Ron Glover’s Week 11 NFL Predictions

Bednarik/Gifford, Miracle at The Meadowlands, Wally Henry’s fumble in the 1981 Playoffs,  LT owns Jaworski, Joe Morris, Randall Cunningham takes Carl Banks’ best shot, Dave Meggett, Miracle at The Meadowlands II,Rodney Hampton, Randall’s Punt, Tiki Barber, Vai Sikahema punches out the Giants, Strahan owns Runyan, 9 – Straight Giants victories, Eagles win a 10-9 thriller, Brian Westbrook’s season-saving punt return, T.O. Debuts with 3 touchdowns, G-Men get to Donovan McNabb 12 times…and everything in between. 

The rest of the Sunday Rivalry Revival Includes: Vikings/Packers, Raiders/Steelers, Colts/Patriots and Broncos/Chargers

I ran into some problems this morning between packing and saving material on this piece. So here is a sawed-off version of my picks minus the breakdowns.

1. Ravens 34 – Panthers 9

2. Jets 30 – Texans 17

3. Buffalo 31 – Bengals 28

4. Jaguars 24 – Browns 19

5. Packers 34 – Vikings 17

6. Titans  30 – Redskins 13

7. Chiefs 24 – Cardinals 23

8. Cowboys 35 – Lions 23

9. Steelers 27 – Raiders 24 ot

10. Saints 40 – Seahawks 24

11. Niners 23 – Bucs 21

12. Rams 29 – Falcons 24

13. Patriots 34 – Colts 24

14. Eagles 31 – Giants 17

15. Chargers 35 – Broncos 17

Last Week 7-6, 2010 Season 81-47

99 Responses to “Ron Glover’s Week 11 NFL Predictions”

  1. Origin says:

    Brotha Harvey amen on everything you said………..especially what you said about Mcnabb.

    This is a man who just last week they said was done as a QB. I listened to the DC radio stations and they basically called him a bum. The irony in this is that Mcnabb ran 2….2 minute drills today. One before the half and one to end the game in regulation and he set the team up for a field goal both times. With the garbage kicker missing the latter field goal.

    At one point in the game today (when Moss and Portis went down)….Mcnabb has a undrafted free agent RB and a 38 year old Galloway & an ex arena football player as his starting skill players. I have never in my life seen a QB have to do more with less. Yet gets called out and hated on because he isn’t putting up elite QB numbers with dog shit at the skill position.

    Another thing is it me or does it seem like VY and Campbell always get benched on the same day

    Oh and that fat bigot Peter King and that punk Florio can both eat a D.

  2. Origin says:

    Yeah I have no idea why those dudes can’t catch tonight. And please someone tell Andy to “RUN THE FREAKING BALL” or else he will get Vick killed.

  3. Origin says:

    Also will someone call Eli out for those dumb turnovers he has. It no reason with all those weapons to turn the ball over left and right.

    The dude plays like he is Farve’s long lost son.

  4. Miranda says:

    Dang HD….i just said the same thing to someone…that the receivers have got to get their heads in the game.

  5. HarveyDent says:

    You can put Tony Dungy on that list right along with King and Florio too, O. I respect him for what he’s done as a man and a coach but he was wrong for coming down against VY like that because a respected pro football man has to call the situation in TN for what it is and that is Jeff Fisher has disrespected VY since Day One and he is wrong for that. I believe leadership should be respected but things should be looked at even handedly because too many in the media and fandom treat NFL and Division 1 college coaches like they are God in Heaven. They’re not and when they are wrong they need to be called out. VY called out Fisher and he was right for doing it.

    Oh yeah, Vince, still don’t think there’s any difference between the treatment of white and black QB’s in the NFL?

  6. Miranda says:

    Oh yes origin…………King and Florio make me SICK…I mean lean over the toilet SICK!

  7. Tariq says:

    1- Brett Favre makes me sick. I hate all the slobbering he gets from these pundits. I bet there’s some kind of sexting triangle between Favre, Jaws and Aikman.

    2- Peyton Manning made a bad throw today. Yes, the fact that people make excuses for him is supremely annoying. But he’s still an all-time great who makes unknown receivers look like pro-bowlers. And he’s probably the smartest QB I’ve ever seen. But here’s my thing: Why is there this consensus nowadays that Manning is better than Brady? I mean, I don’t like the Pats, but if I had a million dollars riding on a game, and I had to choose between Manning and Brady for a potential game-winning drive, I’m going with Brady every day of the week and twice on Black Friday.

    3- I live in Virginia, and I find the criticism that McNabb has to deal with ridiculous. I mean, sure, he hasn’t been playing well this season, but he sure looked good today when the OL was doing its job! And when Joey Galloway — at this stage in his career– is one of your options… I mean, JOEY GALLOWAY. And who the hell is their running back?

  8. Tariq says:

    Did I miss something? What happened to Ellis Hobbs?!

  9. HarveyDent says:


    Caught a bad one on a kickoff return

  10. Origin says:

    What Harvey so coach Dungy is defending Fisher huh?? I didn’t watch the half time report because I knew it would be just a hate fest on VY. Instead of hate thrown at Farve for destroying a season and possibly ending a coaches career.

    Its sad to see that from Dungy……the reason I say this is that if you remember Peter King questioned Dungy’s intelligence a few years ago after he won the superbowl.

    And I am sure VY understands now what it means to be a black QB. Another thing this crap just shows how black QBs have to navigate a tight rope in the league because there is so much politics and good ole boyism when it comes to the QB position. Just last week the media and message board folks were saying that VY should have told/made Fisher start him against the Dolphins. They made the claim that in order to be a great QB in this league you need to speak out. Now this week VY speaks out on his displeasure on not being put in the game……..and suddenly he is no longer the starter and his days in TN are done.

    Remember just 2 weeks ago they tried the same thing with Mcnabb. The media and fans said he should have given Shanahan a piece of his mind for benching him. Yet Mcnabb played it cool and didn’t say anything. As Modi said 2 weeks ago Mcnabb didn’t take the bait and play the angry black man role (the same way Obama understands that he can’t play that role either) because it was a no win situation for him.

    Sadly the media will make VY into the angry black man and he may be out the league next year (IMO there has been an effort to dog him out ever since he beat USC). Hopefully he can get some burn somewhere. I am sure that Al Davis would be happy to sign him. VY needs to take some cues from Mcnabb and Newton…..don’t let them see you sweat and do your talking on the field.

  11. Origin says:

    Well Andy is going to cost the Eagles another game. This fool has basically abandoned the run.

  12. Origin says:

    McCoy has 6 carries and Vick has 10????

    Reid is a nut and crazy nut.

  13. Miranda says:

    The Eagles just not in sync tonight, and Collingsworth is ridiculous with the calling for this game.

  14. Miranda says:

    I promise, is Chris Collingsworth just openly pulling for the Giants tonight or what?

  15. HarveyDent says:

    Hey, Miranda, what’s this Michael Vick “situation” that Michaels is talking about? He spit on the sidewalk or something?

  16. Temple3 says:

    It’s not that the Eagles are merely “out of sync.” The Eagles are playing a team that is running a SCHEME aligned to their PERSONNEL; they are facing a team that watched them play last week; and they’re facing a team with elite athletes on the defensive side of the ball.

    The Giants defensive linemen are excellent football players. They have the size, range, speed, quickness, strength, agility, and knowledge to take on this challenge.

    This is why I wasn’t ready to surrender the Lombardi to the Eagles after last week. There are teams with personnel to match up with the Eagles — and at the end of the day, Andy Reid will decide how far this team goes. He is demonstrating his unwillingness to run the ball, and that’s a fatal flaw. Vick is a baller, but this is still a team game.

  17. HarveyDent says:

    Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

  18. Julius says:

    First Vince Young is depressed and pulls himself out of action. Now he’s angry. He really should make up his mind.

  19. Temple3 says:

    That was a great call. Philly just needs to run like that and they’ll be good to go. That’s the key.

  20. Origin says:

    “Andy Reid will decide how far this team goes. He is demonstrating his unwillingness to run the ball, and that’s a fatal flaw. Vick is a baller, but this is still a team game.”

    I said the same…………Reid has constantly abandoned the run with Vick or Mcnabb at QB. But will commit to the run when Kolb or Garcia were starting at QB. Look how many times this team has lined up in shotgun on 3rd and short tonight.

    The giants can stop Vick if the head coach is going to abandon the run. Also he will and I repeat will get Vick killed (like he did Mcnabb so many times by abandoning the run). Look how many hits Vick has taken this game.

  21. HarveyDent says:

    I see the lucky/good dichotomy bounces both ways.

  22. Origin says:

    As I say that Andy runs the ball………I swear this dude needs to coach in the CFL.

  23. Origin says:

    Baaaaahaaaa Eli fumbled and didn’t even get touched.

  24. HarveyDent says:

    I can’t fault Eli for his effort but he’s not a scrambler and should have been sliding feet first.

  25. Miranda says:

    LOL…HD….Michael Vick is in a perpetual “situation”…for now and forever.

  26. Origin says:

    Eli is like a turnover Pinata every time he is touched the ball comes loose.

  27. Miranda says:

    yep, T3…the Giants had the Eagles Number…but the Eagles left like 18 points on the field…felt like the Falcons circa 2006.

  28. HarveyDent says:

    GMen need to watch for the Vick rollout

  29. HarveyDent says:

    Never mind, Shady has the situation in hand.

  30. Origin says:

    @ HD can’t hate on him but with Eli, Farve turnovers won’t be missed once he retires….Eli will carry on Farve’s turnover legacy.

  31. Origin says:

    Wow Reid ran the ball 2 in a row??

  32. HarveyDent says:

    This is the kind of game I wanted to see out of Vick tonight because I want to know can he make the plays in the close games or even manage the action if the opposing defense has him stymied. His teammates are playing for him tonight in the second half which is a good sign going forward if they win this one.

  33. HarveyDent says:

    Big ups to Coach Morris and the Bucs as well. Just beat who’s in front of you, guys, and everything will do what it do.

    That NFC South is a monster this year.

  34. Ron Glover says:

    You want drama? January 23, 2011 Georgia Dome, Eagles/Falcons NFC Championship.

  35. HarveyDent says:


    Too legit, too legit to quit

  36. Origin says:

    RG – I predicted last week that the Falcons and Eagles would meeting in the playoffs this year.

  37. Miranda says:

    If they meet in the GA Dome….it will still be a Eagles home game.

  38. Miranda says:

    Collingsworth and Michaels were so disappointed in the final score…..LOL…bustas.

  39. GrandNubian says:

    All yall predicting the Falcons vs. the Eagles in the NFC Championship……don’t sleep on the Pack and the Saints.

  40. Ron Glover says:

    The Packers would get there on the back of their defense because at some point they will have to run the ball. The Saints aren’t what they were last season although they look to be turning the corner. I would just like to see the Eagles/Falcons for the drama that could play out.

  41. des says:

    I could be wrong, but didn’t Kerry Collins hurt his throwing hand a few weeks back and Fisher put him back in the game even though it was obvious he was hurt? I just heard Deion Sanders say based on information he received that’s why VY was upset. Collins gets more leeway and he’s had enough.

    IMO, VY’s revival was the worse thing that happened to Jeff Fisher. And rather than take advantage of his potential, he has undervalved, underestimated, and marginalized VY every chance he could. Why? Number one, it’s clear he just tolerates Young, and two he knows that the Peter Kings and Mike Florios in the media will carry the water in his defense. Meanwhile he’s willing to sabotage a season in which the top team in his division has never been more beatable just to flex his authority. Rusty Smith? Really?

  42. Origin says:

    Yeap Des Fisher sure did do that last week……… Deon said that??

    Wow I can’t blame VY for going off on Fisher. This young man has saved Fisher’s ass twice.

    So Des how do you think this all plays out at the end of the year??

  43. Ron Glover says:

    Stick around for the Q&A, it should be out around 10ish.

  44. des says:

    Big O,

    I forgot to add that Deion also said that Fisher wants to either put VY on injured reserve or release him today.

    As for the Titans, Fisher has Chris Johnson, Randy Moss, Nate Washington, and Justin Gage, and the their triggerman is a guy named Rusty. When that doesn’t work out and they miss the playoffs, Jeff Fisher may be on the NFL Network next to Jamie Dukes.

  45. Ron Glover says:

    Fisher hasn’t made the playoffs since 2004 and only 3 times since their Super Bowl season???

  46. Ron Glover says:

    My mistake the Tennessee Titans under Jeff Fisher have not made the playoffs since 2004 and only 3 times since their Super Bowl season???

  47. Big Man says:

    With all their flaws, Deion and Irvin keep it real better than any other commentators on TV. Particularly Deion. The man does not get enough credit for his intelligence.

  48. Tariq says:


    The Titans went 13-3 in 2008 and were bounced by Baltimore.