2010: A Return to Chaos By Marco Martin With Adina Ferguson

Posted in Blogroll on January 4th, 2011 by Adina Ferguson

Will 2011 give Tiger Woods a sense of redemption?

The beginning to middle of the 2009-10 sports season shone as a reflection of the world-at-large, a period in which the extremes of chaos and uncertainty fostered over the past two calendar years were pacified by a return to things as they should be. The earthshaking fear or euphoria of the most powerful country in the world electing its first black president was dying down and people that supported him without question and opposed him without reason began to, ever so slowly, find a middle ground between the savior or destroyer they thought he would be and the man that he actually was. Likewise, the world was slowly coming to terms with the passing of one of the most controversial and beloved figures of at least two musical generations. Logic, for the most part, was again king. After all, the Yankees were World Series champs, the NHL’s poster boy had hoisted the Cup, the Dallas Cowboys seemed on the brink of a return to supremacy and the Los Angeles Lakers were still toweling off from the champagne showers that celebrated the first of what would be two consecutive NBA titles. On the international side, soccer giants FC Barcelona had scarcely missed out on a return the UEFA Champions League finals, which they had won the season before. Normalcy.

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