Stains = Saints…..

    No disrespect to any Saints fans out there. 😉

  24. kos says:

    T3 –

    I think the running not being as well as in the past also has to do with all of the injuries along the offensive line. Heck, the only starter that is even relatively healthy at this point (because at this time of the year in the NFL, no one that is playing significantly is healthy) is Pouncey. Kemoeatu was out, Essex hurting, Colon and Starks are on IR. One reason that Cleveland was able to obliterate the Pats defense with the run is that their line is much healthier than the Steelers.

    I think Holmes will have Steelers fans crying next month. He said the right things when the Steelers shipped him out, but I’m sure two things linger on in his mind. The Steelers really did nothing to Ben for his behavior. And most importantly, they traded him for a fifth round pick. Even if he was in the last year of his contract, I’m sure Holmes has to be thinking, they just gave him away. He was worth at least a third round pick (and that’s ONLY because he was in the last year of said contract) and they probably could have gotten a two for him. You are right, there is NO Steelers defensive back than can guard him one on one. The only thing that might stop him would be Polamalu coming over the top and laying a couple of hard licks on him.

  25. Temple3 says:

    The Stains — ROTFLMBAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Temple3 says:

    After seeing Brady do this so often, I’m wondering what the Steelers will counter with if they play in the post — in New England. To me, playing Lewis and Butler last night and pressing those receivers at the line might have been a solid approach. To borrow from Belichick’s book, it might have even worked to put Emmanuel Sanders out there as a DB. Dude can run and tackle!

    They actually HAVE THE PEOPLE to counter that spread, but they didn’t use them. Maybe it’s because Smith and Kiesel were out.

    GN: I made the same point about the Browns earlier today.

    However, what goes around comes around. Last year, we BENEFITED from following the Ravens around. We beat Minnesota and San Diego after the Ravens played them.

  27. Origin says:

    Thanks Burundi for posting that link I have been following the Troy Smith story on the internet today and I have notice the nonsense that you are talking about. No one and I mean no one wants to give this young man credit.

    But thats what they do when its a black QB. In other news I see Mcnabb got 40 Mill guaranteed I guess all the bigots like Peter King and Mike Florio will be sick to their stomachs. Get ready for the spin guys……I thought Mcnabb was washed up and would be a back up making the league minimum this offseason?? Now they will spin it as being Snyder meddling again. And look a here I see the idiots in the media are throwing VY under the bus questioning his work ethic again stating that he missed ankle treatments and wasn’t warming up before the game. Fisher just said that VY was excused and received the same treatments while in Austin (at UT) over the week. Yet fans in Nashville who were at the game are saying that they saw VY warming up before the game.

    Aren’t these the same fools that said last week that Troy Smith had a poor work ethic because he was in Ohio (instead of being back in SF) during the bye week going over plays that were faxed to him by the coaches.

    They sure love to play this little lazy poor work ethic deal when it comes to black QBs. You sort of like how Mcnabb is lazy because he trains in Arizona with his WRs in the offseason.

    I tell you what I can’t wait till Vick signs that fat ass contract some time in March next year. These bastards heads will explode……LOL!!!

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