Friday Fire: Bottom Line, Will Cam Newton Win The Heisman Trophy?

I haven’t been this nervous about another Black Man winning anything since the 2008 Presidential Election. And I know after Cam Newton swept through the College Football Awards last night I should sleep a little easier – but I can’t.

My uneasiness begins with the Reggie Bush scandal and how some of these “purists” are looking to preserve the “honor” that comes with winning the award. In their eyes Bush was more of a disgrace than head coach Pete Carroll or USC’s athletic department who were at the controls of this one proud program.

They’ll allow Cam Newton to have the Maxwell Award, the Davey O’Brien Award and the Walter Camp Award – hell Auburn can even have their long awaited National Championship but will he have the votes needed to win the Heisman Trophy?

The six “columnists” who made their decision not to vote for Newton public this week have made their mark in the voting process. The impact on the remaining voters (870 media votes) could deal a deathblow to Newton’s chances. They used their regional notortiety to serve as shields for anyone in the more broadened national media that chooses to fall in line with them. But rest assured, if Newton doesn’t win the award, there will be 925 men and women (870 media, 54 living recipients of the award and one fan vote) passing the buck.

What do you expect to see tomorrow night?

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  1. Temple3 says:


    On the Niners — you’re right on it. I wonder if the team’s ownership didn’t have some Silicon Valley crew create the Playoff Machine app for ESPN — after they’d used it to figure out how they could still get in.

    I won’t have much empathy for teams like Green Bay if they miss the post-season. With losses to Detroit and Washington on their resume, they should know exactly where to point the blame if it comes to that. The Packers could be out of the playoffs before their Week 17 game with the Bears…if the cards fall a particular way.

  2. MODI says:

    kos, “Bernard King… probably had the most ways to score out of any player I have ever seen!” That is the straight truth! And all his peers will say the same thing.

    About Felton, his transformation actually began last year. His first four years he shot 40%, but out of nowhere he shot 46% last year, and has followed up with another 46% this year. Now, no shooter can improve his shooting that much overnight, so what was likely the case was half of it was improved shooting and the other half was improved shot selection. Larry Brown deserves some credit for that latter half which is part of an increase in overall poise. He did the same with Chauncy.

    Now you have to understand that I believe that Larry Brown is one of history’s all-time overrated and overhyped coaches because of his complete inflexibility to adapt to personell. He is the anti-Pat Riley. However, what he does do well, he does very well. And one of those things is to take the AVERAGE player –especially PGs — and make them an above-average player while squeezing every drop out of them. But he also reminds me of Hubie Brown in that he is so wed to his system in that he devalues the greatness all of his star players (Iverson is lone exception).

  3. Origin says:

    @ Modi, Kos and Temple – I still feel that the NFC West is the Rams to lose. The Rams have the best RB, QB and Defense in the NFC West. All the NFC West teams suck on the road and the last 3 games the Rams play 2 at home and 1 on the road. I like their chances more then anyone else in that crappy division. I just don’t trust Alex Smith so I don’t like the 49ers chances.

    Also Temple looks like the Chargers will make that late run and make the playoffs again.

    Modi – as far as the knicks it really doesn’t surprise me that they are winning. Felton (who the Bobcats are missing this year) is a very good PG and with Amare I knew they could win. David Lee is nothing like Amare who is a top 10 player. I knew if knick role players could hit some open shots and 3s it would open up the the paint for Amare and the court for Felton.

  4. Origin says:

    Also brotha Modi I am also waiting for that Bernard King article.

  5. Origin says:

    You guys see the Nets trade today………they now have 5 1st round picks over the next 2 years.

    I don’t know but with Avery Johnson as a defensive coach. A big man in Lopez plus devin harris and lets not forget that new stadium……….Carmelo might be better off going there instead of to the Knicks.

  6. Origin says:

    Plus if they add Carmelo with Farmer, Lopez, Humpries and Devin Harris. They can have a starting lineup full of light-skindeded brothas……….LOL!!!

    I joke…………I joke.

    But on the real thats a nice transition team.

  7. MODI says:

    O, heartbreaking Knick loss tonight… Knicks clock guy should be fired for not giving home cookin’… They need to rehire that Trent Tucker clock dude

    but the Knicks showed they could hang with the big boys

  8. Temple3 says:


    I agree with you on SD. I think the Chiefs get in at 11-5 and win the division. It’s hard for me to see the Jets winning at Pittsburgh or at Chicago. They’re not such a hot road team, historically. If they lose both, they’ll need to beat Buffalo just to get to 10-6. San Diego will knock them out if they both finish at 10-6.

    Heads will roll.

  9. Big Man says:

    Moral victories are for minor league coaches.

  10. MODI says:

    …and Knick fans suffering from a 10 year hangover…