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Feel free to vote for TSF”s first annual Sportsperson of the Year. It can be an athlete, coach or an executive. Voting begins today and will end on December 29th at midnight. The winner will be announced on New Year’s Eve 2010.

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71 Responses to “Vote For The Starting Five’s Sportsperson Of The Year”

  1. KevDog says:

    Seriousy, judging Kobe by one game where his soft as hell teammates got punked is just stupid. That loss was the springboard to the next two championships and counting.

    As to who has Kobe made better? That’s even a far more stupid question. I’m not going to do your research for you, but do a little before posting tripe. Stats show that Kobe has made virtually every player he’s played with better statistically, our eyes show that Kobe made players who shouldn’t even be in the league look like real NBA players.

    Do a little research and see what impact Kobe had on everyone on that team that won Gold in China and then look at how they all talk about how Kobe taught them how to elevate their game.

    Then go talk to Pau Gasol. How many years did he play in the league before he came to the Lakers? How soft was he in the 2008 finals? How is he viewed now? Artest? You kidding me. Dude hit one of the biggest shots of the year in game 7, off a pass from Kobe with Kobe telling him to shoot, that he trusted him.

    And seriously, you sound like a damn fool when you talk about a sweep that didnt happen, 4-1 2004, while ignoring a sweep that DID happen 4-0 1990.

    In any case, the bleating of those who try to diminish Kobe will become more and more shrill as he continues to pile on rings.

    And Don’t even get me started on Magic, attention seeking whore Johnson, or Michael-republicans buy sneakers too- Jordan.

    Man, if I just had the time to get into this argument like I want to.

  2. Ron Glover says:

    Man ya’ll done fired KD, up again!!!

  3. GrandNubian says:

    Ok, Kobe is GOD….

    Next topic.

  4. KevDog says:

    Look GN. It goes like this

    Clifford Brown=God with a trumpet in his hands
    Billie Holiday= God with a mike in her hands
    Kobe=God on a basketball court.

  5. des says:


    This one’s for you. Merry Christmas.

  6. Burundi says:


    In a minute, man. I gotta put a li’l paint where there ain’t.


    Once again, the 1 game was a 39-point loss in a Finals game, that’s THIRTY-NINE, 3-9, the VERY last Finals game of the season JUST TWO SHORT YEARS AGO—3 points shy of the WORSE margin of DEFEAT in NBA history (it’s amazing to note that Phil Jackson was on both ends of the affair)! Using words like ‘stupid’ and ‘tripe’, constituting sad, fledgling attempts to stoke false emotion. They simply cannot diminish the significance of the aforementioned fact.

    Answer the question: what other GOAT or BOAT can you associate with such a complete and utter FAIL on the final game of a season in the very last game/gasp of the Finals?

    Your reply: slurp

    Calling Kobe’s teammates “soft as hell” and “punked” is a pathetic excuse because that core nucleus with, essentially, just the addition of Artest (and the notable subtractions of Turiaf and Trevor A) just won the ‘Ship in ’10, two short years later.

    Question: Why didn’t Kobe’s teammates follow his clear and present example of defensive toughness such that the team didn’t get obliterated to laughingstock status in that Game?

    Your reply: slurp

    Clearly, Ron Artest, if anyone, had a greater impact on providing accessible, non-aloof leadership, in terms of toughness to the likes of Pau and Lamar—and, he was shooting threes and very much his own man before he got to LA (and mazel-freakin’- tov to the fact that the ball hog, who, cock-eyed shooting-wise [as Temple’s already previously bludgeoned you with Kobe’s horrible performance stat], finally got a clue and passed the damn ball for the assist to Artest). If Artest was courageous enough to break Michael Jordan’s ribs and body slam Jordan to the ground in the same motion, please believe that he wasn’t being led by a guy whom articles assert that he only listens to Fisher.

    Let’s get back, ok, to that 4-1 clowning; that sheer annihilation the Pistons exacted upon the heavily favored Lakers in ’04 that certainly felt like a sweep.

    Question: Can anyone imagine another GOAT or BOAT candidate being so beefed out with a top-five-best center to ever play the game (and also, himself, another GOAT or BOAT candidate) such that they get DESTROYED in a ‘Ship like that? Magic found a way to coexist with Kareem without “dry snitchin’ on him, too, and getting him traded, didn’t he? Can you name another GOAT or BOAT candidate who is anywhere in the ballpark of that appalling absence of leadership (which has to negate any GOAT or BOAT consideration)?

    Kobe will go down as one of the best or greatest scorers of all time, but that is still a tier or two down from GOAT or BOAT status. He just ain’t in that discussion.

    Sorry, but no one who seriously follows the game will give Kobe credit beyond the assist to Artest on that winning shot unless they’ve got on knee pads, a bib and a chin guard. But, hey, you can keep slurpin’ on Kobe all you want. All it proves is that we know you’re certainly doing handstands and flips that “don’t ask-don’t-tell” was finally repealed.

    Once again, had Phil Jackson—the person most responsible

  7. Burundi says:


    If pressed, LBJ, hands-down would have to be the one because his saga has been truly stunning reaching epic proportions. He’s had a ton of adversity heaped upon him, yet still he rises. He has been must-see-TV for awhile and will continue to be for some time.

  8. KevDog says:


    I am very pleased that DADT has been rescended, as anyone who is for Justice and against Bigotry, should be, That you think middle school gay jokes are funny, appropriate or somehow insulting is on you.

    Your initial post on this matter gave me pause to even waste my time with a reply. Your bigoted rant proved to me my initial hesitation was justified.

    But be careful living in those glass houses man. You might want to talk to your man Magic about some things.

  9. GrandNubian says:


    In a minute, man. I gotta put a li’l paint where there ain’t.”

    Ok, thanks bruh.

  10. Ron Glover says:

    @Origin about the Cowboys comment showing up late – I saw it in a pending status when I went to clean out our spam file, you guys are logged in so I don’t understand why that happened. I will look more into that.

  11. KevDog says:

    Thanks Des. Try this one for a little Christmas Spirit…..

  12. Temple3 says:

    For the sake of TSF fam and the spirit of the conversation, let’s take this moment to elevate our discourse to SERVE our aim: to hear and be heard.

    One step back, then two steps forward…together.


  13. Big Man says:

    Yeah that needed to be said.
    But everybody know you ain’t convincing Kevdog of NOTHING when it comes to arguing about whether Kobe is the greatest to ever lace up sneakers. It just ain’t happening.
    But you can argue with him without the gay jokes, it’s just puerile.

  14. Burundi says:


    There’s nothing remotely bigoted about pinning a tail on a donkey. You attempted to hurl insults and throw around terms like “soft as hell” and “punked” that spoke to a projected orientation rather than deal with the pointed questions put forth that clearly cast Kobe in an accurate light. Of course, you still refuse to address the issues in an ostrich-head-in-sand approach. Thus, you opened the door to your glass house, man, so, I’ll take your word on Magic. Whatever floats your boat, bruh, lol. I ain’t mad at cha! No disrespect. It just helps to know where someone’s coming from, ya dig?


    All I did was ask questions, man. I didn’t take it someplace it didn’t need to go. Character issues coupled with performance or the lack thereof went wanting regarding Kobe. Ad hominem attacks were leveled at me rather than dealing with the points raised as a not-so-clever diversion. Perhaps I took the bait, but it’s nonetheless important to have the disposition of the person your dialoging with brought to the fore. You know me. You know I mean so disrespect, but I’m ROTFLMBLAO, anyway! Since I couldn’t get my questions answered, why do you suppose folk remain delusional about unqualified, unexamined hero-worship, seriously?

  15. Burundi says:


    Oops, I meant to say, “I mean no disrespect.”

  16. Burundi says:

    @Big Man

    It’s not about convincing anyone of anything, but rather addressing questions posed without resorting to insults because someone questioned your position. I find it equally offensive when folk resort to hurling insults when they wouldn’t do it in person. However, as I have offended your sensibilities, I apologize unreservedly to you and anyone else who, uninvolved, were likewise offended.

  17. KevDog says:


    I fear no man and would never post anything online that I wouldn’t say in person. I don’t think you have a clue who you are dealing with. I posted that your cmments were stupid and ill-informed because they were. Truth hurts? Too bad. But make no mistake, I’d say it in person because no true man has fear of the truth, or uttering it.

    And the person you should be apologizing to is yourself for falling to the depths of the bigotry you seemingly wallow in. That you were capable of writing what you did says far more about you than you can apparently understand.

  18. Temple3 says:

    If you’re too old for this, raise your hand.

  19. GrandNubian says:

    (*** Raises both hands***)

    Which is why I said “next topic”……… 🙂

  20. Ron Glover says:


    Seriously, I enjoy the spirited convo and I know that you do as well but let’s continue to respect one another as we always have on this site.

    Remember you guys make this site – that’s why we’re a cut above everyone else.

  21. KevDog says:

    Alright. I’m cool. Don’t want to cause a ruckus in this Holiday season.