The Hate LeBron James Love Made

Posted in Blogroll on December 1st, 2010 by Michael Tillery

I smiled and stretched as the snow flurry cool Lakewood, OH sunlight reluctantly nudged my eyelids…shaking my mind alive. “One more day”, I thought. One more day and the King of unfinished work returns to his roots…roots that seemingly strangle every inch of his being as Cleveland blood rushes through his still developing mind. His has to be the mind conflicted…blood experienced. Does he hate December 2nd? Will this would be arduous task change him for the better or intimately worse? How will he see this teaching moment? Will he reminisce with vicarious bliss of Cavs good times…joyous moments on and off the floor or will his mind go dark…rehashing imagery of burned 23 jerseys in The Decision’s polarizing aftermath? How should he go at the Cavs Thursday? It may be absurd thought considering LeBron James is a flash point athlete with definitive professional responsibilities, but can the question be asked if he truly wants to win Thursday?

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