UConn Women’s Basketball Team Wins 89th Consecutive Game

Connecticut's Caroline Doty, left, Tiffany Hayes, center, and Maya Moore, right, celebrate the team's 93-62 win over Florida State in an NCAA basketball game in Hartford, Conn., Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2010. Connecticut set the NCAA record with 89 consecutive wins.

Congratulations to the 2010 University of Connecticut Women’s Basketball Team on the record-breaking 89th consecutive victory.

1. Where should this rank among the great streaks in the history of sports?

2. Should it be compared to UCLA’s Men’s Basketball streak? Why or Why not?

3. A streak is a streak – right?

4. Where does Gino Auriemma rank among the all-time great coaches in sports?

5. Will we ever see anything like this again in our lifetime?

17 Responses to “UConn Women’s Basketball Team Wins 89th Consecutive Game”

  1. Temple3 says:

    I watched clips of this game with my 3-year old daughter this morning. It was amazing for me to think that not too long ago, none of this was possible. I am really appreciative that options exist for young women to pursue athletics as a means to secure an education, and to continue their competitive interests.

    For me, the comparability of this streak to UCLA’s is second to its overall importance in the social fabric of our often anti-social society. With that said, I think UConn’s streak stacks up very well. Maya Moore is as good as it gets.

  2. sankofa says:

    @temple…”…I think UConn’s streak stacks up very well”

    Right on that one. Pissed off reading how mouth breathing knuckle dragging misogynists demeaning this achievement and women’s basketball in general. I think this is a tremendous achievement by the whole team, including the coaches, who kept it together during three years of transition.

  3. KevDog says:

    I think the streak is every bit significant and worthy as UCLA’s. It’s almost impossible to get your mind around when you think about it.

    It’s like when Avon Barksdale told D’Angelo in season 1 of “The Wire.”

    “The thing is, you only get to fuck up once. Be a little slow, be a little late, just once. And how you you ain’t never gonna be slow, never be late?”

  4. MODI says:

    The achievement is incredible! Maya drops 41!

    To Q #5 we won’t see this again in our lifetimes. And the truth is that we have barely seen or heard of this until the last couple of weeks.

    the media sexism is just ridiculous and has increased by leaps and bounds over the last decade. Now ESPN has segrated its website to ESPNW whose biggest stories are accompanied by 8 comments? Auriemma calls these “miserable bastards” out this week, and gets pretty roundly pooh-poohed. Sports Illustrated is even worse. They better give UCONN the cover this week…

    Does it compare to UCLA? Definitely. Very well. A lot of these writers are using UCONNs dominance and talent disparity against them as if UCLA didn’t always get the cream of the crop back then. Bill Walton, Jamaal Wilkes, Sidney Wicks, Henry Bibby, even Marques Johnson in the last year. Swen Nater was a back-up. That’s crazy.

  5. Miranda says:

    I watched this game and felt so much pride. Im hoping they get to 100.

  6. GrandNubian says:

    This UConn team would’ve probably gave the Heat a better effort than the Lakers have. My goodness, talk about a beat down.

  7. Mizzo says:

    here the Heat come…

  8. KevDog says:

    The Lakers’ effort and execution were pathetic. They let themselves get punked at home on national TV. Same old story with this team. Happened last Christmas if I remember correctly.

    But come April, May, June…..I’m not worried one single bit.

    As to The Heat being a legit contender, I still don’t see it. I just can’t see them getting past Boston, or Orlando for that matter. Fundamentally, they rely on the transition game for all of their offense. It won’t happen in May, June.

    Yesterday, the Lakers had many good looks, they just missed shots, I didn’t see anything special on D that made me think the Heat are legit contenders.

  9. Mizzo says:

    No one will stop Wade and LeBron come June. They can be stopped individually, but no one has the defense to stop those two from scoring baskets in tandem. If Bosh does his job, this team is unstoppable. I see Boston wearing down come spring more than I see the Heat being stopped.

    Trust me in the coming weeks, they will do something incredible.

  10. KevDog says:

    You are WAY overestimating the Wade/LeBron Duo. But time will tell. But as I see it, when the playoffs come around, and the transition baskets become rare, the Celtics beat them in 5, 6 tops.

  11. ks says:

    I see someone saw the game through Laker colored glasses. Heh. The Lakers should be concerned because they got spanked by the Bucks!? a few nights before the Heat waxed them so the ‘same as last year” line is suspect. Plus they’ve been pushed all year by teams they should be beating easily.

    In terms of the xmas game, Miami beat the Lakers every which way. They didn’t “fundamentally” get their offense from transition baskets. Now they do get transition baskets because they are a solid defensive team, especially on the perimeter and in the passing lanes but vs the Lakers they got a lot of their baskets from wide open looks after Wade blew by whoever was guarding him and got to the rim at will and took his shot or kicked out to a teammate for a wide open shot.

    The Lakers interior defense was bad and their rotations were steps slow. magic Johnson was pretty much on point after the game. OTOH, the Heat were crisp. The surprise for the Heat is that their much maligned big men, especially, Big Z, were good on both ends of the court.

  12. KevDog says:


    I think you actually make my point. The Lakers are playing like crap on both sides of the ball. But we know what this same team is capable of come playoff time. I see no reason to hypothesize that this team can’t play the type of D that won them the last two rings when they want to. It’s not like they haven’t been there before.

    So why do you think all of a sudden they have completely lost the capacity to play D?

  13. KevDog says:

    I find it funny that all of a sudden people want to crow about Laker losses and seemingly directly AT me. I don’t remember much in the way of crow eating the last two Junes. But then, well, you know……

  14. Julius says:

    I think this thread itself provides a yardstick of the “importance” of the UConn women’s hoops streak. After about 7 or 8 posts of praise, this thread that was nominally devoted to the UConn ladies team has already turned into a discussion about the LA Lakers. That tell you anything? The unfortunate fact is that most people just don’t care about women’s sports, and thus the associated records aren’t going to be held in nearly the same level of esteem. It’s all well and good and righteous to thunder on and wax poetic about how these records SHOULD BE held in equal esteem, but they never will be for very obvious reasons.

  15. Temple3 says:

    It’s early.

    When the Heat were 9-8, some friends of mine were tossing dirt on them as if they were ready to go 6 feet deep. That was silly.

    It’s too early to throw dirt on a two-time defending champion. It’s December. Not much of this matters even a little. It’s nice for smack talk, but beyond that, ain’t nothin’ to see here.

    Right now, the Lakers look eminently punkable (like they did when Boston won it all). The Heat look like a team on the rise. Boston looks like grizzled lions waiting for foolish prey, and the Magic look like hungry young lions on a hunt who are trying to make a name for themselves amid more popular rivals.

    Should be interesting. Call me when the NFL Draft is over. LOL!

  16. ks says:

    Just busting your chops a bit kevdog. As the #1 Kobe or Laker fan around here though you’re probably more of a Kobe fan than Laker-the-team-fan, you gotta expect a little ribbing with how the Lakers are playing at the moment.

  17. GrandNubian says:

    The streak ended last night at 90 games. Still, it’s one of the most incredible accomplishments in sports that we’ve seen in our lifetime. Perhaps the most impressive is that out of the 90 wins, 88 were “double-digit” wins. Absolutely ridiculous!