Answers From Around the Web Regarding LeBron and the Miami Heat: Change the Narrative

Posted in Blogroll on December 14th, 2010 by Michael Tillery

I will never apologize for attempting to capture lightening rod moments with an alternative eye. History is very important and judging how some events have passed through time documented by writers of superficial pen, those scribes with a fearless passion for the truth must step up and  do what’s right or history will be a lie. It’s obvious the Miami Heat will dominate most discussions this NBA season so I thought it would be interesting to have something archived now for what is to NBA be. I recently spent three weeks in Cleveland and was honored to cover LeBron’s return. That piece will be posted at a later date because I saw things that night that haven’t been reported. The questions below were sent out all over the web to mainly writers of diverse ilk and a few insiders who have my tremendous respect. There has to be different voices in an age where media giants mold the 24 hour news cycle and create perceptions of events simply to further their brand. I understand the concept, but much gets lost in an era where readers want copy quick, Quick, QUICK. LeBron James is a polarizing sports figure. He’s as gifted as any athlete who has ever lived and as he finds his prime there is some business he has yet to accomplish. Unfortunately, his career will be seen by some as a failure if he fails to win a ring. He along with Dywane Wade and Chris Bosh put the sports world on notice when they decided to link up  with hopes of doing just that and form South Beach Soultron (as I call them). The season has been difficult and it appeared the scrutiny wore on the three twenty something stars before the Heat caught fire and now have a current winning streak of nine. The questions were sent out on December 1…a day before the big game…things have changed since then huh? You all know me, I ask a lot of questions and some were simply asked to gauge the response as the season moves forward…

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