Ron Glover’s AFC Championship Prediction: New York Jets vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

I’ll admit Rex Ryan is far from the court jester that some of us (myself included) made him out to be. For all of the talk that he’s done, his New York Jets have cashed the checks that his mouth has written. He’s taken out Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in successive weeks. Today they go after Big Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In my opinion Mike Tomlin has done the most impressive coaching job this season. As Roethlisberger served a four-game suspension the Steelers went 3-1 during that stretch. The Steelers fought tooth and nail with the Baltimore Ravens for the AFC North title and finally disposed of their arch nemesis in last week’s Divisional Round. In Week 15 the Jets came into Heinz Field and handled the Steelers 22-17.

What gives today?


The Jets Offense Must:

  • Use their running game to keep the Steelers blitz at bay
  • Not allow Mark Sanchez to stray from the game plan
  • Use the size of Braylon Edwards, Jericho Cotchery and Santonio Holmes to their advantage
  • If nothing’s there, throw it away

The Jets Defense Must:

  • Not allow Roethlisberger to extend the play with his scrambling ability
  • Take away Rashard Mendenhall
  • Watch Hines Ward in underneath coverage – he’s slow, but crafty
  • Keep Mike Wallace in front of them

The Steelers Offense Must:

  • Have a good offensive mixture
  • Take a shot or two down the field to Mike Wallace
  • Protect against the Jets blitzing packages
  • Have extended drives

The Steelers Defense Must:

  • Take away the Jets running game – frustrate L.T. and you’re halfway there
  • Dare Sanchez to beat you with his arm
  • Pressure Sanchez up the middle
  • Allow Troy Polomalu to roam the field

The Pick: Steelers 27 – Jets 24 OT 

13 Responses to “Ron Glover’s AFC Championship Prediction: New York Jets vs. Pittsburgh Steelers”

  1. Miranda says:

    “That’s what you can’t teach,” Ward said. “I mean, Peyton Manning, if he doesn’t have that first, second or third read, he’s back there thinking, ‘Somebody’s about to sack me,’ and he’s going to the ground. Ben’s shrugging guys off, running around, trying to do whatever he can do to keep the play alive. That’s the difference between him and all the other quarterbacks.”

    We know what you mean Hines…*wink wink*…………..that’s why I’m glad its Rodgers vs Rothleisberger. Two white guys that don’t fit the “Golden Boy” mold. I absolutely love it. Now if Rodger runs for a good 70 yards, making game changing plays with his legs in the SB…that will truly make my day…or heck, if Big Ben does it, doesn’t matter….but this will be the SB that screws up the “purist” head. Its a win-win.

  2. Origin says:

    True Miranda…….I hope the purist are sick over this.

    3 mobile QBs in the conf. championship games. And the QBs who had the most rushes in the games……..their teams won.

    Hopefully the league will finally take notice. I don’t care for Big Ben but I would take him over Brees, Manning or Brady. Its just too hard to stop a mobile QB. Especially if his team runs the ball and plays defense.

    Someone make sure to tell Andy Reid those last 2 parts about running the ball and playing defense.

    Oh and check this out.

  3. HarveyDent says:

    Those first two drives by the Steelers cut the heart right out of the Jets. Those were manhood drives where Tomlin made sure Arians called the plays that let Ryan and the Jets know that that game was going to be a street fight. Football is at base about toughness, about letting your opponent know that you’re not going to beat me today are on your best day. That I refuse to lose. That’s what the Steelers did and have been doing since the Steel Curtain days which is why as much as the flash (Pats, Colts, Eagles) is exciting and other franchises are more glamorous (49ers, Cowboys), it’s still the Steelers that will take anyone in a back alley and beat the stew out of them.

  4. Origin says:

    True Harvey………I didn’t see the game but from what folks told me the Steelers ran the ball down the Jets throat. And like you said thats why they have 6 superbowls. They play tough and physical……..they will knock your head off if they have to.

  5. Temple3 says:


    You are pure of heart. 🙂

  6. ks says:

    I gotta give the Jets credit though. Down 24-3..on the road..vs the Steelers..couldn’t stop the run..and your QB almost got killed in the first half…MOST teams would have laid down and quit after that beating but the Jets fought back gamely and were right there at the end.

    Anyway, to the “Golden Boys” point, the one thing I like about Ben R. is that he makes fools out of the sabremetrics crowd and drives them crazy. He and others are the fly in their ointment. His QB ratings range from mediocre to like in this past game, awful, and yet he always seems to make the plays that can’t be stuffed in the speadsheet and wins.

  7. Miranda says:

    In case anyone thought I was wrong when I said Ledbetter at the AJC was a trifling negro, look at what this fool did in his blog about the All-Pro team

    Purposely listed the 2nd team QB as “Vacant”….wonder why?

  8. Miranda says:

    Oh, I was hitting him over the head too soon. LOL – that was the press release but the wiki page has Vick as the 2nd team QB.

  9. Julius says:

    Good to see that Tomlin outsmarted the loudmouth. I’ll have to disagree a bit with you Ron about Rex Ryan. He didn’t cash all the checks his mouth wrote. He promised a Superbowl and fell short. Given his absurd bluster, it’s fair to criticize him for not winning the big one, or even getting there. Really hard to like that guy if you’re not a Jets fan. Go Steelers.

  10. GrandNubian says:


    Looks like Vick’s name has been removed from the wiki page……lol. 🙂

  11. GrandNubian says:

    This entry is listed in the footnote section at the bottom of the list:

    “Each AP voter is given one vote per slot (e.g., voters vote for one QB, two WRs, etc.). The Second Team consists of the runners-up at each position (e.g., the second-highest vote getter at QB, the third- and fourth-highest at RB, etc.). Tom Brady was a unanimous selection for All-Pro QB, so there is no Second Team QB.”

  12. Miranda says:

    GN….there’s an intern at the AP that’s in BIG TROUBLE. LOL

  13. Origin says:

    Wow Miranda thats a trip so they actually have no 2nd team all-pro QB….I swear those writers all 50 of them voted for Brady on purpose. Even when that fool Brady throw 50 TDs he didn’t get all 50 votes.

    Oh and did you see what that fool Skip Bayless said last week about Blake Griffin??? I know that fool cant actually believe the crap he was saying last Friday.