Ron Glover’s Week 11 NFL Predictions

Posted in Blogroll on November 21st, 2010 by Ron Glover

Bednarik/Gifford, Miracle at The Meadowlands, Wally Henry’s fumble in the 1981 Playoffs,  LT owns Jaworski, Joe Morris, Randall Cunningham takes Carl Banks’ best shot, Dave Meggett, Miracle at The Meadowlands II,Rodney Hampton, Randall’s Punt, Tiki Barber, Vai Sikahema punches out the Giants, Strahan owns Runyan, 9 – Straight Giants victories, Eagles win a 10-9 thriller, Brian Westbrook’s season-saving punt return, T.O. Debuts with 3 touchdowns, G-Men get to Donovan McNabb 12 times…and everything in between. 

The rest of the Sunday Rivalry Revival Includes: Vikings/Packers, Raiders/Steelers, Colts/Patriots and Broncos/Chargers

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