Ron Glover’s AFC Divisional Playoffs Prediction:New York Jets vs New England Patriots

Maybe I’ll get one right this weekend. Here’s my look at the New York Jets/New England Patriots rubbermatch.

The Jets must:

  • Not try to land the knockout blow early
  • Keep Mark Sanchez’s head in the game
  • Have time consuming drives – with results
  • Get the ball downfield to Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards

The Patriots must:

  • Rattle Mark Sanchez
  • Start fast
  • Take away either the Jets running or passing attack
  • Let Tom Brady be Tom Brady
  • Keep doing what they’ve been doing

The Pick: Patriots 42 – Jets 24

33 Responses to “Ron Glover’s AFC Divisional Playoffs Prediction:New York Jets vs New England Patriots”

  1. HarveyDent says:

    Is something happening in NE?

  2. Origin says:

    Harvey the Jets are happening………

  3. Miranda says:

    No offense Ron but if I would bet all my 401k on the Jets to win based on your picks thus far 🙂

  4. Miranda says:

    Someone should really do a study where they analyze the commentators remarks when they’re calling a game and compare their reactions. Two different players can do the exact same thing and its amazing how it is called so differently just based on nothing but the commentator’s bias.

  5. Origin says:

    That would be a great study Miranda.

  6. Origin says:

    So the Pats are going to take a dirt nap like the little chicken hawks….I mean falcons.

  7. Miranda says:

    I was just listening to them during a drive by the Pats and honestly, I dont think they are even aware of how biased they are.

  8. kos says:

    They really don’t realize how biased they are Miranda. I was shaking my head yesterday at how much Dan Deirdorff was cheering on the Ravens and how sad he was when the Steelers came back on them.

    It really isn’t a surprise how much they like the Pats. Just listen to how much the announcers revere Belichick and Tom Brady. You’d think that they were the announcers’ girlfriends or their kids. Also, it can’t be underestimated how right Deion Sanders was, but no one wanted to admit. He said that getting rid of Randy Moss would bite the Pats during the playoffs and it already has.

  9. HarveyDent says:

    Even if you presented them with incontrovertible proof of their bias they would still deny it. Remember, sports is the great meritocracy where everything one gets is what one earns. It used to make me crazy how commentators would say when Randall Cunningham scrambled from the pocket that he didn’t give the play time to develop but when Steve Young would do the same thing then he made something out of a broken play.

    New century, same stuff.

  10. HarveyDent says:

    Good win, Rexy. Guess he didn’t come to the Jets just to kiss Belichik’s rings.

  11. Origin says:

    Kos – Deon like usual was right…….as I said when the playoffs started the Jets would whip on all the golden boys and go to the Superbowl. Its funny to me the Jets are the most balanced team in the league yet the talking heads swore they would have no chance in the playoffs. They run it, pass it, have a good line and great WRs. Sanchez is a very Avg. QB……….but unlike the Eagles they don’t ask their QB to do everything. Rex like his father believes in the running game and playing defense. This Jets team is like the old 80s and 90s….Cowboys, Giants and Bears teams.

    Its going to be sad to not see Tom Brady with that flowing weave…..I wonder is that some of that Indian Remy weave he is wearing…….LOL!!!

    On to Pittsburgh to take out another golden boy………..eerrr ex golden boy.

  12. Origin says:

    Yeap Harvey new century same crap……….that stuff even kills me how I have seen players like Mcnabb or Vick have a bad year and all of a sudden they are garbage players. Yet when someone like Farve has a bad year its the players around them.

  13. Miranda says:

    Well I wonder what the talking point will be for Mr. MVP… must be nice to know that the media is your own personal PR machine like that.

  14. Origin says:

    Miranda – They will spin it some way……so did the Jets defense figure Brady out???

    You know like the Packers defense figured Vick out. Brady had all day to throw (standing behind the Great Wall of China Offensive Line) and was still throwing crap passes……..maybe if he could actually move like Big Ben or Vick the Pats would have won.

  15. Miranda says:

    I’m sure the blame will be that the Patriots don’t have any offensive weapons for Brady…… least that’s the excuse they’ve concocted for Matty Ice!

    Oh, you didn’t know? Yeah, the Falcons have no offensive playmakers – except for the ProBowl WR, the Probowl FB, the Probowl RB and the ProBowl TE…but other than that, Ryan has nothing to work with.

  16. Temple3 says:

    @ RG:

    I’m not even going to give you a hard time for doubting Rex and the most talent-laden roster in the league. I just want to see if you bet against the talent next year…or next week for that matter.


  17. ks says:

    Finally! I’ve been saying the same thing for weeks that Deion said about the Pats missing Moss when it matters the most and my friends have been looking at me like I’m crazy. Also, I told them when somebody finally! presses the Pats receivers so they don’t have clean runs, the Pats would have problems. I mean it’s not like any of those guys are going to run away from you so make them fight to make catches and get after Brady. It’s about time somebody stopped falling for the Golden Boy/Team mystique and got after them.

  18. Temple3 says:

    @ ks:

    I just wonder why it took so long. Only Green Bay came close to flexing on them like that. The Pats ran out to 14-2 and no one caught on? Crazy. They’re gone now. Gotta stretch the field.

  19. ks says:


    I know right! I think the Pats fell victim to their own hype too. Unless there was an injury, why on earth did Woodhead get way more touches than Ben Jarvious? The fake punt? One of several questionable calls. I want to see if the media is going to kill Belichek like they would any other coach who made similar suspect decisions.

    Also, what about that Pats drive in the 4Q that took FOREVER and they didn’t wind up scoring? McNabb is still hearing about his version of that I wonder if people will question Brady? lol.

  20. HarveyDent says:


    I agree that the Jets are probably the most balanced team left in the playoffs but that Steelers defense is exceptional and with a healthy Troy Head n Shoulders they can still beat the Jets. I like both teams so I’m just going to watch this one and enjoy it.

    I have the Pack over the Bears in a close one for now.

  21. HarveyDent says:


    The Falcs don’t have any offensive talent? Really? When FOX intro’d the starters last night I thought it was yellow highlighter all over the screen. Excuses, excuses for Matty Ice, Waka Flacco, Manning, and Brady. Those guys are good to great QB’s but it just goes to show that it takes talent, a solid gameplan, and still luck to win consistently in the NFL.

    Some who come on this site think most of us bash Golden Boy QB’s because of their color but it all comes down to the double standard that exists for some QB’s compared to others. If Vick, McNabb, Campbell, or VY had the talent and/or in-game coaching Matty Ice, Flacco, or Mark Sanchez came to battle with and still lost then believe me they would be raked across the coals as well. They don’t and they still win more than they lose but the question is could the Golden Boys do it without all their toys?

  22. Ron Glover says:

    TSF Family, I may let my son pick the games next week. He’s a believer in the Jets. And besides I don’t want Bart Scott callin’ me out again…

    Sorry for the quality.

  23. HarveyDent says:

    “Can’t stop a nosebleed”….classic

  24. ks says:

    Hey anybody seen Venus at the A.O. ? Dang! Baby girl has filled out nice…. : )

  25. Miranda says:

    So the Packers still played, but once they played the Falcons in the divisional game, 9 million people decided not to watch?? Yeah, that Peter King article starting to make sense now. Vick bout to be the beneficiary of real nice media coverage. Anybody step outta pocket will get a call from Park Ave in NYC.

    Saturday’s Divisional matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Atlanta Falcons was watched by 30.8 million viewers and scored a 17.0/29 household rating/share.

    The quarterback battle between Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers and Philadelphia’s Michael Vick was watched by a record 39.3 million viewers and scored a 22.1/37 household rating/share.

  26. Origin says:

    Yeap so true sista…………Vick in the conf Championship game will get 50 million viewers. Don’t be surprised if Goodell gives Reid a call this offseason about that playcalling.

    I tell you what don’t let Vick vs. Mcnabb play against one another in the NFC Championship game next year………that might have 70 million viewers.

    Also sista I am proud to say that I was one of the 9 million that didn’t watch……….LOL!!!

  27. Burundi says:

    Ditto, here, Origin. I knew that game was gonna be a wrap, quick, so I didn’t bother to watch…

    It remains glorious that Tom Brady was exposed once again for being nothing more than a very good “system” QB. They can give him all the stats in the world to go with those 3 Patriot Act Era *SBs, but folk will eventually start to suspect those…

    I really don’t see anyone stopping GB when it became clear to me that they’d beat Philly. I’m riding with fellow U of M alum Charles Woodson and company to knock off the Bears next week, as well. That one I’ll watch, but the Bears just don’t have enough on offense…

  28. kos says:

    Watching the Jets-Patriots game, I knew I had seen the defensive game plan the Jets used before, but I couldn’t remember where. It was basically the same way that the Patriots DB’s and LB’s used to beat up the Colts WR’s before they could get off the line back in the early 00’s. The main difference being that Brady didn’t try to force passes like Manning and instead ended up with pressure on him almost all day.

    Burundi –

    The way the press is, you’d think that Patriots won every Super Bowl the last decade. In reality, Brady and the Patriots have lost their last 3 playoff games. Yet, all you heard leading into the post season was how Brady and Belichick were not going to lose. Belichick was brilliant for trading away his deep threat in Randy Moss early in the season and changing his offense into a short passing one. The Jets dared the Pats to throw deep, but none of the Pats receivers are really a big threat to go deep. So, Belichick’s brilliant move actually ended up being his and Brady’s undoing.

    Once GB beat Philly, I couldn’t see any other NFC team beating Green Bay, unless they could knock Aaron Rogers out of the game. I’d like to see Lovie get another chance at a Super Bowl, but I don’t trust Cutler enough to be able to beat a healthy Packers team, even at home.

  29. Miranda says:

    How come no talking head is spouting the “blueprint has been found!” for beating Brady?

  30. Miranda says:

    I have a question

    1. The Packers fought the Bears till the last second Week 17 of the regular season – they scored 10 points won by 7.
    2. the next week they played the Eagles and that went down till the last 40 seconds and they scored 21 points won by 5.
    3. Then they come to Atlanta and beat the Falcons by 27 points, scoring 48 – but the game was effectively over in the 3rd quarter.

    One of those wins is not like the other ones
    One of those wins just doesn’t belong
    One of those wins is not like the other ones
    Can you tell me which one by the time I finish my song?

  31. Temple3 says:

    @ kos:

    2003 Playoffs. Carolina used the same plan on the same day against the Eagles. Manning and McNabb had historically awful passing days and their receivers were abysmal.

  32. GrandNubian says:

    @Miranda….too funny!!! 🙂