NFL Questions And (Maybe Some) Answers For Week 10

Troy Smith

What a banner day in the NFL yesterday – two fantastic finishes, the Bills get their first win of the season and the Cowboys get up off of the slab to defeat the Giants.

There may be an overdue changing of the guard is Minnesota while one has definitely taken place in ‘Frisco as Troy Smith has given the 49’ers a much needed spark – as winning the NFC West doesn’t look so much like a pipe dream now  

It is time for the Tavaris Jackson Era to begin in Minnesota. If Brett Favre’s postgame press conference didn’t convince Brad Childress that now is the time for Tavaris Jackson, his performance should have. The buzz this week has been how despised Childress is by his players, most notably Favre. It wasn’t Childress who threw three picks yesterday, it hasn’t been Childress who hasn’t put this team in a position to win hardly anything this season. That’s Favre’s cross to bear, and while Childress has done his part in screwing this season up too, alot of this falls at the feet of the guy who the brass sold their soul to bring back. Solution: Start Tavaris Jackson now, and dammit run Adrian Peterson more!

The Giants’ Eli Manning expressed frustration with an illegal formation penalty during the game against the Cowboys in East Rutherford on Sunday.

What is former Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips feeling this morning? The shot of Eli Manning (above) says it all – a man without answers. Jason Garrett was chided this week for using too many “down and out” cliches this week. He talked to the Cowboys about pride and circling the wagons – he even instituted a business dress code (which Felix Jones violated on the first day). Yesterday, the Cowboys played like men whose jobs were on the line while the Giants were expecting a laid-back facsimile. In the end it was the Giants who look undisciplined and laid back. Maybe the ‘Boys needed someone new to deliver the message.

 Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman (5) throws a pass as Carolina Panthers defensive tackle Derek Landri (61) moves in during the third quarter of an NFL football game Sunday, Nov. 14, 2010, in Tampa, Fla. the Bucs defeated the Panthers 31-16.

Is anyone ready to talk about Josh Freeman and the Tampa Bay Bucs? Freeman is in the top 10 among NFC signalcallers in several significant categories. Yet all we hear about are Brett Favre and his struggles, the Jets, and the justification of quarterback benchings around the League. Last season the Bucs brass was considering not bringing back rookie head coach Raheem Morris because of the growing pains of playing Freeman. All Morris has done is infuse this team with a youthful confidence on both sides of the ball and it all starts with Freeman. The Bucs sitting at 6-3 and in prime position for a playoff run. 



42 Responses to “NFL Questions And (Maybe Some) Answers For Week 10”

  1. Miranda says:

    I can’t wait to see what the ratings are for this game tonight.

  2. HarveyDent says:

    I can’t wait to see how far the Eagles are going to go with this tonight

  3. eric daniels says:

    Mike is killing the Skins tonight ,DMac made a bad decision re-singing with the Skins

  4. Miranda says:

    This is crazy…this is freaking insane.

  5. HarveyDent says:

    Damn, I’m freakin’ torn because I’ll always love McNabb but the Eagles always have a place in my heart.

  6. HarveyDent says:

    This is starting to get interesting.

  7. Miranda says:

    We got a game for real!

  8. eric daniels says:

    The Skins WR are letting Mc Nabb down and it looks like Vick is getting ready to take the Eagles in again 49-14 anyone

  9. Miranda says:

    This is crazy…….Mike telling all those nuts that said he would never be a starter in this league again to kiss his black ass.

  10. Miranda says:

    Somewhere….Nike’s CEO just called his SVP of Marketing and SVP of Public Relations for a quick conference call…the design team is working on the new Vicks for Spring…get ready.

  11. HarveyDent says:

    Andy Reid may know beans about the running game but I’ll tip my hat that he knows how to coach up QB’s. I’ll always love McNabb for what he did for the Eagles but Vick has become exactly what the Falcons hoped he would coming out of VA Tech, a true run/pass threat that is going to change the QB position in the NFL forever.

  12. Miranda says:

    Seriously…the Eagles gonna score 70 points.

  13. SportsDiva says:

    REDEMPTION…that is all

    (Miss y’all)

  14. Origin says:

    Yeap Vick put on a show with Kolb’s weapons……….LOL!!!

    @Harvey – Vick is showing what happens when you put weapons behind a great mobile QB. This is what would have happened if a young Mcnabb, Cunningham or Mcnair would have been surrounded with weapons.

    Also as I said before these black QBs are getting better and better each generation. Vick was/is the 2.0 version of Mcnabb as he was/is the 2.0 version of Cunningham.

    I tell you what Vick just helped Cam Newton’s stock go up………I love it!!!!

  15. Origin says:

    Also can the Eagles go to the Superbowl if Vick is healthy????

    If the Eagles defense can stop the run or if Reid can stick with the run.

    @Eric – I hate he signed with those clowns… they may never get his a OL or RB or WRs. I will be shocked if that team can win 7 games this year. They just can’t score more then about 17 points a game.

  16. Origin says:

    Was it me or did it look like Galloway was running routes out there with a walker????

  17. Miranda says:

    Galloway aged at least 30 years tonight. My God, my great Uncle Charlie is more spry than Galloway.

  18. Burundi says:

    Vick was the closest football equivalent to Michael Jordan tonight that the NFL has ever seen. If you missed the game, you missed a slice of history. According to Stuart Scott, no QB in the history of the L has ever thrown for 4TDs and run for 2 more in a game (actually, Mike did it in less than 3 whole quarters! He basically took a knee by handing the ball off the entire 4th Quarter. Wow!)

    When I saw the rain coming down, I thought of a newspaper clipping that I kept of Terry Bradshaw who stated that, “…Because Michael Vick throws the tightest spiral in the game, his passes are impervious (Yes, TB was quoted as saying impervious, lol!) to rain and snow.”, and damn if Mike didn’t make Terry out to be prophetic! I cannot believe that while I’ve seen the guns of Marino, Elway, Moon and Jim Kelly (K-Gun), I’ve gotta say that Vick’s 40 Cal is on another level. I’ve never seen a QB in the Red Zone determined to throw a pass, the defense knowing it and completely failing to stop it ’cause the guy simply had a canon. That one play reduced the NFL to a sandlot game where it just didn’t seem fair that the Redskin Defense was put in that predicament. It really seemed like the Skins should’ve been allowed more players on the team!


    You said in 1 of your posts that Donnie Mac was, then, a better QB. Well, after tonight, there’s no QB in the L better than Vick. The game has slowed down so much for him that only the Hidden Creator knows when he’ll actually throw a pick (the ‘Skins almost got 1, tho, ’cause Vick was hit as he threw the ball). His efficiency is ridiculously off the charts. Steve Young said paraphrased that, “This is the Vick that the Falcons thought he’d become and that Vick is redefining the game before our very eyes.” Guess what? Steve’s ain’t lying on this one.

  19. Burundi says:


    I, too, completely hate that he signed with the Eagles. Hopefully, he pulls a LeBron and goes somewhere else (like I wished that McNabb had done).

  20. Origin says:

    Burundi I agree with everything you said………..I saw the game and this is exactly what the GMS, Coaches, Owners, media and the overall league feared. Vick will force these dudes to accept kats like Cam and the rest. As I said before Cam Newton’s stock just went up because of Vick’s game tonight. Hell Denard Robinson might actually get a shot at QB in the NFL because of Vick’s game tonight.

    As sure as the hate that Mcnabb and Newton have received the last 2 weeks was just a warning shot from the powers that be. Vick’s performance was a warning shot as well……….saying that QBs like him are not dead yet and will be here for a long time. Its a trip cause just 2 years ago sites like deadspin and ESPN were writing about the death of the black QB. Naw they are far from dead……and this is only the beginning as Vick has shown tonight.

  21. eric daniels says:

    I think after the game No.7 had the Giants know they can’t stop Vick pass or running so I think they will use Bradshaw and Jacobs to control the clock and minimize Vick and that offense chances Sunday Night because if they don’t he will crave up the Giants secondary.

  22. eric daniels says:

    I think after this game the Giants know they can’t stop Vick passing or running so I think they will use Bradshaw and Jacobs to control the clock and minimize Vick and that offense chances Sunday Night because if they don’t he will crave up the Giants secondary.

  23. Origin says:

    Yeap thats the only way to stop Vick besides knocking him out the game……the way the Giants have done to 5 QBs.

  24. Miranda says:

    I got up early specifically this morning to listen to these local haters on radio choke on their own vomit by being forced to discuss MV…these clowns are discussing Cam Newton TOTALLY….like they refuse to discuss any other subject at ALL. LOL…dummies think they are being slick. Oh well…you can watch Cam do the same damn thing you refuse to discuss in the NFL in a couple of seasons.

  25. GrandNubian says:


    I just finished listening to a segment on 790 the zone w/ Steak, Dimino and Nick C talking about MV7. They were “swingin from his ‘sac’ like an addict on crack” (that was a lyric of mine, back in the day when I used to rhyme ;-)).

  26. Origin says:

    @Miranda and GN – So some of those haters are still trying to avoid talking about Vick.

    Remember guys Vick will play ATL in the playoffs (not sure if in ATL or in Philly but they will play each other).

    @Burundi – I was actually referring to Washington and how I hate Mcnabb resigned with them. There is no way that team wins more then 7 games this year.

  27. Miranda says:

    Hey GN, I did hear them finally get around to MV7. LOL…actually I turned to the CSS channel because they air live from 7-8am….and it was so sweet watching them talk about the video game come to life last night.

    If the Eagles do this next Sunday night, dont be shocked if Nike has the new shoe out in time for Xmas. LOL

  28. Temple3 says:

    Last night, the Eagles and Vick were historically great. No question.

    A couple of thoughts:

    1) The personnel mismatch on the Redskins defense (running a 3-4 with 4-3 personnel) is catching up with them. The Redskins needed to use a defensive scheme that GM Bruce Allen (formerly of the Bucs) should have been familiar with. Forget about spying Vick with Landry. Play with 4 down linemen (including Albert Haynesworth), bring pressure up the middle — without blitzing…and contain the edges with speed players (corner backs). Tampa used this approach with more success than anyone.

    And, you have to respect Vick’s arm because it is an unprecedented threat. I don’t know if its the strongest — but its the most effortless I’ve seen. 60 and 70 yards in the air without a stride? Ridiculous! His arms and his feet force defenses to play everything STRAIGHT UP and you have to RESPECT every fake. That’s why the comparison to Jordan is so perfect.

    That’s what Mike did. He forced you to respect everything.

    More later.

  29. GrandNubian says:

    I co-sign w/ T3….

    Shanahan screwed up by implementing the 3-4 defense and it’s proving to be detrimental to the team. After all the flack he took from his coach, some teammates, the media and fans, it turns out that Albert Haynesworth was right all along.

    Team’s are going to have to have the personnel to defend this type of QB because the ‘dual threat’ has come into fruition. I’ve said this for years, and that is the dual threat QB will be the future of the NFL. Every position in the league has gone trhough some form of transformation, with the QB position being last on the list. It’s going to happen. Hell, it’s happening now right before our eyes. Steve Young announced it to the world last night.

  30. des says:

    Kevin Kolb to Arizona for two first round picks?

    All I remember is BSPN’s cast of idiots saying after Vick was released from prison was that his QB skills were gone so he should become a Josh Cribbs type player. Andy Reid has fallen ass-backwards into good luck and he needs to parlay this windfall into O-Line help, a RB, and a decent MLB.

  31. GrandNubian says:

    This just made me laugh. The things that ‘haters’ do:,0,1666216.poll

  32. Temple3 says:

    Two of the best games that Michael Vick has EVER played before last night were against the Steelers (one in Pittsburgh, one in Atlanta). The Falcons tied at Pittsburgh and won at home.

    He lit them up for 4 touchdown passes in ATL. Alge Crumpler had 3 touchdowns. Contrary to ESPN opinion, Brady and Gronkowski are not the first QB-TE combination to light the Steelers up for 3 touchdowns.

    What Vick did last night was special and somewhat unprecedented, but it was not unforeseeable.

  33. Ron Glover says:

    @GN, It’s the Obama effect man. We won the Presidedency that should be enough for us.

  34. Temple3 says:

    The Associated Press just announced that McNabb wore a different uniform last night, and played both ways + special teams. It seems that on defense, he and Landry alternated play (both wearing #30) and on special teams, McNabb wore #57.

    Here is the quote:

    “The 45 first-half points allowed by the Redskins tied a franchise record, and the 59 total points were the most allowed by a team coached by Shanahan. It was almost as if the players had decided there was no incentive to play well, given that a teammate who got benched in the last game had just received a mega-contract.”

    Here’s the link:

    All in all, McNabb appears to be the sole cause of defeat for the Washington Redskins. Too bad.

  35. GrandNubian says:

    Looks like Miranda is on to something. Check out the last part of the article under “Sponsors”:

  36. eric daniels says:

    From what I hear the Eagles are going to ‘franchise’ Vick instead of letting him go and try to sign him to a long-term deal.

  37. Miranda says:

    GN….I’m tryna tell y’all……Nike’s design team is hustling right now. Spike Lee has already been contacted about the commercial that will be a mini-movie.

  38. Temple3 says:


    The link beyond the link beyond the link:

    Interesting stuff.

  39. Mizzo says:

    SportsDiva!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all must be doing something right if you got one of our original Queens to come back 🙂

    Keep up the good work TSF. You’re making me proud in the shadows…

  40. Ron Glover says:

    We’re tryin Bruh…we’re tryin.

  41. Miranda says: