Ron Glover’s AFC Divisional Playoff Prediction

Last season, the Ravens won in Baltimore, the Steelers won in Pittsburgh. This season, the Ravens won in Pittsburgh, the Steelers won in Baltimore.

Last season each team won on their homefield – this season it was the exact opposite. As if the bitter rivalry between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers needed any more fuel.

This is as even a matchup as we’ll see in this year’s playoffs, the shame in this is that the Super Bowl won’t pack this kind of punch. I’m up against the 4:30 kickoff so I’m going to get right to it.

The Steelers have to stretch the field and not allow Ray Rice and Willis McGahee to factor into the passing game. The defense needs one or two big plays.  And of course keep turnovers to a minimum.

The Ravens have to stop the Steelers vertical attack downfield and get production from their own receiving corps. They must use the running game to control the clock and take pressure off of Joe Flacco. Create turnovers.

The Pick: Ravens 20 – Steelers 17 (overtime)


11 Responses to “Ron Glover’s AFC Divisional Playoff Prediction”

  1. Miranda says:

    I never would have believed the Ravens would have 21 points before the half….neva.

    Oh yeah…Eagles have fired the DC.

  2. Miranda says:

    Flacco kinda overrated huh?

  3. Origin says:

    Miranda…………Reid should have fired himself from OC. I see the DC is the scapegoat.

    Flacco ain’t the superstar everyone in the MSM want to make him out to be. No reason he shouldn’t be in the AFC Conf. Championship game with that team.

    Oh and I am watching the Hawks vs. Rockets……….wow and there is actually a good amount of folks at the Hawks game. I guess everyone in ATL isn’t hyped about the falcons in the playoffs.

  4. GrandNubian says:

    Ben Roethlisberger owns the Ravens.

  5. Origin says:

    Yes he does GN………..I can’t stand Ben. But in saying that I have to give the man his props as a player.

    Ben can ball and shows how mobility in a QB is a killer.

  6. Julius says:

    Nobody could like Ben Roethlisberger on a personal level. You’d basically be saying you like guys who beat up and rape women. I was hoping the Ravens would take him down. Too bad the entire team imploded. Did I see correctly, that the Ravens center hiked the ball off his own thigh? Lol. What a disaster.

  7. Miranda says:

    Origin, I turned to the game right before that pick six and i swear when Tramon Williams ran that in, I heard loud cheers as if the Dome is half Packers fans.

  8. Origin says:

    Miranda…………didn’t Jaws say after Vick was out of Atlanta that the Falcons could now get a real pocket passer and start winning playoff games and SuperBowls. I guess Jaws was right……..oh wait!!!!

    Like I said 2 years ago when folks were slurping Ryan……….”Holla at me when he wins a playoff game and takes the Falcons to the Conf. Championship game”.

    Once again if the folks in ATL want to see a team win a playoff game they need to go watch the Hawks.

  9. Temple3 says:


    The Hawks are good for a playoff game win, but probably not for a playoff series. It’s been tough sledding in ATL since Sherman.

  10. Origin says:

    Temple – that is true for this season……because the Heat, Celtics, Miami and Orlando are the top 4 seeds. But the last 2 seasons the Hawks won their first round playoff series.

  11. Temple3 says:

    @ Origin: Fair enough.

    @ RG: I’m not even going to give you a hard time for rolling with Flacco. I just want to see if you do it again next year.