Ron Glover’s NFC Championship Prediction: Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

The rivalry between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers is one that helped to shape the NFL in the days of George Halas and Vince Lombardi, while both teams faced dry spells in the 1970’s – the Bears would emerge in the mid ’80’s to claim their only Super Bowl title. The 90’s saw the Packers – while winning only one Super Bowl in the decade returned to prominence as a force in the NFL.

These two teams have previously met 182 times, but none will be as important as today’s meeting which holds the right to play in the Super Bowl.

And for the trophy that bears Lombardi’s name.

The Packers Offense Must:

  • Neutralize the Bears four-man pass rush
  • Give Aaron Rodgers time to get the ball downfield
  • Run the ball, regardless of the results
  • Attack the Bears secondary
  • Ball protection

The Packers Defense Must:

  • Get to Jay Cutler early
  • Confuse Cutler with blitzes and six to seven men in coverage
  • Make Matt Forte a one dimensional running back
  • Take Devin Hester out of the game

The Bears Offense Must:

  • Give Matt Forte opportunities in the open field
  • Make Greg Olson a weapon in the offense
  • Have time consuming drives
  • Make their recievers a factor
  • Cannot allow Cutler to become erratic
  • Get the ball into Devin Hester’s hands

The Bears Defense Must:

  • Move Julius Peppers up and down the line
  • Pressure, Pressure and more Pressure on Rodgers
  • Create turnovers
  • Make the Packers offense one dimensional

The Pick: Packers 24 – Bears 16

11 Responses to “Ron Glover’s NFC Championship Prediction: Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears”

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  3. Miranda says:

    BJ Raji………….IS A BIG DUDE

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  5. Miranda says:

    Wow….Cutler is getting one helluva verbal beating over yesterday. Heard Derrick Brooks this morning also echoing Deion and Asante. Apparently a bunch of players took to twitter to express similar sentiments.

    Folks i never question a players injury but i do question a players heart. Truth
    about 2 hours ago via Twitter for Android

    Asante Samuel
    I luv my QB @mikevick he has the heart of a lion. I guess others are scared of success.
    about 2 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

  6. kos says:

    I saw on NFL Network last night that a couple of other players questioned Cutler’s injury including Maurice Jones-Drew (who says that he played the whole season on a hurt knee) and Bruce Gradkowski (who questioned whether his team will want to play with him next year b/c it appeared that he quit on them) of all people!

    I agreed with Deion. Even if it was the training staff that told him he was out of the game, he should have put ice on his knee or at least went over and argued with a coach to get in. He may have an injury, but as Deion said, it’s the perception that counts, and the perception that many saw was that Cutler didn’t have heart.

  7. Big Man says:

    Somebody needs to see the Wizard!

  8. HarveyDent says:

    I’ll never say anything about another person’s pain threshold especially an NFL player’s but perception is sadly everything. Cutler could have at least looked more into the game, talking with his backups on the sideline, signaling in plays, something. I hope he learns from this and doesn’t have it damage his relationship with his teammates but the court of public opinion is going to be merciless with him next season.

  9. Ron Glover says:

    I would’ve given Jay Cutler the benefit of the doubt had he went out on a John Deere – or even did a Paul Pierce and did the wheelchair thing.

  10. HarveyDent says:


    Pierce milked that one because I thought Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth were in the stands the way he went down…LOL!

  11. Enjoyed going through this. Keep it up!