Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys Live Chat 8:30 PM EST

With the Packers going down after Aaron Rodgers reported concussion and the Patriots making the Bears hide their chains from Deebo as I type (36-7 in the 3rd) the Eagles look to get a firm grasp on a bigger part of the NFC if they do what they need to do and beat up on their hated rival, the Dallas Cowboys. Should be a high scoring game even with Dez Bryant out with a broken leg…cancelled out with Asante Samuel sitting because of a nagging knee. Michael Vick looks to change more minds with a superior performance tonight against a Cowboys team definitely looking to spoil. Garrett has Dallas playing well, but gimme the Birds 38-28. Vick will take a couple of DeMarcus Ware pops but will also go 300/100 with 5 combined TD’s. Yeah, “The Rattler”, as I call him because of his elusive running style yet poisonous cannon armed bite, is due for such a game. The Boys’ emotion train gets derailed because only the Eagles have that sick Vick  juice speeding up the NFL track. Chat box after the jump. Feel free to comment on the games today as I crack up that Sam Bradford runs down Roman Harper in a play that didn’t count. Bradford will get slobbed on all week for that as much as Harper is clowned. Another thing, what is up with the Jets bench tackling Dolphins players?

Until the game tips off, do what you do family…

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7 Responses to “Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys Live Chat 8:30 PM EST”

  1. Temple3 says:

    Where do you put a “How ’bout that Alex Smith?!?” comment?

    Niners are still in the mix, baby.

  2. Mizzo says:

    Was a little miffed dude got the start but the owner put the word out that he wasn’t happy with Troy so the other Smith got another shot…

  3. Ron Glover says:

    Not enough intermediate passing downfield, didn’t like this last series .

  4. Temple3 says:

    Sportmanship took a day off in New York. The Jets need all the help they can get. As crazy as it seems, they could miss the playoffs this season. The next 2 weeks, they’re at Pittsburgh and at Chicago. By the time they play the Bills, it could be a wrap.

  5. Origin says:

    I have to give Alex Smith credit though he played well. But I have a feeling that he will throw 3 picks next game.

    I see Schaub did his regular stat stuffing only to throw the game at the end……….yeap he sure is better then Vick. Just like all the Vick haters were saying for years.

  6. HarveyDent says:

    but remember Vick takes the blame even when it’s not his fault…LOL!!

    Desean Jackson has a long way to go to find some maturity

  7. MODI says:

    From Phile to phile hijack…

    I can’t believe the Phils got Cliff Lee… who is twice as valuable as Jayson Werth but not that much more money

    Halladay and Lee in post-season? Unbelievable

    Even the Yanks and Sox are underdogs now

    miz– will check out that Lebron piece tonight. Thanks for that.