NFL Questions And (Maybe Some) Answers For Week 15


Week 15 was a week for miracle comebacks, spoilers and shockers. The playoff picture is beginning to come into focus but many of the division races remain cloudy. Brace yourselves for some anxious days ahead as the regular season builds itself up to a memorable crescendo.

Detroit Lions place kicker Dave Rayner (3) celebrates with holder Nick Harris (2) after kicking the game-winning field goal in overtime to defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 23-20 during an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 19, 2010, in Tampa, Fla.

Did yesterday overtime loss to the Detroit Lions ruin the Tampa Bay Buccaneers playoff hopes?

Jason Campbell is 6-3 in his last 9 starts and has the Oakland Raiders in the thick of the playoff hunt, but no one’s talking…but us of course.
Bill Cowher has made it known that he wants to return to coaching. His short list of teams are the Giants, Dolphins and Texans (in that order) so who, if anyone gets shown the door?
The triumph, progression and lack of respect of the Black Quarterback during the 2011 season is the elephant in the room that the NFL has been able to avoid thus far. When will blow the lid off of what has become taboo – again?

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  1. Bones says:

    As a ‘Skins fan I can say that McNabb has not been good for the Skins this year.
    Yes he, and many of his teammates, have not been shown the respect that they deserve by the coaching staff.
    Unlike the other three QBs in the picture McNabb is on the downslope of his career and that is contributing to his poor play.

  2. Origin says:

    1. Yesterday was probably the final blow to Tampa Bay…..but Raheem and Freeman did well this year (I am very proud of them). Once they get some more young talent they should be able to make the playoffs next year.

    2. Jason Campbell is playing well and shows how foolish Cable was to bench him. These idiot coaches have to understand that it take a QB 1 year to fully learn a new system. Hue Jackson is a very good offensive coordinator and has really helped Campbell out by putting him in position to succeed with the playcalling. While at the same time letting him give input on the offense.

    Raheem and Jackson are perfect examples of how having a black coach or coordinator can help the development of a black QB.

    3. RG I am not sure if we will see true change from some time in the NFL. As I said before the NFL is not and will never be progressive. They move at a slow tortise type of pace…..I mean this is the same league that hired the first black coach in 1989. I was thinking to myself how someone like Ron Rivera is still looking for a coaching spot. Yet in the NBA we have a filipino coach and GMs from Burma & Nigeria.

    I have to say though every time I think about easing my disdain for the NFL these fools go and do some devilish stuff. Such as the treatment of Mcnabb, Campbell and VY this year. And what really got me ticked was the spitting on Mcnabb’s legacy by Shanahan and for no one to question it. To question his work ethic and commitment. When Vick is right there telling folks if it wasn’t for Mcnabb he would have never understood how to study, practice and become a better QB.

    I tell you what though this does show how the coaches and media work together. Fisher and Shanahan both wanted to throw their QBs under the bus. So what do they do they leak false information to their friends in the media.

    Another thing Brian Mitchell in DC said this weekend he hopes Cam doesn’t go there and hopes that no black QB will ever come to DC again because of the way they have been treated over the years.

  3. Temple3 says:

    RG: You know the answer to that question on the NY Post.

    The Bucs are in trouble. Maybe the Bucs are 3-4 at home because the fan base didn’t want Freeman and they just can’t get going for the home team like they used to.

    I think Tom Cable would much prefer to have his 1-3 QB throw checkdowns than to have Campbell air it out to create running room for Bush and McFadden. It’s all good. They’ll miss the playoffs because of that.

    All 3 of those coaches could get fired and I wouldn’t be surprised. As a Steelers fan, I’d much rather see Cowher in New York than in Miami or Houston. All I need is for him to go out and find the next Greg Lloyd to play for someone else in the AFC. No thanks!!

    Hey, that picture looks familiar — 😉

  4. GrandNubian says:


    According to certain sources (one of the infamous “Source” brothers), NY is Cowher’s 1st choice. If the G-Men miss the playoffs, Coughlin could get the axe.

  5. kos says:

    Looks like both of the Bays were done in for the year by the Lions. There’s always a slim chance, but it’s looking like one wild card in the NFC will belong to the Giants and the other to New Orleans.

    You don’t expect the press to give Jason Campbell any credit do you? Most of the articles that I read give all the credit to Oakland’s running game. It was wrong of Cable to bench Campbell after the Steelers game. The Steelers make a lot of QB’s look bad. No shame in that. Result: loss in the next game to the Dolphins. No guarantee that Campbell would have won that game, but he would have had a good chance. 8-6 would be a lot better shape to be in, in the AFC West, than 7-7 right now! It would put them in 2nd place by virtue of them sweeping the Chargers and being undefeated in their Division!

    Most likely Gary Kubiak will be shown the door anyway. There hasn’t been alot of improvement for the Texans in the past four years. Next, Tony Sparano, and that’s only because his biggest asset, Bill Parcells isn’t there anymore. Coughlin is basically safe, barring another loss like the one they suffered to the Eagles yesterday. Winning that title did a lot for his security. Does anyone remember how much his players HATED him after the 2006 season and into the 2007 season? I think Cowher might still be enjoying broadcasting and watching his daughters grow up too much to come out retirement right now.

    Black QB’s will continue to be hated on in the foreseeable future. Can’t really see that changing. The media will portray it as them just not being good enough to try to protect the status quo of you needing a statuesque drop back passer. D. McNabb’s handling in Washington being the exception, although there are still writers in the Washington area and beyond who look at it as the Shenanigans are being honest with everyone.

  6. Origin says:

    Brotha RG looks like I am still having issues with my comments being posted.

  7. kos says:

    You aren’t the only one with issues posting comments, Origin… I just posted one that’s awaiting moderation.

  8. Ron Glover says:

    Ok, I’m gonna check it now.

  9. Ron Glover says:

    I’m wondering why some comments make it through and others don’t. I’ll just check the back end more periodically.

  10. Origin says:

    Thanks brotha I appreciate it.

  11. Temple3 says:


    Why do think no one has questioned Shanahan’s actions? I think it is much easier to find mass media writers and commentators who take issue with Shanahan than those who do not.

    Mark Schlereth had a legendary rant on ESPN. Most of the columnists at and, from what I’ve read, also raised questions about Shanahan’s decision. The same goes for the NFL Network.

    The people who have defended him, and I don’t have a list, seems to be short. The list may have grown some because of Grossman’s performance yesterday, but he sucked until Dallas blinked and decided the game was over.

    To say “no one” questions Shanahan suggests you’re reading “everyone” to narrowly. Everyone who is anyone and has had a chance to say something, but not everything, on this thing does not agree with Mike Shanahan.

  12. HarveyDent says:

    1. While I would have like to have seen the Bucs led by Coach Morris and Freeman make the playoffs in all honesty the team has made greater strides than many thought possible before the season started. I’m happy about the success Tampa is having this season and what seems to be a bit of a turnaround in Detroit because I like pulling for the underdogs and the Lions especially have been down far too long. You still play to win the games so yes, the loss to Detroit is more than likely fatal to their playoff hopes this season but with another year’s seasoning of Freeman teamed with Legarrette Blount (he’ll cut you) and the run defense shored up by then it should be a three team race in the NFC South.

    2. Jason Campbell shows his adaptability once again by coming into a new system and having success again. The guy doesn’t have the wins in the NFL but he does have a remarkable career because he’s been able to grasp new offenses seemingly every season but since most fans only see the bottom line of wins he’s looked at as a bum because he doesn’t hit the ground running with immediate success. I think if McNabb had it to do over again he would have jumped on that trade to Oakland but Campbell is handling it now and even though Cable may love his journeyman this is going to be Campbell’s job for the future.

    3. Cowher better take the Houston job because Kubiak is a dead man walking there who’s probably turning his mournful eyes towards the Rocky Mountains anyway back to Denver. The offense is set with Foster, Johnson, and Owen Daniels so what’s needed there is a new defensive mindset because the pieces are there in Williams, Ryans (when he comes back from injury), and Cushing. Cowher knows nothing about the secondary but an hellacious front seven will make any scrubs into pro bowlers.

    4. The family touches on the disrespect of the Black QB every season here and even though it gets tiresome a steady drumbeat has to be kept up so the PTB know it’s not so simple to just pull the wool over our eyes by saying a Black QB is somehow deficient in the skills needed to succeed in the NFL. It’s been talked about by O and T3 how the roots are getting deeper and stronger when it comes to Black patronage in coaching and management now so I’m certain that the quarterback position will not be as rigidly defined in the coming years. It may be too simplistic but Black QB’s play the game in a different way than their racial counterparts because they’ve rarely had the time to grow into the position. The increasing number of Black coaches and management officials doesn’t mean they’ll automatically carry three Black signal callers every season but I see competition being more open and offensive systems more flexible and geared to a player’s talents rather than a coach’s scheme.

    One can hope.

  13. Big Man says:

    I agree with Temple.
    When Shanahan benched McNabb for Grossman he got reamed by most writers.
    At the Post, the only person who has consistently defended Mike has been Sally Quinn.
    In this case, the good will McNabb has built up has suited him well in the court of public opinion to a certain degree. People are at least willing to consider he’s being treated unfairly, and we all know that’s a massive change from the norm when it comes to the benching of black QBs. While folks still believe McNabb is “done” they do not think Rex Grossman should be playing over him.

  14. GrandNubian says:

    Ok, tell me that this is a joke……..

    McNabb can’t seriously be considering STAYING with the ‘Skins after this, can he?

  15. Ron Glover says:

    After reading that, I’m hitting the homemade Egg Nog tonight – HARD!

  16. Origin says:

    @ Temple – I stand corrected you are right there have been folks in the mainstream media who spoke out about the benching.

    Actually what I am talking about is the leaking of information and the use of racial code words. To me that caused worse damage to his legacy then the benching. When it comes to a black QB and statements like that the mentality then becomes see he only made it off of athletic ability and now that his ability is gone he can’t play the position and/or he was only the QB because of some type of black QB affirmative action. Or for bastards like Mike Florio and Peter King to then say that he was coddled (a word they love to use on black athletes) by Reid and he always had a poor work ethic.

    Now maybe I am wrong brotha but I haven’t read/heard anyone outside of a few black writers and Greg Doyle and John Feinstein no one called Shanahan out for leaking info and/or using racial code words (Feinstein).

    @GN – Mcnabb just playing the game dude is just saying the right thing. He knows he wants to get the heck up out of there. This is the same man that wanted an apology for being benched back in Philly. We all remember that lil smile he did back when Suh hit Rex and made him fumble.

    Actually I had a similar conversation with a friend of mine when it came to Vick and his interviews on ESPN and other mainstream outlets.

  17. Origin says:

    Oh sorry to forget Dave Zirin to that list of Doyle and Feinstein.

  18. GrandNubian says:

    @Ron G….

    I think he wants to collect on those millions he’s due to recieve if he’s there next year.

  19. Ron Glover says:

    From what I understand they (Redskins) have his rights until Spetember, 2011. That means no look from any other teams until they say so.

    His agent s/b fired for that alone.

  20. Origin says:

    Yeah RG that was crazy for that bonus to kick in in September.
    I don’t know how that was negotiated…..maybe that was because he had a 20 million dollar injury guarantee.

    The word is he is due 16 million in 2011. I just can’t see Washington keeping him and I can see a team trading for him. He is due 16 mill on that contract plus the career injury guarantee of 20 mill and a team would have to give up a pick.

    On top of that Washington showed their hand when they benched him and put him as 3rd string. Washington has to cut him or ask him to restructure his contract so that he can be traded. But then he would have the power to veto a trade if he doesn’t like it (he wouldn’t restructure his contract).

    Looking at all of this I can see Mcnabb giving back the 3.5 mill bonus and being released in February. But you never know with Shanahan….dude is so evil he could keep him on the roster until Sep and then cut him so that he couldn’t get on any other team.

    Examining all of this I guess Mcnabb’s only hope to get out of there is to drum up fan and media support for them to just cut him and let him keep the 3.5 mill. Maybe this is what he is doing now talking about staying with the team. I just can’t believe that he really thinks he will be on the team or wants to be on the team. If he wanted to get paid wouldn’t the Raiders have signed him to a fatter contract then that. And if he wanted to get paid why did he wait 2 months to sign that contract in Washington. This really makes me believe that he was concerned with getting injuried playing behind that OL and liked the idea of the 20 mill guaranteed (in case of injury clause) that was in the contract.

  21. Origin says:

    “I can see a team trading for him. ”

    Should read “I can’t see a team trading for him.”

  22. Miranda says:

    “When it comes to a black QB and statements like that the mentality then becomes see he only made it off of athletic ability and now that his ability is gone he can’t play the position and/or he was only the QB because of some type of black QB affirmative action. Or for bastards like Mike Florio and Peter King to then say that he was coddled (a word they love to use on black athletes) by Reid and he always had a poor work ethic.”


  23. Miranda says:

    Just think… many sportswriters and commentators had their lil stories all fixed up by the beginning of the 4th quarter of the Eagles-Giants game. How many already had their lil cute headlines all fixed up to bash Vick, all sitting there smug, just knowing “AH HA!!”. Oh to be a fly on the wall, when they collectively sat back just waiting to hit the “send” button…and then 31-10 became 31-17. No worries! Its too late!!………….oh wait….31-24……whut da hail??!?….31-31. Can you imagine the horror? the complete state of nausea that took over the likes of Peter King, John Clayton and the plethora of arrogant pricks that no doubt was getting ready to tell us ALL how Vick was overrated……and they had to EAT IT.

    Just think about it…………doesn’t it make you smile?

  24. Temple3 says:


    You WERE a fly on the wall, weren’t you?!?!

  25. Miranda says:

    LOL…I wish!

    8 minutes

    8 minutes

    8 minutes

    8 minutes of utter stupification for them all.

  26. HarveyDent says:

    I agree with you, O, that McNabb is playing his usual politician act while he works the backrooms to get out of Washington. I posted on RG’s page that he always did the same thing in Philly and while he may like the DC area he knows it’s not going to happen there with that coaching staff. He keeps his own counsel because it’s hard to get his true feelings on air or in print but trust and believe he’s much too savvy to not leave that team with something for his troubles.

    Football and sports is nothing but passion so while his circumspect approach can come across as soft to some I do believe it’s all calculated. The only fault I have in his strategy is that he’s not leaking the dirt he has but it’s probably for the best because any leaks would be traced back to him much easier than to the front office which would grease the tracks under him out of the league. It’s a damn shame though that grown folks play these stupid ass mind games off the field though.

  27. HarveyDent says:

    Interesting article and didn’t make my blood pressure rise as much as I thought it would

  28. eric daniels says:

    Hello fam, how’s life been treating you, I am down on my Bucs choking in the late stages but 9-7 seems nice for the year. And DMac needs to grow a pair and stop acting like Barack Obama.


  29. Miranda says:

    Quick…somebody tell Eli that his guys were the white jerseys today!