Friday Fire: Where Is Black America Headed?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s dream was for all of humanity but it was thought of with us in mind. On the 25th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday becoming a national holiday. What road is Black America on in 2011 politically, socially and economically. Feel feel free to add onto anything I’ve missed.

One Response to “Friday Fire: Where Is Black America Headed?”

  1. mapoui says:

    the road black america appears to be on in 2011 is a very disturbing one indeed.

    apart from producing the greater part of the great progressive leaders of blac liberation in the 20th century, the great civil rights movement, the struggle to end apartheid in South Africa, odinary black americans were for from the start the vanguard of american progressivism and anti-war, as the polls always revealed.

    there was so much to be proud of the role black america has played in progrssive affiars in the world I dont know where to beign. the list of names of the greatest contributors is nealry endless. scholars like Chancellor wiiliams, runako rashidi and charles s finch readily come to mind.

    if there is one achievement that stands out for me personally, is the great reconstruction of african history that americans appeared to have been pivotal in.

    the personality here called Temple3 appears to be so conversant with that history that he is a pleasure simply to know of.

    all of this and more is behind what I have come to see as a stunning turnabout of this long-standing movement into what apears to be its opposite.

    from progressive, black america appears to have become part of american right-wing.

    Blac america appears to have been captured by what Black Agenda Report terms the blac misleadership class. black america, especially its youth have become expressions of what the popular rap artists sing about all the time…bling at any cost.

    a most alaming development is that all of this apears to have coalesced and peaked around Obamas presidency, which presidency a most evil factor in american and global affairs. blac america appears solid in support of Obama as he beats the hell out of the black and brown world beyond western shores.

    and startlingly Obama does the very same thing inside america, to blac america and he appears to have won a pass for this as well from blac america…even from those who feel the traditional social blows from the presidency..blows they would have been fighting against mightily as they were aware of Bush, were the president traditionally white, especially were he republican.

    but what blac america must be mindful of is that they do not lose the support of the blac and brown world bepond american shores, in the solid, myopic support of Obama. to support Obama is to support what he is doing in the world and at home.

    that in the end could prove catastrophic for blac american interest, to overcome it could be very difficult and would take time..time blac ameica may not have… for racial problems in america are as dire as ever and must be resolved progressively.

    to lose global support in such efforts, especially if soon snough things reach such a stage when blac people must act collectively to get progressive change would be very difficult to over come.

    in the coloured world beyond america Obama is not see in any but the most contemptible light. especially in the Arab world in which there is gathering turmoil as we speak

    Obama is the enemy as seen through the eyes of the dominated the eyes of Egyptians for sure. and hey are right to so see Obama who is in fact beholden to the enemies of both ordinary Blacks and Arabs, muslims indeed all people of colour everywhere.

    all those who supported Obama, supports him now, cannot be the friend of of oppresed people struggling for freedom from americas atrocities carried out on them routinely, and initiated for the past 2 years by Obamas administration.

    Black america appears to have lost its progressive way and is meandering towards disaster, a disaster black america would have contributed mightily to for its short-sighted, palsied view of the world currently.

    Blac americas traditional opposition to americas predatory foreign policy, its wars of atrocity and plunder of the respources of poor people the world over have apparently lost their way, and are in danger of incurring the wrath of the coloured world, not its support for black americas’ own problems in america