NFL Questions And (Maybe Some) Answers: The Pro Bowl Week Edition

After two great Conference Championship games, it all boils down to the Packers in Steelers in Super Bowl XLV in Dallas. The most compelling story this week has been Jay Cutler mailing it in during the NFC Championship Game and the fallout from players like Deion Sanders and Darnell Dockett. Even more compelling was Cutler’s behavior on the sideline basically refusing to give third stringer Caleb Haine any input on what he was facing out on the field. Also, Carson Palmer wants out of Cincy and more…

So Carson Palmer throws the gauntlet down in Cincinnati by asking the Bengals to either trade him or he will retire? Be sure to thank Marvin Lewis for risking his job as he continued to stick with you while you sucked at yours. Sister Miranda let the ripping begin…

Jan. 23: Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler walks off the field after the NFC Championship NFL football game against the Green Bay Packers in Chicago.

Jay Cutler – Quitter by those on Twitter or Sympathetic figure of the Mass Media?

The Eagles have either released or fired their defensive coordinator, defensive line and linebackers coach while their only interview for a coordinator was signed less than 24 hours later. Potential candidates have either not been contacted or removed themselves from the rumor mill. Is it possible that the Eagles will have a defensive coordinator by committee?

This time last season Donovan McNabb was the hot name on the tongue of many GMs around the NFL. After a nightmare of a season in D.C. what’s in the cards for McNabb in 2011?

25 Responses to “NFL Questions And (Maybe Some) Answers: The Pro Bowl Week Edition”

  1. Miranda says:

    I knew the media would play Captain Save-A-Ho for Jay Cutler. LOL, saw it coming a mile away. I knew there was absolutely no reason to feel sorry for him because they were gonna circle that wagon big time. I dont care what anybody says, he was pulled for that 31 passer rating and his being hurt was just a convenient excuse. Problem was, they forgot to make it look good during the game. They got caught up and forgot the protocol for the ole “he sucking but we gonna pretend like he too injured to play” ruse. Somebody slipped up in PR.

  2. Tariq says:

    I think they pulled Cutler because he had an injury. Sure, Philip Rivers had a worse injury during the 2007 AFC game and still played on (if I remember correctly), but Cutler was nonetheless injured. My problem is not that he didn’t go back in or that his body language on the sideline wasn’t right. My problem is with his insistence on making terrible throws, which I think is a result of cockiness.

  3. Burundi says:

    Charles Barkley did get his back, but cited Cutler’s body language and failure to even attempt to help Hanie. Hadn’t considered that Cutler had in fact been pulled because I missed the game, but heard a flurry of the fall-out; even had many folk raise the question. Hadn’t thought about the benching possibility, which is HUGE. So, whodunnit? Martz or Lovie or both?

  4. HarveyDent says:

    1. All the bitchin’ and moaning that Chad (insert name of choice here) has done over the years hasn’t got him out of Cincy so why does Palmer think he’s going to get his walking papers too especially when he’s still looked at by some as a franchise QB? If he’s going to hold to his demand then he needs to find a nice retirement spot for him and the family.

    2. I think Cutler was hurt but the injury was timely enough for the Bears’ coaching staff to put him on the bench but it has blown up in their faces. This is going to dog Cutler for a long time, fair or foul.

    3. Rob Ryan was my first and only choice for Eagles’ DC so I haven’t really paid too much attention to the others in the running. The Eagles don’t need that by committee because they need a clear vision for what the defense can be and while a young up and comer could have some ideas, a veteran DC or former head coach could be the way to go. I don’t want to see a switch to the 3-4 though because the Eagles don’t have the LB’s for it and they’re soft enough against the run already.

    4. I think and have said that McNabb should pull a Randall and retire from the NFL and let the suitors come to him. The vibe I’ve picked up is that many of these QB-needy teams want to go young with talent already on the team or in the draft and that McNabb is damaged goods around the league because of the Shanahans’ smear campaign about his work habits and conditioning. He should sit back with Roxy and play Mr. Mom with the kids and let teams come with hat in hand to his door to choose the best situation for himself to finally win a SB.

  5. Ron Glover says:

    @HD,I like point #4.

  6. GrandNubian says:

    Jeff Fisher is out in Tennessee.

  7. michelle says:


  8. michelle says:

    Fisher should have been gone.

  9. Origin says:

    HAHA I love it………Adams treated Fisher just like the league usually treat players. Fisher got the can right after all the coaching positions were filled.

    I got 5 dollars that Cam Newton will be drafted by the titans. Could it be that Adams wanted Newton….but Fisher didn’t??

    Whats up sista Michelle………yeah Fisher punk butt should have been gone for the last 5 years. The boy ain’t crap.

    But quick question didn’t Fisher boys….the GM and the rest of the staff said that if Fisher was gone that they would leave too??? Did Adams pull a fast one and pretend that he was going to get rid of VY. Then turn around and fire that punk Fisher.

  10. Origin says:

    I guess with VY and Fisher gone Houston is the second best team in that conference now that they have a defensive coordinator.

  11. Julius says:

    Cutler’s injury is not going to dog his reputation for the remainder of this career. He was legitimately injured. Everybody knows that now, even idiot hypocrites like Maurice Jones-Drew (who actually sat out the last 2 games this year himself!). Why does Cutler deserve even the slightest trace of criticism? If anyone deserves to be dogged over this incident it’s idiots like Jones-Drew.

  12. Okori Wadsworth says:

    can i ask a question? Help a non-football fan out.

    Are people happy that a guy lost his job because they think he did something wrong, or because they personally don’t like him? Because, and again I am not a football fan, I find it difficult to believe that all coaches aren’t racist. Even Belichick and Reid. I’m sorry, but I just do.

  13. Julius says:

    So, Okori, that means Mike Tomlin, Lovie Smith, Raheem Morris, Marvin Lewis, Jim Caldwell, etc. are all racists? You ain’t making any sense brother.

  14. Okori Wadsworth says:

    @julius: i mean all the white coaches.

  15. Origin says:

    Hows it going Okori……….I can’t speak for everyone just myself. I am glad Fisher got the axe because of how shady he is…..the stuff he did with VY was straight up trash. The fact that he used the media to leak stories and trash VY was a punk move….then to tell his boss to go screw himself whenever Adams told him to play VY. Then for VY to save the dudes job not once but twice nand he still threw him under the bus.

    Oh and the crap he did with Mcnair……to lock him out the facility. Then to sit up there and pretend like he and Mcnair were such good friends. Fisher can’t be trusted and he will use the media to manipulate the situation whenever possible.

    You and I have had conversations before about coaches in the NFL and how you felt many were racist. You also said the same about owners in the NBA and how they would be happy if they could replace all their black talent with white plays. And Okori I understood then and now exactly where you were coming from man.

    In saying all this……….Fisher and Shanahan been on my shit list this year since about week 4 and 5 in the NFL season.

  16. Origin says:

    Make that Shanahan and his backup QB tattoo initials getting son Kyle.

  17. HarveyDent says:


    You can put Peter King on the s–t list too because I haven’t read anything by him since those crap comments about McNabb’s benching. I found it kind of telling that after that Dallas game when Grossman led Washington to over thirty points that in the games afterward that offense still couldn’t score over twenty a game even though it was sold that Rex knew the offense and could run it better than McNabb.

  18. Miranda says:

    Did Jeff Fisher get fired or did he quit?

    Did he just have Adams get rid of VY outta spite? Something more is at play here.

  19. Temple3 says:

    Why the hell does Farrar’s article have so many damn typos? Where are the editors at Yahoo?

  20. Temple3 says:

    Tracy Morgan hit the nail on the ahem, head.

    The Republicans knew what they were doing when they “elevated” Palin and Bachmann. Both of them are dumber than a box of rocks, but they look like porn stars.

    Everyone knows it, few will admit it…but that’s what their prominence is all about. To say that they’re “attractive” is to entirely miss the point.

    Since porn makes the web go ’round, their “handlers” knew these 2 would home runs. At least neither of them is blond. Perhaps they thought that might have been overkill.

  21. GrandNubian says:

    LOL@ T3!!!

    Good one, bruh!!! 🙂

  22. 19082008 says:

    Aging Bud Adams, if he in fact was the one who pulled the plug, did a straight Al Davis when it came to the timing of Fisher’s departure.

    But I’m still hearing that the Titans are going to cut Vince loose. MSM excuse is that you can’t put a coach “in a situation where the quarterback is in charge.” How is a 30-17 record in charge? I thought winning (plus excitement) was valued ((whistles)).

  23. GrandNubian says:

    I think both, Young and Fisher, needed to leave Tennessee. Vince needs to find a place where he can mature as a person and a QB and Fisher needs to find a place where he can get the QB he wants and win. Six winning seasons in 16 years, along with 142 wins? That’s not even 9 wins per season. And some people consider him a “great” coach. Yeah, ok……

    I think VY will land in Minnesota, largely due to his former QB coach landing there and speaking fondly of him. I also think that Leslie Frazier would trust VY as “his guy” but in turn, VY would have to increase his work ethic, mature as a person/QB and prove to himself and his coach that he is an elite QB in this league.

    I wish them both well in their future endeavors.